Friday, July 1, 2011

A few more hours

I have survived my time without Nate..... for the most part. His flight gets in around 7pm tonight. I definitely have a new respect for single parents and those who have a spouse overseas fighting or a spouse that travels a lot for work because it is hard work being the only parent available. I am plumb exhausted and have had very little time to myself to do anything. 

Wednesday night I actually had to book my first paid babysitter! I had a teenager from church come watch the girls so I could go teach. I was SO nervous about leaving the girls. I know the gal from church is very competent and she is very sweet, but I think it was the fact that I wasn't leaving the girls with a family member or close friend that made me so nervous. 

Yesterday was by far the hardest day. It began with Sanaa waking me up shortly after 6am. That was a shock to my system to be roused from a deep sleep by a little girl standing right next to my head. Then after breakfast I buckled the girls in the van and we headed off to Sanaa's 3 year check up. Less than five minutes into the doctor's visit I had both girls crying/screaming at the top of their lungs. Sanaa is okay with the doctor if the visit is for Layla. But Sanaa is not okay if the visit is for her. I had really hoped that by now she would be better and not so afraid of the doctor. Wrestling a 3 year old is not my idea of fun at 8:30am when all the nurse wants is to check her weight and length. Layla of course started crying because the nurse looked at her and because Sanaa was crying. 

Once the doctor came in, Sanaa had settled down quite a bit but definitely did not want the doctor to touch her. Thankfully we have a very patient doctor who is really good with kids. On the upside, there were no shots for Sanaa!

Then we came back home to hang out for the rest of the day. Throughout the day the girls fought off and on. I managed to get Sanaa down for an afternoon nap but Layla was very wound up and wanted nothing to do with a nap. By the time I got Layla down, Sanaa was just waking up. Ugh. 

Since yesterday was Sanaa's birthday I tried to make it a little special and we had a movie night. The three of us watched Toy Story (the first one) together. Sanaa LOVED it, but the nap and the movie completely back fired on me and Sanaa was up until close to 10pm. She couldn't stop talking about the movie! Around 9pm when I thought she was in bed for good I finally hopped in the shower. However, when I came out I found a little 3 year old on my bed. Seriously?!?

One of the more peaceful moments between the girls while Nate has been gone.

Sanaa got a little train set from my parents and she loves it! I might have to buy some more track so that she can make a completed circle.

Layla picked the smallest cabinet to sit in this morning. I guess it's just her size.

Currently Layla LOVES to carry around a purse or bag. This is something Sanaa never got into so it's really cute to see Layla doing this.

Yep. She found the crackers again. But this time she didn't need my help to open them. I think her big sister gave her a little help this time.

Sanaa got an AquaDoodle mat from one of her friends. She has enjoyed drawing on it while Layla prefers to be in the way.
I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I'm not sure what we're doing. Probably not much since Nate will be back at work.

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Kristen said...

glad you made it through!! :)