Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sharing Stinks!

Yesterday I removed Layla's baby seat from our van. The straps were getting too low on her. Ideally you want the shoulder straps to be even with the shoulders but Layla has grown so much that the straps were lower down on her back. So I took Nate's car seat from his car intending to use it for Layla. Sanaa decided that she wanted Nate's car seat and gave Layla her car seat. 

Layla is still facing backwards. We saw the doctor on Friday to make sure that Layla didn't have an ear infection. Thankfully, she doesn't, but she does have a bad cold. Anyway, they weighed her at the doctor's office and fully clothed she weighed a whopping 18 pounds 12 ounces. Haha! So even if the requirements for children hadn't been changed she still couldn't face forward.

I brought the infant seat in the house and of course the girls immediately start fighting over it. Why is a car seat in the house so much cooler than a car seat in the car? 

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