Monday, March 28, 2011

Random bits

After the wonderful warm weather we had at the end of the week, yesterday and today have been a bit a bit of shock. Saturday I was putting sunscreen on Sanaa and today I was digging out long sleeve shirts and jackets.

Some of my spices have been disappearing lately from my spice drawer. I was helping Sanaa look for something completely unrelated to spices when I found two of my missing spices. At least Sanaa knows to keep spices in the her kitchen.
Sanaa wasn't too happy with me. No surprise. We're smack in the middle of the terrible two's. She can be a lot of fun, but when she throws a tantrum she goes all out with the screaming and crying. I'm also having to figure out how to punish and talk to her because right now she will repeat what I say and yell it at Layla. For example, when she's whining I'll ask her to stop and I'll say "That's enough. No screaming." Well, if Layla starts crying Sanaa will turn to her and yell, "Stop! Enough! No crying!" Ugh.
Not the best picture because Sanaa wouldn't stay still, but she is wearing her "sharp claws."
Layla will climb on anything. We caught her in the little rocking chair the other day. We have now put the rocking chair upstairs for safety reasons.
Daddy playing with the girls outside. Layla has become quite the daddy's girl. She gets really excited to see Nate when he gets home from work.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching up through pictures

I'm finding I have very little time to myself during the day. Typically on any given day I have to decide whether I spend the few spare moments I have checking email, updating the blog, catching up on housework, or doing some homework. Today updating the blog won out.

Layla wasn't too happy about the fact that Sanaa could stand on the window sill and she couldn't.
No good could come of seeing the girls like this. I did find several toys in the washer once they left.
Meet Layla, out little climber. Over the weekend Layla also climbed all the way up our stairs on her own (I was behind her).
Meal time = big mess
Layla does not like to be fed anymore. At least not by me. She'll let Nate feed her, but when she's with me she has to do everything on her own. So finger foods it is. Today's lunch was spaghetti and squash. She loved all of it.
"What? I promise I wasn't touching the tv."
Hmmm..... I think the wrong child is in the exersaucer.
Fixing the door. Even Layla loves to play with the tools. I caught Layla banging the hammer on the fireplace the other day but wasn't quick enough to get a picture of it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

From Layla

Hello. This is Layla.

I would like everyone to know that while my Daddy was constructing his last post, I fell down and did a face-plant on a foreign object not once but twice.

This would not have occurred had Daddy been doing his job and taking care of me instead of making a blogpost.

Daddy is a bad person, and I have deducted 5 points from his overall Daddy Score.

I would like to request that the Internet stop distracting Daddy in the future so that he can take better care of me.

So stop.



News from Nate

Hi all.

Nate here.

I stop by once and awhile to assure my legions of adoring fans that I continue to exist.

How are things going on my end you ask?

I'll be brief.

1. Layla adores me.
2. Sanaa likes me... but not to actually DO things.

Let me elaborate.

I've taken on a lot more feedings of Layla than in the past. I get up in the middle of the night to feed her if she needs it (so that Rosa can sleep), and when she gets up early in the morning for breakfast (around 6-6:15am) I feed her so that Rosa can sleep.

Thus, she's become quite attached to me and sometimes wants to hang out with me more than Rosa, which is different.

Sanaa on the other hand... well... I'll take care of her in the mornings when she gets up as well.

But lets say that I get her up and Rosa is either asleep or still getting ready. The conversation might go something like this.

Nate: "Sanaa, do you want me to make you some breakfast?"

Sanaa: "No Daddy. That's for Mommy."

Nate: "Errmmm.... but Mommy isn't here Sanaa. I'm here. Can I make you some breakfast?"

Sanaa: "No. Mommy? Where's Mommy?"

Nate: "Ummm... Would you like a waffle Sanaa? Maybe some cereal?"

Sanaa (hands on hips): "Go find Mommy. Need to find Mommy."

Nate: "Sanaa, Mommy is sleeping. I'm going to make breakfast until she wakes up."

Sanaa: "I'll find her. Got to find her."

And then Sanaa will go through the house until she eventually finds Rosa and sticks to her like glue. If Rosa is asleep, Sanaa will jump up and down on top of her.

Get the picture?

This isn't restricted to breakfast. Need some more examples?

Nate: "Sanaa, let's get dressed."

Sanaa: "No, Mommy do it."


Nate: "Sanaa, want me to read you a story?"

Sanaa: "No, that's Mommy job." *rips the book out of Nate's hands and gives it to Rosa*


So yeah. For Sanaa I am currently inadequate. Layla likes me though.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got the time change all wrong

As a single person or married person without children I always looked forward to the 'fall back' time change and dreaded the 'spring forward' time change. However, as a parent with young children that is completely reversed and I look forward to the 'spring forward' time change.

Why do you ask? Well it's quite simple, a young child's internal clock will simply not change just because you moved the hands on the clock. It typically takes a small amount of training and slowly adjusting their bed times and wake times to get them adjusted to the time change.

That is unless you have our children who apparently received the memo on the upcoming time change and misread it. Instead of springing forward and sleeping later they both decided to fall back wake earlier.

Oh lucky us! As if we weren't sleep deprived enough.

