Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Ryan!

Happy Birthday to my little brother! I guess I should say my younger brother since he's so much taller than me. We hope you have a super duper day celebrating! We also wish we lived closer and could celebrate with you. These pictures are from our trip out to Oregon back in October. Isn't he a wonderful uncle to our girls?

(So his birthday is today, the 29th! I really do know when his birthday is! I started this post last night and saved it as a draft since I knew I wouldn't have much time today to make a post. But for some reason it posted as the 28th. Computers and I don't get along......)


Just recently, as in the last 2-3 weeks, Sanaa has become interested in cooking and helping me in the kitchen. I honestly wondered if she would ever become interested in this. I kept hearing stories and seeing pictures of my friends' kiddos in the kitchen but Sanaa just didn't care. Now she cares and she's often trying to help! If I'm cooking she'll run to the bathroom, grab her stool, and bring it to the kitchen so that she can help.

Sanaa helping push the cookie dough into a flower shaped cookie sheet. She had more fun grabbing chunks of the dough and eating it.
Making pizza! Since I'm still following a no dairy diet I make 3 individual pizzas. This time Sanaa helped out and put the toppings on her pizza.

Sanaa frequently asks for brownies. She definitely takes after me with her love of all things chocolate! This time she was stirring and wanted to see what was on the spoon and ended up getting flour and cocoa powder on her jacket and face. I can't quite convince her to wear an apron (even though a friend made a super cute apron for her!). Maybe I need to get in the habit of wearing a apron in order to convince her to wear one.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Differences between the first and second child.

We are currently having some awesome weather. Sunny and highs in the 50s-60s, so we've been spending lots of time outside the past two days. Layla enjoys being outside just as much as Sanaa.

Now I know that all children are different, but what I'm discovering is how different I am with the two girls. With Sanaa I was definitely more uptight, but with Layla I've relaxed a lot. For example, I would take Sanaa outside when she was Layla's age but I always made sure I had a nice big blanket for her to lay on. I watched her every move to make sure she didn't grab a leaf and shove it in her mouth. But now I have a second kiddo and I just plop her down on the grass and let her go. Layla already has some dirt stains on her pants. This makes me wonder how I'll change if God gives us more kids.

Sanaa showing me the mud she made. She saw some dry dirt, looked at me and said, "Mud?" Then she ran off and found some water to pour on the dirt. She was very proud of herself for making mud.
Layla found the hose, some chalk, and leaves.
Then she moved on and found some weeds.
Loving her freedom! She was all over the place.
Our table umbrella flew off the table last week when we had some really strong winds. Since I never got around to putting it back on the table Sanaa decided it made a nice fort.
Now Layla is in the grass watching Sanaa "paint" with water.
A stick! Can I eat it before mommy catches me?
Sanaa is into watching Diego. I found a pair of binoculars and she ran outside to look for a kinkajou. A kinkajou is a nocturnal animal related to raccoons. It is often mistaken for a monkey, but is not related to monkeys and can be found in Central and South America. I'm sure our neighbors were wondering what in the world we were talking about outside as they heard this conversation.
Sanaa: "Kinkajou, where are you?"
Me: "Kinkajous live far away, so you won't find any."
Sanaa: "Kinkajou behind bush!"
Me: "I don't see a kinkajou."
Sanaa: "Right there!"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Random pictures

Here are several pictures from my phone that I've taken over the past few weeks.

Sanaa wearing my boots. It's a little hard to see but she really enjoys finding my shoes and wearing them around the house.
This is why I'd really like a single story house. Layla had been in the bathroom with me while I washed Sanaa's hair. However, she pushed herself backwards into the hallway and straight into the banister. My heart stopped briefly. Once I saw that she wasn't going fall through I took the opportunity to snap a picture like a good mother. :-)
Where's Layla?
(Her new favorite game.)
Sanaa loves feeding Layla and for some reason Layla actually eats better if Sanaa feeds her.

Layla loves bath time with her big sister.
Layla has officially begun the army crawl this week and is now moving forward. Her main motivation for moving is to get closer to Sanaa and find out what big sister is playing with. Poor Sanaa has no idea what she's in for as Layla begins to crawl more!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On Monday I watched as Sanaa gave Layla a hug and said, "I wuv you." Sanaa did that again today and both times it melted my heart. It was so sweet to watch! I am a little jealous that Sanaa said "I wuv you" to Layla first, but witnessing moments like that make me very grateful that I get to stay home with my girls.

These pictures were taken with my phone, so they are kind of blurry, but I think you'll still be able to see how much Layla enjoys her big sister and how much Sanaa likes Layla.

In these next two pictures Layla was trying to get Sanaa's hair and Sanaa would start laughing really hard.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It is so much fun watching the girls interact. Layla loves being near Sanaa and Sanaa has started playing with Layla a little more.

The other day Sanaa helped me bake some brownies and as I cleaned up the kitchen some of the baking supplies disappeared into the living room. I think Sanaa was trying to show Layla how to make brownies.

Watching the morning cartoons together.
Hanging out under the exersaucer is much more fun than being stuck in it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Antibiotics round 2

The batteries in my camera died and I don't have any new batteries in the house. So you'll just have to imagine some cute pictures for now.

This morning we took Layla back to the pediatrician. She's been taking amoxicillin since last Monday and while the eye infection cleared up really well, we weren't sure whether her ears were better. She's had a persistent runny nose and is still fussy/cranky. Yesterday and last night were the worst. She was up until after 10pm screaming. Each time we laid her down she'd start crying again. Her crying/screaming kept Sanaa up as well. This is one of those times I wish the girls didn't have to share a room.

