Thursday, April 28, 2011

The sun is shining

Today is a better day than yesterday because the sun is shining. I still have a sore throat, Layla is still cranky and teething, but Sanaa has been pretty good. We've only butted heads once today and that was at nap time when she wouldn't stay in her bed and kept disturbing Layla. It's nice to have a fairly good day with the girls after having so many rough ones.

Sanaa with the 20 balloons. I took this on Sunday. So far none of the balloons have ended up on the ceiling and amazingly they all still have air! However, having 20 balloons in the house is getting a little tiring since I'll turn a corner and walk right into them. (Thanks a bunch Gramma Carol!)
Sanaa didn't like her peeps and gave one to Layla. Layla loved it! She chomped right down on it and ate about half of it.
Sanaa has been doing a lot of painting this week. Gramma Carol gave her a pencil holder to paint which she was quite excited about. She's also been painting on paper and attempting to make different things. This morning she tried to paint Tinkerbell. I overheard her saying, "Dat's Tinkerbell. Arms, legs, eyes, eyebrows."
No one ever warned me the second child would get into so much mischief. I cannot take my eyes off of Layla. Here she pushed an empty toy basket from the living room to the dining room and tried to climb up onto the dining room chair.
Sister hugs!
And now Layla has had enough of the hugs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So angry!

Have you ever been so angry with your child that you can't even deal with them? I know that when I was a toddler I angered my mom by decorating the white walls in our apartment with red crayon shortly before we were set to move out of that apartment.

Today it was my turn. I got really angry with Sanaa and couldn't even talk to her. All I could do was put Sanaa and Layla in the living room, walk away, and take a deep breath. You're probably thinking that whatever Sanaa did must have been huge, but it was relatively minor and any other day I probably would have laughed. But Layla has been teething since Sunday, I've had a sore throat since Sunday, and Sanaa has just been pushing my buttons the past few days.

So what did Sanaa do? She opened up my spice drawer (after being told repeatedly to stay out of it) and dumped a full container of minced onion all over our cat. I found her sitting next to Keldorn "chopping" the piles of onion with the empty container.

I brushed as much onion as I could off of Keldorn before he hightailed it out of the kitchen. Then I shook the rug off outside and swept the kitchen. We'll probably find more onion flakes scattered throughout the house as it falls off of Keldorn. I'm sure you're laughing right now and I'll probably laugh at this later especially since our cat smells a little oniony.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We hope you all having a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus' resurrection.

Right when I snapped this Layla closed her eyes and now she looks like she's been drugged. I tried to get a second picture but she wouldn't keep the headband on her head.
Laughing with Gramma.
Last Sunday was Gramma Carol's birthday and these are all the balloons she received at work on Monday. Sanaa loves balloons and Gramma Carol gave her all these wonderful balloons to bring home. I wonder how many of them will end up on the ceiling of our living room where we can't reach them. Any guesses? (There are 20 balloons.)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter egg hunt

This morning our church held an Easter egg hunt. We took the girls and Nate's parents came with us as well. The girls had fun and now Sanaa is constantly asking for her candy. And lest Layla be left out, she managed to get into Sanaa's candy this evening and chomped away at a melted chocolate egg (wrapper and all!). She was a chocolate mess, but greatly enjoyed it and was as mad as hornet when I pulled the candy and wrapper from her mouth. I seriously had no idea the second child would get into so much mischief!

Sanaa waiting for them to open the gate to let everyone in to begin the egg hunt.
Daddy and Layla. I really think Layla looks a lot like Nate.
Run Sanaa! Run!
Filling the basket with Gramma Carol.
"Oh look! Another egg!"
The egg hunting didn't last all that long once Sanaa spied some swings. She sat on it by herself but kept wanting to go higher, so I sat her on my lap to swing higher.
Taking a walk with Papa Gene.
Layla found her own eggs too.
There was a short puppet show as well.
The girls watching the puppet show with Papa Gene and Gramma Carol.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The windy wind

It's been windy around here lately and this morning we taped a brand new Curious George on tv. This episode was about wind and specifically Curious George making his own windmill. After it ended Sanaa started asking for a kite. I know that seems like a strange leap, but after the episode is over they show children doing various activities related to the episode that just showed. Today they had children flying kites and making anemometers. (An anemometer is a device that measures wind speed.)

Unfortunately we don't have a kite, so she asked to make one. But I was stumped. What in the world did I have around that could be used to make a kite? Well, I found some stuff and while the kite doesn't work the best, Sanaa still had fun. We discovered that if you wait for a strong gust and then run, the kite will fly for a little bit.

So what was the kite made with. A leftover Curious George napkin from Sanaa's 2nd birthday party, 6 straws (all I had left), yarn, a popsicle stick, and lots of tape.

Maybe I should invest in some better kite making materials.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

These are some pictures I meant to post last week mixed with some pictures from this week.

