Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raising tomboys

Sanaa and Layla have always loved playing outside and have always preferred playing in dirt than with toys. Sanaa loves to dig to find creatures and Layla just likes to dig. I have no problem with them digging and playing with dirt but yesterday they added a new fun activity to their outdoor play.

 Hunting for slugs.

In the past Sanaa has always been fine with just looking at all the slugs that come out when it rains. But yesterday she decided it was time to collect every single slug she could find and put them in her bucket. I'm sure she had at least 20-30 slugs in her bucket at one point. (Before putting the slugs in the bucket, she put in rocks and dirt to make a "nest" for the slugs. I tried to explain that slugs don't live in nests but she disagreed.)

We spent hours finding slugs and even Layla got in on the action. Layla has always done her own thing outside so I was very surprised when she began helping Sanaa by picking up the slugs that had crawled out of the bucket and dropping them back in the bucket. GROSS!!!!

I don't want to stop my girls from exploring outside but yuck! I did thoroughly wash Layla's hands (several times) after we were done playing outside.

This morning as we walked outside to head to the van, we saw more slugs and Sanaa was very excited. She wanted to catch them to put in her bucket again but we didn't have time. As we pulled out of the driveway Sanaa said to me, "Be careful mom! Don't run over the slugs my friends!" Oh dear. I really need to get her out of the house more and around kids her own age.....

Sanaa and Layla also enjoy playing near my dad's old pickup that he intends to restore some day. Here it appears that Layla is attempting to fix something on the truck but she's really pulling out rocks that she had previously dropped inside the truck.

Layla was doing her fake cry, so Sanaa sat down beside her to comfort her.

And then Layla rested her head on Sanaa's arm. I love seeing moments like this between the girls.


Anonymous said...

I had to wake Gramma Carol up to read the Slug Blog. Big Sister comforting Little Sister is a heartthrob.

Anonymous said...

(Papa Gene)