Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look who's standing!

This has been a month for major gross motor development for Layla. At the beginning of February, Layla was just beginning the army crawl. She moved on to sitting by herself, crawling on her hands and knees, and just this week she began pulling herself up and standing. Yikes! Today (during nap time) Layla kept standing up in her crib and then crying because she couldn't figure out how to get back down.

Sanaa took her time on her gross motor development, so I haven't been prepared for Layla's fast development. I'm also discovering that Sanaa, while she loves to play with Layla, is not quite ready for Layla to be so mobile. I hear a lot of, "No Layla, dat's mine!" and "Layla stop!" and "Here Layla. Dis is your toy."

"Oh, just a little farther and I could reach it!"
"Now this is a neat view!"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Lind visit

Over the weekend my parents flew in for a short visit. They were here for 3 days. Way too short, but it's always good to see them. We stayed very busy while they were here playing and completing projects around the house.

Looking for birds.
Building block towers.
An attempt to get a picture with us girls. My mom found the girls some cute shirts. Sanaa's says "I'm the Big sister" and Layla's says "I'm the Little sister."
Planting rose bushes.
Sanaa learning to ride her tricycle.
Taking a break.
My parents and the girls.
Sanaa painting her birdhouse which never seems finished.
Playing with grandpa.
Building a toy shelf.
Swinging at the park.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Sten, our invisible night helper

Before I begin this post, I should say that Nate was very kind and let me sleep in this morning. He woke me up around 10:30am! How awesome is that?

But, since Nate admitted this to me this morning, I feel a compelling need to share it with the rest of you.

Last night was rough (and today isn't going much better). Layla was up every 2 hours crying. Most nights Nate is really good about helping out and getting up to rock Layla. But last night Nate only got up once. Needless to say, I was a bit irritated with him and exhausted this morning.

This is where Sten comes in (picture below). According to Nate, Sten is a nice, dependable, and loyal helper.
Hmmm.... he looks a little scary to me which could be why Layla was up so much. What Nate told me this morning was that he didn't get up to help with Layla because he knew Sten was here. So each time Layla cried, Nate waited for Sten to get her. When Layla was quiet, he knew that Sten had helped out in rocking Layla back to sleep. So, Nate didn't feel a need to get up last night to help. It wasn't until this morning when Nate saw Layla sleeping in the swing next to me that it dawned on him that Sten probably hadn't been as big of a helper last night as he had thought.

Umm....???? Maybe I need to limit Nate's game playing time on the computer.

(edit from Nate:)

Rosa was remiss in not pointing out the details behind Sten. Sten, in actuality, is a Qunari warrior of the Beresaad tribe. Normally, Sten assists me in various quests in the game Dragon Age: Origins. For example, last night he was very useful in helping me to recover Andraste's Sacred Ashes from a Ruined Temple infested with crazy cultists.

However, once I slept, apparently he developed other, more domestic uses. I wasn't aware of this until this morning, as I had thought that Sten's main function was wielding a two handed longsword with great alacrity. However, due to his poor performance last night at putting Layla to sleep, I will need to dismiss him and perhaps enlist someone with a more matronly demeanor, such as perhaps Wynne.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Layla's dedication

My parents flew in for a short visit this weekend. They were only here for 3 days, so much shorter than we would have liked, but it was still great having them here. While they were here we had Layla dedicated at church. The dedication went well. The girls were quite wiggly, but no one cried or screamed.

It started out well. Sanaa walked up on stage with us and stood there for a little bit.
But then Sanaa needed to sit and Layla began twisting this way and that.
Eventually Layla lunged towards our pastor wanting to get a closer look at his microphone and shirt while Sanaa contemplated heading down the steps head first.
Layla decided she'd had enough of our pastor and came back to me only to grab a fist full of hair while Nate scooped up Sanaa before she could tumble down the steps.
Layla went back to our pastor when he started the prayer.
She did well and fiddled with his microphone. She did manage to pull it off his shirt. She also did some "talking" during prayer. Part way through the prayer she came back to me.
Attempting to get a family picture with my parents. Sanaa really did not want to be a part of it.
So she rested on the bench.
We did manage a good picture with the rest of us.
Some how we got Sanaa back up for a quick family picture with Nate's parents. I'm not sure if my mom or dad took this picture but they snapped it at the exact moment Sanaa smiled. Awesome!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day. Nate was off and we spent the afternoon having fun. The morning wasn't as fun since we ended up taking Layla to the doctor and found out she has another ear infection. This is the second infection in a month. Yuck. The doctor strongly suggested we keep Layla away from other kiddos as much as possible so that her little body can fight off the infection. She is also on a new antibiotic. Thankfully, Layla is not like Sanaa and takes the medicine very well!

