Saturday, August 27, 2011

Only 3 days left

Only three more days left in our house. I've been taking a few house shots but still have some rooms I want  to take a picture of. The day for us to move has seemed so far off but now it's literally around the corner. Today Nate's parents watched the girls all afternoon for me so that I could get a lot of packing done. And I did get a lot done but that's also when it hit me that we're moving. We are really moving. I'm sure come Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be crying as we pack everything up in the truck. This house has so many memories for us. It's the first home Nate and I bought together and it's the home that we brought Sanaa and Layla to after they were born. 

Before I get all weepy here are some random pictures of the girls from the past week or so. This will most likely be my last post until we are in Oregon, so please pray for us as we make the long drive out there next week (we leave Wednesday). We're hoping to arrive in Oregon on Saturday. Also pray that the girls do well on the long car ride.

Eating oatmeal with a spoon.

She eventually gave up on the spoon and figured using her hands was much more effective.

I pulled the highchair out of our pantry and both girls thought it was the best thing ever.

You've been warned! If you lay on the floor, Layla will climb on top of you.
(Do you like Sanaa's slippers? It's only in the 100's here but she insisted on wearing her slippers.)

Seriously? I step out of the room for 1 minute and find both girls on top of the coffee table.

Decorating one of the boxes for me before I packed some more kitchen items.

Riding her tricycle around the house.

I have no idea what these two were up to. But I made sure to get a picture of it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Our house is sold!!!! Incredible! Here is the timeline.
Thursday Aug 4 - House listed on MLS (2pm)
Thursday Aug 4 - first showing (6:30pm)
Friday Aug 5 - 3 showings and 2 offers
Saturday Aug 6 - began countering the first offer, had 5 showings
Sunday Aug 7 - 12:15pm the buyers accepted our 2nd counter offer, the option period began
Monday Aug 8 - one showing
Wednesday Aug 10 - home inspection
Saturday Aug 13 - received home inspection report and what the buyers wanted fixed; negotiated with buyers; settled on cash amount in lieu of us fixing anything
Sunday Aug 14 - buyers signed the home inspection agreement
Tuesday Aug 16 - option period ends

We'll close Aug 31! Nate and my parents will fly here to Texas on Aug 30 (my birthday!). We'll load the moving truck that afternoon and evening. On the 31st we'll finish any cleaning in the house and packing, sign papers, and hand over the keys to our house. We plan to pull out on Sept 1. The timing on everything is awesome!

I was talking with a friend at church on Sunday who commented that it was amazing how God has worked out everything with our move to Oregon. Nate and I tried twice to move overseas but those doors were closed on us. Then we started thinking and praying about what to do here. The only real reason we decided on Oregon was because it was near my family. It was either Oregon or California. But God threw the doors wide open for us to move to Oregon and all the details have worked out perfectly. I made the comment that who knew us moving to Oregon was God's plan and there could definitely be worse places for us to suffer for him. :-)

I'll spend these next two weeks packing, playing with the girls, and meeting up with friends to hang out. The best part is that there will be no more showings! I don't have to keep the house clean anymore! 

And keeping the house clean has been a challenge with Sanaa and Layla. I took them outside yesterday to swim. They spent all of 5 minutes in the water and the next hour playing in the dirt.

We got our kitchen counters and sink replaced. Now you may think it was just so we could sell the house but I found an alternative use for the sink. It works great to rinse off two very dirty girls and I don't end up tracking dirt through the house.

I turned Layla forward facing in the car today. Yes I know the new recommendation but the poor girl couldn't even stretch her legs out. It looked so uncomfortable and about half the time she got made at me when I had to put her in the car. I did not want her uncomfortable and grumpy during the upcoming 30+ hour drive to Oregon. Layla is enjoying the new view! And Sanaa looks SO big next to her. It'll be much easier to entertain both girls this way. (I took the picture while parked in the driveway in case any of you were wondering).

This morning we met Sanaa's friend, Skyer, at a splash park. I haven't been here in 2 years. I didn't go last year because I had a newborn (at least I don't remember going but now my memory is failing me).  Both girls had a blast and I'm wiped out! Sanaa and Layla kept going different directions so it was really nice to have Skyler's mom there to help me keep track and chase down whoever decided it was time for a walk through the grass. I took a ton of pictures at the splash park but only posted a few.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How we're doing

Now that Nate has been in Oregon for a full week while we remain here in the Texas heat I've gotten a lot of questions asking how I'm doing. I'm doing okay. Some moments of my day are really bad and really stressful and some are good. So I guess if you balance everything out I'm doing okay (neither good or bad).

