Friday, September 24, 2010

Teaching a Child Life Skills

Nate here.

It is important to develop one's children during this critical period of learning. The things that we teach our children now will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Thus, being good parents, we regularly try to take Sanaa to the "next level" cognitively. Obviously, this looks different depending on which parent is coaching her.

With Rosa, Sanaa is schooled in communicative skills including vocabulary and pronunciation, motor skills including jumping, skipping, and hopping, and stretching her abstract skills with art, music, and reading.

With me on the other hand... Sanaa learns how to transfer cotton balls from floor to bag with her mouth.

Now some of you will judge me, but I am ok with that, because someday Sanaa will be old enough to be on "Minute to Win It," and at that time we will see who laughs last.


Teaching Lamentations

I have no idea what I've gotten myself into. I went from attending the women's bible study at church, to being the assistant in the preschoolers class during the bible study, to being the lead teacher all in one week. Yikes!

Our church has several women's bible studies going on right now and they all started about two weeks ago. Last year we started The Amazing Collection, a three year study that goes through the entire Bible. It's been awesome so far and I was very excited about attending this year as well. However, about two weeks ago I was asked to help out with childcare during the Bible study and since they were going to pay me I found it hard to refuse. So I said yes and decided I would just attend the evening Bible study instead of the morning Bible study.

I was placed in the preschool class (3 year olds). This class has a curriculum they follow and the kids get to learn about the same book that their moms are learning about. Week 1 went fine. The lead teacher was on vacation, so another lady came in to teach the short lesson.

This week I showed up and found out the lead teacher had just decided she would be unable to teach this year. Um...... what? So I was asked. It looked simple enough and there is a book to follow, but why in the world did I say yes? I'm pretty sure I was quite sleep deprived when I said yes and not fully aware of my surroundings. But now I'm stuck doing my first little lesson with 3 year olds on Lamentations. Oh my. I do have the weekend to look over the lesson and prepare a craft. I may use Sanaa to practice on and if I can keep her attention then I should have no problem with 3 year olds, right?

Here are some pictures totally unrelated to what I just talked about.

Layla's hand-eye coordination is great! She has been reaching and pulling at toys a lot lately.
"Hey mom! I got the toy!"
The weather is finally starting cool down, so we've been able to spend a little more time outside. Sanaa is signing, "more" while saying "more swing."
Watching Sanaa swing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tanglewood 2010

This past weekend our small group from church had our annual weekend get away. This is the 4th year that we've spent a weekend at Lake Texoma. We had a great time this year and our girls did awesome! Both Nate and I were a little apprehensive about how the weekend would go and whether we would end up dealing with a lot of tantrums and crying. But we didn't! Sanaa had a blast and didn't cry when we put her down at bed time or nap time. The only time Layla gave us a hard time was at dinner Saturday night when we went out to eat. But I completely expected that because she was tired and it was her bed time. However, we have an awesome small group and several of them took turns walking Layla around the restaurant so Nate and I could eat dinner.

We spent the weekend swimming, playing games, eating, talking, and laughing.

The group.
Layla chilling out in her frog pjs.
Bath time! Sanaa would not go swimming but had a great time playing in the sand and dirt. She also had fun swinging and going down the slides at the playground which was right next to the pool area. Since she had so much fun playing in sand and dirt we had to give her a bath. However, we only had a shower and spa tub in our room, so Sanaa got to use the spa tub and loved it! Unfortunately for Nate, Sanaa kept moving away from him so he had to climb in as well to give her a bath.
At the Jalapeno Tree eating dinner. They have free soft serve ice cream that Nate and Sanaa got to enjoy (I'm still on a dairy free diet so I didn't get to enjoy the ice cream this year).
Brrr.... that's cold!
Layla laughing. She really enjoyed all the attention she got over the weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some pictures

We've been busy this week although I don't have a clue what we did. Yes, I'm sure that sounds pretty funny, but I'm so sleep deprived that I have to pause and think (and look back at the calendar) to remember what we did. Layla hasn't been sleeping the best. She's been waking up 3-4 times each night due to congestion. But here are some pictures that we took over the past week.

Sanaa with her head scarf (a.k.a Layla's pajamas).
Layla in her super cute shirt!

