Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oregon house

I have a lot of updating to do for you all, so over the next couple days I'll try and catch up. But the first thing I wanted to make you all aware of is we may have a house here in Oregon. This afternoon (4pm PST, 6pm CST) is the home inspection.

But let me back up to the beginning. After our house in Texas sold at the beginning of August, Nate began looking at houses here in Oregon. He was only able to look on his days off and only had two opportunities to house hunt before flying back to TX with my parents to move the girls and I out to Oregon. The first day of house hunting Nate saw several homes that we liked and would have worked. However, we quickly discovered that the homes we like get snatched up quick. On the second day of house hunting, there were 3 homes (I think) that we thought about putting an offer on. However, the homes were either pending or had multiple offers (like 5) already on them.

One of last homes Nate looked at on the second day was the one that we are getting the home inspection on. Nate really liked the house and it met all of our criteria. So I let him put an offer down without seeing it. (I did see pictures and he did take a video of the house for me). I knew I'd be in Oregon before the option period was over and could see the house myself before we were stuck with it. Our offer was submitted the Monday before we drove out to Oregon. On Tuesday the bank countered back (it's a bank owned home). Their counter offer was only $2,000 less than what the house was listed for and we honestly didn't know how easy it would be to work with them. So when their counter offer came back we decided to walk away from the house. We didn't want to deal with negotiations while on the trip out to Oregon.

Wednesday we left Texas and began the long drive out. I think we were almost in Oklahoma when our realtor called Nate. The realtor for the house in Oregon called our realtor wanting to know if we were going to counter their counter offer. She told him no, to which he asked if we could make a counter, even if the counter was only $1,000 more. Nate and I just looked at each other. Seriously? How weird. So we went ahead and countered back adding only $1,000 to our initial offer. We didn't care if we lost the house or not.

The next day Nate got an email letting us know the bank had accepted our counter offer. That blew us away! Since we were somewhere in Kansas we couldn't sign papers. We had until this past Sunday to sign the papers and until this Friday (Sept 9) to get the home inspection completed.

We arrived in Oregon Saturday evening. On Sunday after the girls nap, my parents, Nate, the girls, and I drove over to the house to look at it and sign papers (if I liked it). I liked it. I REALLY liked the living area (kitchen, living room, dining room, den, and backyard). The bedrooms are small. Really small. The closet in the master bedroom is tiny. In fact I'm not sure where Nate will put his clothes. :-) The hall closet was tiny. All the closets seemed small. But we wouldn't be living in the bedrooms and I really wanted a nice living area, which this house had.

So we signed the papers and set up an appointment for the home inspection. If all goes well, we'll close on Oct 3. I've been praying for God to show us what house to get and have a complete peace about this house. If the house doesn't work out, I'm fine. If it does work out, that's awesome!

I'll let you know what happens!

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