Layla's first pony tail (or her top knot, which ever you prefer). It stays in okay, but she's the type to fiddle with and pull at her hair until whatever is in her hair is out.
Layla currently climbs on anything. If the dishwasher is open, she makes a beeline for it and it is hilarious to watch her speed crawl!
Sanaa helped me make corn dog muffins last week (I got the idea from here). All you do is mix up some corn bread (I used the jiffy corn bread mix) and cut some hot dogs into thirds. Fill the muffin cups half full with the corn bread mix and plop a hot dog in the middle. Then bake according to the package directions (I think I baked them at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes). Sanaa loved helping and put all the hot dogs on herself.
Last Friday we made a trip to the zoo again. It was fun but we managed to pick the one day out of the year that ALL the school districts in the area decided to go as well. Bus, after bus, after bus was lined up to get into the zoo. Gramma Carol was also at the zoo with her school kids and we got to hang out with her too! Below Sanaa is eating her picnic lunch on a tree stump.
Working hard and measuring things with her very own tape measure from Grandpa and Grandma Lind.
I also put Sanaa to work painting our cabinet door in the bathroom. Actually, I was trying to get all the painting done before her nap was over and it didn't happen. When she discovered I was painting she begged to help.
Hmmm...... one of these things doesn't belong.
This evening Sanaa and I colored eggs. She thought it was really neat making the eggs change color. We didn't do anything fancy and kept them all solid colors. Since this was her first time I wanted to keep it simple. Besides, we have many years to come where we can get more creative.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Gramma Carol!

Happy Birthday Gramma Carol! We hope you had a super duper day! We enjoyed our time with you, even though Sanaa fell asleep at the restaurant. At least Layla was good dinner company! We are all very blessed to have you as a grandma/mother-in-law/mother/wife.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good idea gone bad

Yesterday was a bad day. I was having flashbacks to Layla's colicky days (it was that bad!). The day started the night before with the girls not sleeping very well at all. Both were up around 11pm and then again around 4am. Sanaa didn't settle back down until around 5:30am. While Sanaa did pretty well during the day (aside from having one potty accident on the floor), Layla cried and fussed most of the day and did not nap very well at.

In the afternoon I decided to have Sanaa help make some slushies in our ice cream maker. Sanaa thought it was great! We made orange slushies (orange koolaid dumped in our ice cream maker). It turned out great and both girls liked it.

Sanaa shared some slushy with Layla.
Layla liked playing with it and also liked the taste.
But then, Sanaa decided to some "cooking" of her own. She began putting her slushy on her plate. I was fine with that since I was sitting right there. I told her to not pick up the plate and just leave it on the table. She listened just fine...... until I turned my back for one second to get a wash cloth to wipe Layla off. The next thing I hear is, "Oh no!" I turned to find Sanaa holding the plate with the slushy dumped on her lap (she was in shorts) and on the floor. Ugh.
I was mad! But Sanaa made it difficult to stay angry for very long. Here's the conversation that followed:
Me: "Sanaa I told you to leave the plate on the table."
Sanaa: "It's cold."
Me: "I know it's cold."
Sanaa: "Clean please."
Me: "I am cleaning Sanaa. It's a huge mess and it's all over the floor!"
Sanaa: "Please?"
Me: "Sanaa just wait. I'm trying to clean it up!"
Sanaa: "It's otay mom. We'll clean it up."
Me: "I am cleaning it."
Sanaa: "It's otay mom." (as she patted my head)
It was the patting me on the head and her reassuring me that made it hard to stay mad. She's also started to call me mom instead of mommy.

Layla also managed to get into mischief (when she wasn't crying). In the picture below she's showing me her red hand. She found an open marker somewhere.
I'm hoping today is better. We'll see. Layla is still cranky and not taking a very good morning nap. She's teething and it seems so much worse with her than it was with Sanaa.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Science experiment

What happens when you leave a candle on top of the dryer? It melts. Oops. I decided this morning to clear off the top of our dryer since junk was piling up. Underneath all the junk I discovered one lone candle that had melted.
A few weeks ago I showed Sanaa what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar. She enjoyed watching all the fizzing. I then added some food coloring to the vinegar (to make colored fizz) but Sanaa didn't like that and wouldn't play with it anymore.
This isn't a science experiment but I thought I'd show you what I've been working on. A knitted (and crocheted) rainbow blanket. Originally I was just going to connect all the colored squares but the blanket wasn't very big that way and I didn't feel like knitting more squares (plus I ran out of two of the colors). So I decided to crochet a black outline to each square but got tired of doing that. As I was talking with a friend who saw what I was working on she suggested I make the squares that were already outlined the outside of the blanket. The remaining colored squares would go in the middle and then the space left I would just crochet. Thank goodness for friends and brainstorming! I'm almost done. All I have left is to finish crocheting the inside. This is by far the biggest project I've ever attempted, but I think it looks pretty cool.