Saturday, August 27, 2011

Only 3 days left

Only three more days left in our house. I've been taking a few house shots but still have some rooms I want  to take a picture of. The day for us to move has seemed so far off but now it's literally around the corner. Today Nate's parents watched the girls all afternoon for me so that I could get a lot of packing done. And I did get a lot done but that's also when it hit me that we're moving. We are really moving. I'm sure come Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be crying as we pack everything up in the truck. This house has so many memories for us. It's the first home Nate and I bought together and it's the home that we brought Sanaa and Layla to after they were born. 

Before I get all weepy here are some random pictures of the girls from the past week or so. This will most likely be my last post until we are in Oregon, so please pray for us as we make the long drive out there next week (we leave Wednesday). We're hoping to arrive in Oregon on Saturday. Also pray that the girls do well on the long car ride.

Eating oatmeal with a spoon.

She eventually gave up on the spoon and figured using her hands was much more effective.

I pulled the highchair out of our pantry and both girls thought it was the best thing ever.

You've been warned! If you lay on the floor, Layla will climb on top of you.
(Do you like Sanaa's slippers? It's only in the 100's here but she insisted on wearing her slippers.)

Seriously? I step out of the room for 1 minute and find both girls on top of the coffee table.

Decorating one of the boxes for me before I packed some more kitchen items.

Riding her tricycle around the house.

I have no idea what these two were up to. But I made sure to get a picture of it.

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