After the doctor's visit we had lunch and naps. Then we took the girls to the park. They loved it! We've had some beautiful weather the past few days so it's been wonderful spending time outside.

Layla is becoming quite fearless and very curious. She just started crawling and sitting on her own, but now she is pulling up on everything. Over the past two days I've caught her sitting on her knees trying to get into baskets or attempting reach items that she shouldn't be getting. We've also had a few falls and some tears, but she keeps on going. This is one way in which Layla is very different than Sanaa. Sanaa was a lot more cautious and definitely not moving around this much at 8 1/2 months.
Posing for the camera.
Nate bought the girls and I some flowers. For Sanaa (and Layla, although Layla didn't really care) he bought some tulips. Sanaa was thrilled with the flowers! They were probably her favorite gift.
Carrying her tulips quite carefully.
Today was another beautiful day and we spent time this afternoon outside. While Sanaa and Layla are quite different, they do have at least one thing in common. They both LOVE dirt. Layla made a beeline for all my flower pots. I moved her away several times and even placed her in the grass but she continued to crawl back to the pots and played in the dirt. So I gave up.

She even managed to get some dirt in her mouth (and thought it was hilarious)!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's bags

Aren't those bags adorable?!? And guess what? I made them!!!! I am so proud of myself and yes, I'm bragging. I found a tutorial here and thought I would give it a try. The bags are made out of felt which you can pick up really cheap at a craft store. My mom gave me her sewing machine about year ago and I've really wanted to do some sewing. But the sewing machine and I did not get along that well. But this time I was determined. And I figured that if it didn't work using the sewing machine I could always hand stitch the bags. But I was able to sew! My first sewing project!

Here's a shot of the bag after I finished sewing the felt pieces together.
I used a hot glue gun to put their names and hearts on. I only decorated the front and figure this is something we can add to each year as their personalities come out more.
So now all we need to do is stick a gift or two inside. We'll keep it simple this year. Layla won't even care. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy, busy Layla

The only time during the day that Layla is still is while she is asleep. And she doesn't like to sleep. She wants to keep on playing.

She loves chasing balls.
Attempting to roll over a pillow but got stuck.
Hmmm.... daddy was feeding me and I was enjoying my prunes.

Over the last two days Layla has begun to sit up by herself. This morning she dumped over the basket of balls and was happily sitting there playing with all the balls.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Some wildlife in our back yard.
We mainly see sparrows and chickadees at our bird feeder. But every once in awhile a cardinal comes for a visit.

The squirrels enjoy the food in the bird feeder as well which really irritates me. But this squirrel just looked pitiful yesterday while it was snowing.
We apparently have one more guest that visits our bird feeder. While I was feeding Layla some lunch (banana and mango!) I looked out and saw a rat on the bird feeder! My first reaction was to take some pictures and my second reaction was to let my cat outside to catch it. Apparently it's still too cold for my cat since she only last 5 minutes outside before begging to come back in. She's typically really good at catching rats around our house, so hopefully she'll catch this one soon!

What is with this weather?

The weather people forecasted 1-3 inches for Friday morning, but we woke up to much more than that. We had 6-8 inches in our yard depending on where you measured! The weather we have been having this week is unbelievable. The girls and I have been housebound since Tuesday. Nate has had to go to work a couple times. However, the store did close yesterday so he was able to stay home with us.

Today we are currently having a heat wave. It's nearly 40 outside! Wow! Since the girls and I are starting to get a little cabin fever we did venture out late this morning to make a store run. We ran out of bananas which is not good! They are Layla's favorite food right now.

Sanaa wasn't sure what to think about all the snow just outside the door.
Up to her knees in snow!

Helping me measure the snow.

Eating snow ice cream, which we had to add chocolate syrup to to make it chocolate snow ice cream. She loves her chocolate!
And this is how we do layers. Leave on the pajamas, add a sweat shirt, sweat pants (which by this point were wet from the snow and in the dryer), and wear rain boots.