Thursday, July 7, 2011

Potty training and naps

What a week. Sanaa has made huge progress with potty training. Up until last week she and I butted heads when it came to using the potty. She wanted nothing to do with wearing underwear and if I did manage to get her to sit on the potty she refused to actually go and waited until she was wearing a pull-up.

Last week (2 days before her birthday) I went to change her pull-up and she ran off. I was not in the mood to chase her down, wrestle her, and put on a new pull-up so I left pantless and pull-upless. I sat her little potty near her, told her to sit on if she needed to pee, and then walked to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. I finished what I needed to and then sat down in the living room for a little break. Suddenly Sanaa jumped and ran to her little potty yelling, "I need to poop! I need to poop!" I jumped up just as she sat on her potty and a few seconds later she actually peed! I was SO excited! 

The following two days it was hit or miss. Sanaa had her 3 year check up during that time and I talked with the pediatrician who was excited that she had finally used the potty but suggested that I don't make a big deal about whether or not she goes and to start rewarding her for a dry pull-up or dry underwear instead of rewarding her for using the potty.

This week has gone okay. When we are home she only wears underwear. Pull-ups are only for long outings or when we're at church. Monday and Tuesday we had several accidents but Sanaa was good about pointing out where she had peed. Yesterday and today have been awesome! Yesterday we had zero accidents and she pooped in the potty (for the first time). Today we only had one accident while we were out running errands. I tried to get her to wear a pull-up to the store but she flat out refused which led to an accident. Oh well. 

She has gotten very good about recognizing when she needs to go and will start yelling, "I need to poop! I need to poop!" She'll say that regardless of whether she has to poop or pee. And the best part is that she  doesn't ask for any rewards. She just likes to flush the toilet which appears to be enough of a reward!

Below are some pictures of the girls having art time. Layla has started to enjoy drawing and Sanaa still loves painting.

On a different note. For the last week or so Layla has started refusing one of her naps. If she takes a morning nap she will not go down in the afternoon. If she misses her morning nap (due to us being at church) she'll take an afternoon nap. Do those of you with young kids remember at what point your kiddos dropped from 2 naps to 1 nap a day? I can't remember when Sanaa made that transition.  I remember thinking it was way too early and I wanted her to continue taking 2 naps. Unfortunately, I think Layla might be at the point where she's only needing/wanting one nap.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, I looked back and saw that Garrett dropped his 1st nap at 15 months. The second nap became much longer then too... of course it seems like forever since Garrett has napped at all. :) Leslie

Kristen said...

yay Sanaa! :)