On Sunday morning Layla woke shortly before our alarm went off at 6am (yes, we get up that early on a Sunday because it takes time to get everyone fed and dressed. Getting up at 6:30 didn't work because we couldn't get out the door on time for church). We tried to get Layla back to sleep since it was technically only 5am to her, but she wouldn't go back to sleep. Then Sanaa woke up around 6:45am. Ugh. Seriously?!?! Sanaa typically doesn't wake up until 7:30am.

And it's been like that most of the week. Today was the latest that Layla slept (6:30am!). There was one day that Sanaa slept until 8am, but the rest of the week she's been getting up shortly before 7am. I guess I shouldn't be surprised we've had a houseful of grumps this week. Hopefully all of us (including Nate and I) will adjust to the time change and get caught up on some much needed sleep.

Maybe when 'fall back' occurs the girls will get the wrong memo again and sleep extra late. (I can at least I can wish. Right?)

Monday, March 14, 2011

The dreaded potty training

What you'll need:
1 strong-willed, stubborn 2 1/2 year old
1 independent, curious, cranky, clingy 9 month old
1 toilet
Underwear or training pants
Some treats (we like M&M's)
1 tired mom

For awhile now I have thought that I really need to start potty training Sanaa, but I just don't want to deal with the battles I know will come. This week is spring break around here so all of our normal activities are taking a break. This leaves us with a week at home. So I decided to start this morning.

I got out Sanaa's new underwear (actually they're cloth training pants and are a little thicker than normal underwear). She has worn them before, but this morning she didn't want anything to do with them.

In fact, she wagged her finger at me and said, "No! Put away. I put in closet. Be right back. All done pull-ups." She then proceeded to take all the underwear upstairs and put them in her dresser. Not a good way to start.

She also discovered some M&M's in the kitchen, so I figured I'd bribe her. Why not? She loves M&M's. I told her she had to sit on her potty to get an M&M. Apparently I wasn't specific enough because she did sit on her potty....... with the lid closed and pants on.

So then I decided we'd take baby steps. After she sat on the closed potty several times, I opened it. If she sat on the open potty she got an M&M. This worked. Then I said she needed to take her pants off to go potty and she had a meltdown. However, she wanted the M&M's so bad that a minute or so after her meltdown she tried to pull her pants down herself. Once her pants were off she ran to the potty, sat down (her diaper was still on), and said "More please." I feel like I'm training a dog.

By this point it was lunch time and Layla was melting down. I guess we did make some progress and I discovered how well M&M's work as motivation. We'll see how the afternoon goes.

Happy Birthday Grandma Lind!

Happy Birthday mom! We wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a wonderful day! We also wish we lived closer so that we could enjoy some cake with you, but maybe we'll find some around here and enjoy it while we think of you. :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just two sisters

"Reading" in the book nook.

Hanging out in the princess tent together.
Wherever Sanaa goes, Layla tries to follow.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dallas Zoo

Nate took this week off and we had a mini stay-cation. I had grand plans of all the things I wanted to accomplish and get done, but some how the week got away from me. I did have a minor hiccup at the beginning of the week with some chest pain and that completely threw my week off. At first we couldn't figure out what was going on with me and on Monday I had an EKG and chest x-ray done (both came back fine!). The doctor treated my symptoms as a strained rib injury even though I no recollection of being injured before the pain began. The pain was still strong on Wednesday when I went back for a check up and this time I was given some anti-inflammatory meds. Those seemed to work and by Thursday I was able to breath better and with much less pain. So, I most likely had some sort of strained muscle. I'm just grateful the pain is pretty much gone!

So, I obviously didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, but we did make time for a trip to the zoo. Sanaa loved the zoo and has been asking several times to go back. We might look into getting a family pass... we'll see.

We saw a porcupine.
The Dallas Zoo has a wonderful children's area and Sanaa had a blast running around and playing.
We let Layla play in the nest. It kept her contained.

Sanaa "hatching."
There were two highlights of Sanaa's day. She really enjoyed the elephants. We got really lucky and saw an elephant playing in the water. It was so much fun watching an elephant splash around!
The second highlight of our trip was the gorillas. We got to see the gorillas really close..... as in there was literally only a piece of glass between us and the gorilla. Sanaa LOVED the gorillas!
We spent at least 20 minutes watching the gorillas until they had to go in for their snack. Sanaa really wanted to stay longer but by this point Layla was reaching her melting down point and since the gorillas went inside we figured it was a good time to leave.
Sitting on an elephant truck. Sanaa called this elephant Kayla. It's named after an elephant on a Curious George movie she has.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa Gene

Happy Birthday to Papa Gene!
We hope you're having a very relaxing birthday!
Papa Gene and Layla on Halloween.
Papa Gene walking Sanaa to Trunk or Treat at church.
Sanaa giving Papa Gene a hair cut. What a good sport Papa Gene is!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9 months old

Layla turned 9 months old yesterday and today she had her 9 month check up. Luckily no shots were involved, so it was a good doctor's visit! Her ear infections have also cleared up. Layla is a healthy, but very petite child. She is in the 10th percentile for weight (16.2 lbs), the 8th percentile for length (26 inches) and the 30th percentile for head circumference (17 inches). She is not the best eater during the day which has led to her waking up twice during the night. We have a trained night eater on our hands. Ugh. So our homework is to increase her calories during the day and attempt to get rid of those pesky night feedings. Once we get rid of the night feedings we can start training her to put herself back to sleep. All of this is so much easier said than done and I'm not looking forward to what is in store for us.

But at least she is a super cute little girl!

Hello kitty!