Friday, September 23, 2011

Wry neck

Have you ever heard of wry neck? I hadn't until Wednesday. That day started off normal. The girls and I drove up to Portland to attend BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). It was my second time to attend and the girls first time.  I was in my discussion group when I ended up being pulled out by one of the childcare workers. I initially thought they were coming to get me because Layla wouldn't calm down. But it was actually Sanaa they were concerned about. She was complaining of neck pain and a headache. They asked if I'd like to check on her and I said yes since she's never complained about head or neck pain before.

When I got to her classroom she seemed okay. She held her neck a little but I wasn't that concerned. I tried to get her to go back to her classroom but she refused so I took her with me back to the main area so that I could listen to the main lecture. Sanaa did quite well and was really quiet during the lecture. However, during the last 10-15 minutes she began to whimper more and more. I had sent a text to my mom earlier who suggested that when I arrived back in Newberg I should take Sanaa to the Urgent Care clinic to get her checked out.

I left BSF early since Sanaa appeared to be in more pain and we headed back to Newberg. My mom met us at the clinic and watched Layla while Sanaa was checked out by the doctor. He diagnosed Sanaa with wry neck which apparently is common with kids. From what I understand wry neck is a strained muscle accompanied by muscle spasms. Most of the time kids will wake up with neck pain because they've slept wrong. But a child can also strain their neck muscles by just turning their head wrong or something simple like that.

Sanaa seems to be doing some what better today. She's kept her head tilted to the left over the past couple of days and doesn't turn her head much. But she's not whimpering in pain and doesn't complain about any pain. Hopefully she'll be back to normal over the weekend.

Sanaa watching a get well soon e-card from gramma Carol.

Painting with mud. We haven't had much rain but that hasn't stopped Sanaa from mixing up mud and smearing it on my parents deck.

Layla enjoyed helping Sanaa paint the deck with mud.

Ready for rain! Last weekend I bought the girls and I rain boots. Both girls really like their boots. If you're wondering if Layla is wearing boy boots the answer is yes. The store didn't have any girly rain boots her size but had a bunch of little boy boots. Do they think girls don't like to play in the rain or mud?

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Kristen said...

oh poor Sanaa!! I hope she feels better soon!!