The girls, especially Layla, are a handful. Sanaa has been throwing some huge tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Layla has been clingy and fussy, but also appears to be working hard on her gross motor skills. Today, for the first time, I caught her on top of our coffee table. I did get some video of her actually climbing up but it wouldn't load for me. I've also caught Layla attempting to scale the baby gate at the bottom of our steps. She was half way up the baby gate when I came around the corner. So when Layla is awake, nothing gets done.

The girls are also doing some fighting. Layla almost always wants what Sanaa is using and Sanaa thinks it is great fun to run and get a toy Layla wants before Layla gets there. This morning I heard some screaming/yelling/fussing and turned to find Sanaa laying over the bus seat while Layla attempted to sit on it.

Morning bed head.

One of the more peaceful moments between the girls.

The girls are constantly rummaging through my closet and both seem attracted to this particular shirt. I'm not sure why Layla needed it on her head while playing the keyboard, but I'm sure it made sense to her.

Sanaa and her friend Lilliana having a picnic. Typically these two fight most of the time they are together. But this day they played really well. I think they only got upset with each other once. It was amazing and even Lilliana's mom commented on how well they played with each other.

Just another example of the girls wanting what the other one is using.

We spent most of last weekend at Nate's parents house while there were multiple showings at our house. Here Sanaa and Gramma Carol are bowling.

Walking with dinosaur feet.

Playing piano together.

Cooling off. I'm very ready to be in a place with cooler weather!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quick update

This will be a quick post because I'm very tired. I have a lot of admiration for single parents and those who have a spouse that travels frequently for work or is overseas fighting. Being a single parent is hard work and exhausting!

I wanted to let you all know the latest on the house. Our house was listed on Thursday afternoon even though the sign went up on Tuesday. It took a little time to get the pictures and everything up on MLS. Four hours later we had the first showing. On Friday we had three more showings and two offers. On Saturday we had 5 showings and we countered the first offer. The couple countered back Saturday night and we made one final counter late Saturday night. Sunday at noon was the deadline to hear from them before we moved onto the next offer. Shortly after 12:00 on Sunday I got word from our realtor that couple A accepted our offer. Wow! We are now in the option period.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning from 11-1 the home inspection will take place. I'm dreading the inspection. As a buyer, the home inspection is great because you get to see what you're buying. As a seller, you dread it because you have no idea what issues your house has or what the buyer will ask you to take care of. So, I'm praying that no major issues are discovered and that any negotiations will go smoothly. Our realtor said we most likely wouldn't hear anything for a day or two as the couple looks over the home inspector's report. Hopefully we'll hear something from them either Thursday or Friday. The option period is up on Tuesday.

On the upside, our realtor heard from the realtor of couple B today and they are still interested and wanted to let us know that their offer is still on the table. So we do have a backup offer if this first offer should fall through.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For sale

The sale sign is up in front of our house. Nate left this morning with his co-worker on the long drive to Oregon. A few minutes ago he sent a text saying he was in Hays, KS. The girls are in bed. The cats are with Nate and the house is very quiet. A lot quieter than I'm use to. I feel like I should be doing a lot of things but instead I'm forcing myself to rest and relax tonight. I've been going constantly for the last 2 weeks trying to get the house ready to sell and I know I need to take a break from packing because for the next month it's just me and the girls around here and I'm going to need lots of energy to keep up with those two.

I was going to post some pictures and realized I haven't taken all that many. Probably because I've been so busy. But here are a few.

Daddy and Layla before church on Sunday.

Trying to get a picture of all three of them but Layla wouldn't cooperate. How do you like Sanaa's pink shoes with her yellow dress? She has become VERY opinionated about what she does and doesn't want to wear.

On Monday Layla turned 14 months old. I was going to do a post but completely forgot. Below are the two pictures I took of her on Monday.

Sanaa has started to enjoy playing inside the chest we're using as our coffee table now. I've been keeping the girls toys in it so that the toys are hidden when people come to look at our house but Sanaa likes to empty the chest and climb inside instead. Here she is pretending to sleep.

Sanaa growling like a tiger. Yes, she got that big tiger in the chest all by herself.