Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random pictures from our week

Last week Nate had a dental procedure done. The dentist had to knock Nate out, so Nate was fairly out of it for 1/2 a day. I ran upstairs to take Nate some water at one point completely forgetting that the cats water was on the floor. When I came downstairs I found Layla completely soaked with water all over the kitchen floor. She was happily splashing in the giant puddle she had made. I began cleaning up and gave her paper towel to help. Isn't she a good helper? She likes to sweep as well!

Layla saw that Sanaa was eating. Any time someone is eating, Layla thinks she needs to eat as well. Here she is begging Sanaa for some applesauce.

Sanaa thought feeding Layla her applesauce was the coolest thing ever!

Layla thinks it cool to have her feet on the table during meals.

 An attempt to get a picture with the girls before church this morning.
Attempt #1: Not bad. Sanaa is smiling.

Attempt #2: Layla has had enough but Sanaa is still looking.

Attempt #3: Layla is definitely finished!
We should have stopped after the first attempt.

Ready for church!

"Look! I got Sanaa's cup!"

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