Eating a hot dog like daddy and mommy. I tried to give Sanaa the hot dog in slices, the way she normally eats them, but she kept asking for bread. I finally figured out that bread meant a hot dog bun. I gave her a bun and she began to put all the hot dog pieces on the bun and eat it.

This is how we use the potty. Fully clothed, with the various pieces of the potty scattered around, and our feet in the hole. She was telling me something very important at them time as well.
This is not the correct way to watch morning cartoons, but it's where we found Sanaa this morning.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Today is one of those days I wish I wasn't all grown up. I really want to run home to my parents crying and let my daddy and mommy fix everything. Because that's what parents do, right? They know how to take care of everything.

The morning started out okay. It was raining (and still is), but one of Sanaa's friends was going to come over for the morning and that was great because I wouldn't have to entertain her. But here's how the morning went.

1. It kept raining and it rained hard. Our ceiling in the living started to leak a little. The floor around the fireplace and front windows started to leak a lot. I spent the morning rotating dry towels trying to keep the water at bay while Sanaa and her friend played (and Layla cried in the back ground).

2. Nate called after attending the morning bible study at church to let me know that his car was overheating and he was headed to the mechanic. He was already headed there to begin with which was good.

3. After Sanaa's friend left, I took the girls to pick Nate up from the mechanic where he had been sitting all morning. Oops, but I didn't have 3rd car seat so I was stuck. On the way there, the service engine soon light came on in my car. That's the second time in a week and the brakes have been making me a little nervous.

4. We arrived back home and 20 minutes later the mechanic called to let us know that Nate's car was finished. So Nate drove my car over and dropped it off and picked up his car. We'll get my car sometime tomorrow.

So to recap, both cars went into the shop today and our house is leaking. I want the rain to stop!!! But things could be worse. There is flooding in the area and some people have had to evacuate their homes. So at least we're not in an area that is likely to flood. I think I can deal with a little water coming in. However, I will need to call someone to have them come look at the house and figure out what repairs we need to do.

I'm pretty sure that seeing bubbles in the paint is a bad thing.
Towels all lined up to soak up the water.
These are just a couple of fun pictures. Layla has finally started to find her fingers to suck on. This is wonderful since she won't take a pacifier. The funny thing is that today she's been sucking on the same fingers that Sanaa uses. What are the odds that both girls use the same two fingers to suck on?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What not to do.....

.....when making bread.

I make our bread (to save money) and most times it goes just fine. However, I made some bread on Monday afternoon and then placed it in our oven to rise. I've found that putting in the oven keeps it out of the way and away from any drafts. Unfortunately, this was the first time I forgot about the bread and didn't remember until around 2am Tuesday morning when Layla woke up to eat. After I fed her, I quietly walked downstairs to peek in the oven. I discovered a big mess. So, what did I do? I closed the oven, went back to bed, and decided to deal with the mess in the morning.
This is much better! From now on I'll start setting the oven timer so I remember that I have bread rising in the oven.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 months old

I can't believe Layla is 3 months old today. Wow! Time is passing by a little quicker than expected. Her colic seems to be getting a little better. She still gives us a hard time some afternoons and evenings but she is becoming a happier baby.

One thing we have discovered is that she will not take a bottle. When we've dropped her off with Nate's parents I've left a bottle hoping she would take it, but she refuses and she lets Nate's parents hear about it. The child will starve herself before ever accepting a bottle (and so far we've tried about 4 different types of bottles). This is something we are working on since I need her to take a bottle at times. The bottles have my milk in them so it's not like we're trying to introduce formula. I just want her to take a bottle so that we can leave her with a babysitter for longer periods.

Her head control is also getting really good. She's able to lift her head pretty high when laying on her stomach.

"Reading" her book.

Layla is also a little wiggle worm. When laying on the floor (on her back) she will rotate herself around in a circle. Today I also discovered that she absolutely has to be buckled into her bouncer or she'll try to wiggle away.
This is what happens when she's not buckled in. She did this in under 5 minutes. I put her down so I could refill Sanaa's drink and once I finished she was in this position.
I tried to upload a video so you could hear Layla "talking" but got an error message. I'll try again another day (or get Nate to do it).