The good news is that her ears do look much better. There is still some fluid in her ears, but apparently it takes the fluid a couple weeks to completely drain away. At least there is no infection. However, since she still has yellow goop coming out of her nose it now appears that she has a sinus infection. Ugh. So she is on a new antibiotic, Cefdinir.

Hopefully she'll get better soon. I love her a lot, but my arms and back are getting very tired from holding her so much.

The best part in all of this is Sanaa because I get to see how much she cares for her little sister. Last night when Layla began crying after one of my many attempts to get her down, I heard Sanaa get out of bed and say, "It's okay Layla."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Layla's first snow

Right around lunch time it started to snow. It's a big event here in Texas! Sanaa was very excited about the snow and wanted to go outside. However, she refused to put her heavy coat on and I wouldn't let her out. Finally, Layla and I headed out, which really made Sanaa mad. She then decided to put on her heavy coat and hat and join us. Unfortunately Nate was at work and didn't get to join us.

Layla wasn't too sure what to think. Snow is cold!

Sanaa tried to catch the flakes.
Making footprints. She loved to see her footprints in the snow.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Being intentional

Yesterday was a day with "Ah-ha" moments that revolved around being a stay at home mom. I was talking with another mom who stays home about the frustrations of being on the job 24/7. We talked about how there always seems too much to do and at times our kids seem to be more of a nuisance than a blessing. This mom made a comment that has stuck with me. It was a simple comment, but made a big impression on me. She said, "Our kids are our jobs." The laundry will always pile up, the bills will continue to come, the house will never stay clean, there will be runny noses to wipe, there will be errands to run, and there will always be a long "to-do" list. We'll have worries about finances and frustrations when things break in the house. But our kids should come first.

A couple hours after that conversation I read this blog. For a short summary, this gal (who is a stay at home mom) talked about teaching her children routines. The one thing that really struck me was how she intentionally set aside time in the morning for her 2 year old to have Bible time. My first thought was, "What? He's too young!" My second thought was, "Wow. I need to be more intentional with my days."

So with that in mind I'm hoping to create more of schedule with our girls and become more intentional about what we do. I told Nate last night that for the past 2 1/2 years (since Sanaa was born) I've felt like I have just tried to survive each day and wait for the reinforcements to arrive. I've struggled with when do I have my quiet time. I'm in a Bible study that I enjoy, but I rarely get the homework done. I've also struggled with Sanaa not wanting to nap on a regular basis.

What I've decided to do is create a picture schedule for our different days. Each day will be slightly different since we have various activities going on, but every afternoon we are home for nap time. That seems to be the one constant in our day. If Sanaa naps, that's great. But if she doesn't, it'll turn into quiet time/Bible time where she can listen to a story. This will also allow me to have some time to get my Bible study done. I'm sure this won't work perfectly every day, but at least it's a start.

Here are some fun pictures of Layla exercising. The antibiotics seem to be helping her. She still has a very runny/congested nose, but her eyes look much better.

Doing a leg lift.
Doing push-ups.
What would this be called? Downward dog? I don't know, but she is getting up on her knees and feet often. On of these days she is just going to take off crawling whether I'm ready or not.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Can't catch a break

Since Thanksgiving Sanaa and Layla have traded off being sick, which definitely did not make for the most enjoyable or relaxing holidays. I was hoping that everyone was finally starting to get better. However, over the weekend Layla started having some icky goop come out of her right eye. We took her to the pediatrician this morning and she does have an eye infection. She also has a double ear infection. She's now on an antibiotic. Hopefully we can attempt to get everyone healthy and Sanaa doesn't catch the eye infection. We'll be doing lots of hand washing!

As we left the pediatrician I told Nate to expect my two week notice as a stay at home mom. For some reason he wouldn't accept it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Hair, mommy, blue?"

"Hair, mommy, blue?" means "Mommy I want this blue clip in my hair."

While I was giving Layla a bath tonight Sanaa found the drawer with all their hair clips. She proceeded to bring every single clip over to me and ask to have it in her hair. She even wore the clips during her bath and wanted to keep them on at bed time. But we removed the clips before going to bed, which of course which led to a lot of crying.

Sanaa climbed in the tub with her clothes on and waited for me.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I spent the last hour of so of 2010 sound asleep. Nate's parents came over for dinner last night and then we played one of the new games that his dad got for Christmas. It was a fun game and a nice evening..... at least until Sanaa started whimpering. Thankfully she didn't wake up Layla, but Sanaa tossed and turned, whimpered, and kept holding her throat. She's now sick. So far today she hasn't been a manager handful and has taken Tylenol really well for me. After her multiple ear infections last year and the numerous antibiotics she was put on, Sanaa went on a medicine strike.

And guess who is now 7 months old? This past week Layla has been pulling her knees up and rocking back and forth on her knees and arms. She wants to move so bad. We have also finally figured out that she does not like rice cereal (or oatmeal). She wasn't a very good eater and we didn't really know why. A couple of days ago I ran out of rice cereal but had a lot of homemade baby food in the freezer. We started feeding her straight food and she loves it. So, no more cereal for her. Now I just need to stay on top of things and make sure we have food for her. So far her favorites are apples, sweet potato, banana, and avocado. She really doesn't like peas or green beans, but we'll work on that. She puts up with squash and pears.

Fun with flower hats! I took pictures of Sanaa with these hats on when she was about 3 months old. The hats don't fit Layla as well since she's 7 months now, but at least she was a good sport.
Pretty in pink.
Done with the hats.
Sister love.