Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Fun Day

Nate has had the past two days off so we decided to take the girls to the Children's Museum this morning for some family fun. We needed a break and the museum was a lot of fun. The girls had so much fun exploring everything! Nate and I were going two different directions  following the girls around. Taking both of them by myself would have been really hard. We will definitely have to go back to the museum again. I know Sanaa wasn't quite ready to come home.

Driving the fire truck.

Layla on the fire truck. She really liked the slide at the end and kept trying to go head first down it.

Creating a face.

Layla was captivated by the spinning the wheels.

Both girls spent a good amount of time playing instruments.

Sanaa did make a beeline for the water area. She also enjoyed the sand area.

Sorry this picture is dark. I was taking it from the water area. Layla was riding a horse in the farm area.

In the garden area playing with the giant seeds.

Milking a cow. This was cool since water came out when you "milked" the cow. I showed Sanaa what to do and she got down to business.

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