Thursday, August 11, 2011

How we're doing

Now that Nate has been in Oregon for a full week while we remain here in the Texas heat I've gotten a lot of questions asking how I'm doing. I'm doing okay. Some moments of my day are really bad and really stressful and some are good. So I guess if you balance everything out I'm doing okay (neither good or bad).

The girls, especially Layla, are a handful. Sanaa has been throwing some huge tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Layla has been clingy and fussy, but also appears to be working hard on her gross motor skills. Today, for the first time, I caught her on top of our coffee table. I did get some video of her actually climbing up but it wouldn't load for me. I've also caught Layla attempting to scale the baby gate at the bottom of our steps. She was half way up the baby gate when I came around the corner. So when Layla is awake, nothing gets done.

The girls are also doing some fighting. Layla almost always wants what Sanaa is using and Sanaa thinks it is great fun to run and get a toy Layla wants before Layla gets there. This morning I heard some screaming/yelling/fussing and turned to find Sanaa laying over the bus seat while Layla attempted to sit on it.

Morning bed head.

One of the more peaceful moments between the girls.

The girls are constantly rummaging through my closet and both seem attracted to this particular shirt. I'm not sure why Layla needed it on her head while playing the keyboard, but I'm sure it made sense to her.

Sanaa and her friend Lilliana having a picnic. Typically these two fight most of the time they are together. But this day they played really well. I think they only got upset with each other once. It was amazing and even Lilliana's mom commented on how well they played with each other.

Just another example of the girls wanting what the other one is using.

We spent most of last weekend at Nate's parents house while there were multiple showings at our house. Here Sanaa and Gramma Carol are bowling.

Walking with dinosaur feet.

Playing piano together.

Cooling off. I'm very ready to be in a place with cooler weather!

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