Sunday, July 24, 2011

My painting buddy

On Thursday I began repainting Nate's study. In the past my mother-in-law has been my painting partner but since she is suffering on a cruise in Australia (I'm being very sarcastic!) I had to look elsewhere for a painting partner. 

Luckily, one lives in my home.

When Sanaa heard the word the painting her ears perked up and she began begging me to help. Since Nate was home I figured why not. Nate could watch Layla and Sanaa could help paint a wall. So we got to work. Sanaa had so much fun and took her job very seriously! She was careful to not get a lot of paint on her brush and hardly dripped at all. 

 I'm thinking the two of us should start a painting business..... especially considering the estimate I got when I briefly considered letting someone else paint the room..... $530! 

$400 just for labor. Seriously?!?!? It only took me a total of 6 hours over 2 days to paint (being interrupted by 2 kids tends to stretch things out). 400 divided by 6 is 66.67. So, why in the world did I get my master's degree when I could be making $66.67 an hour painting rooms?

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