Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to the GROUND!

Nate here.

So yesterday was Rosa's birthday.

I had everything planned to give her a really relaxing day.

1. An appointment to get her hair done.
2. A pedicure appointment.
3. Time away from the house to sit and read at a Starbucks.
4. A nice dinner in the evening at the restaurant of her choice.

So that was what was planned.

When we got up Monday morning, we found Sanaa looking like this:


Being experienced and sensible parents, we promptly freaked out.

So we scooted everything to the side and took Sanaa to the doctor as soon as we could. Apparently, this is the calling card of the virus that she had. The fever breaks, and a rash gets left behind.


By the time we got home, it was near nap time. Sanaa was tired and fussy. Layla was letting us HAVE IT.

Rosa was faced with the reality that suddenly she might have a sick toddler for longer than she'd bargained for. Rather than do the weekly grocery shopping on a day when I was working, it made more sense to do it yesterday. By the time she got back, it was 2PM.

Layla promptly got up from her 20 minute nap, and proceeded to continue to let us have it. Then Sanaa woke up and proceeded to cry and ask for Mommy.

Rosa's Birthday = Ruined

The upside (if there is one), is that my parents graciously took the girls for the evening so that I could give Rosa a nice dinner. Most of the day though, was blown to heck.

I owe Rosa a do-over on her birthday.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to the ER

Sanaa is still sick. She still has a fever and threw Thursday and Friday. This morning we made a trip back to the pediatrician. Her ears looked good, her throat was okay, her lungs sounded good, but the fever won't leave and it's near impossible to get her to eat or drink anything. The pediatrician suggested something called Liquilyte (it's made by Gerber) and Nate's dad looked all over for it but couldn't find it. So we tried a different flavor of Pedialyte, but Sanaa wouldn't take anything. At noon I called the pediatrician back and she said we needed to take Sanaa to the ER to get an IV since she's dehydrated and refusing all liquids.

Nate left work and we spent about 4 hours at the ER with Sanaa while Layla spent the afternoon with Nate's parents. It was a long 4 hours. One nurse attempted to get an IV into Sanaa's arm and then wrist, but that didn't work. I'm pretty sure that if my mom had been there she would have pushed this nurse aside and put the IV in Sanaa herself. Sanaa was a trooper through the first 2 pokes. Eventually, two different nurses ended up coming in and they put the IV into Sanaa's foot because it was too hard to find a good vein on either arm. That was probably the most difficult part of the entire day. Both Nate and I had to help hold Sanaa down while she screamed, "Daddy! Mommy! All Done! Car!"

Once the IV was in Sanaa just dozed in my arms. They gave her some anti-nausea medication and so far she's kept down everything we've given her. They also gave her a Tylenol suppository. She has thrown a major fit anytime I come near her with Tylenol or Motrin so I haven't even been able to give her pain meds. Needless to say it's been a rough few days with her. Hopefully, now that she has some pain meds, the anti-nausea meds, and some fluids in her she'll turn a corner and start getting better. Keep praying for her and I'll keep you all updated!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Stuck, stuck, stuck"

We've been trying to move Sanaa out of her crib and into a bed. We currently have a futon in her room (because it's been used as the guest bedroom/Sanaa's bedroom) and had planned to move Sanaa onto the futon. This hasn't been going the best. She does great during nap time, but bed time is a different story. Each night we'll put Sanaa down and eventually through the monitor we'll hear, "stuck, stuck, stuck." When we check on Sanaa we find her looking out her window but stuck between the bed and the wall. She thinks it's hilarious! We don't find it nearly as humorous since we're tired of walking upstairs multiple times during the evening to rescue her.
(She's not crying, she's laughing really hard!)
Our solution was to go ahead and turn her crib into a toddler bed. I was really wanting to avoid this since I would like to move Layla into the crib. However, Sanaa has been doing great on her toddler bed, so I guess I might have to shop for a cheap crib for Layla and move the futon into our office/guest room. I'm finding that Sanaa is a child that doesn't adjust to change very well and while I thought my idea of her sleeping on the futon was an great one, it's not working for her.
On a different note, Sanaa caught some virus again. She started throwing up last night and this morning. She also has a fever and sore throat. The poor girl is miserable! She won't take any medicine and throws a fit if I come near her with the Tylenol. Having to take so many different kinds of antibiotics this spring with her numerous ear infections has turned her off of taking any type of medicine. There's not much I can do to relieve her pain. So when you read this, we would really appreciate your prayers that Sanaa would get better really quick and that none of us would catch what she has. The last time she had a stomach virus both Nate and I got sick on the same day. Not pleasant.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My house cleaner

I would love to have someone come clean my house on a weekly basis, but that is not something we can afford so I'm stuck doing it myself. I really dislike cleaning but I dislike a dirty house even more. I find myself cleaning something every day but haven't come up with a good system that works for me. If I wait until nap time to clean, I find myself not wanting to clean because it's the only break I get. If I clean while the girls are up, it takes much longer and I typically don't get upstairs because I would have to take both girls up with me. Plus I can't mop if Sanaa is up. She will come running into the room I just mopped and slip despite my warnings about the floor being wet.

So this morning when Sanaa came running up to me saying, "durt, durt," I said, "where's the dirt." She showed me a small amount of dirt on one of our window sills and then grabbed a piece of felt I had just bought for a project to clean it up. I asked her to stop (and she listened!) because I had something better to clean the dirt with. I gave her one of those dry cloths that you can use on the floor and she cleaned my window sill for me. It was great! Now we just need to work on vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing the tub/shower.....

People have been asking how Layla is doing and she is doing much better. Today is not the best day since she won't nap for longer than 30 minutes and then fusses/cries while she's awake but the past week or so has been going much better. Overall she is becoming a happy baby and will happily talk with her toys while I attempt to get things done. She's been smiling a lot more and has begun to notice her hands. Sanaa has started to ask more often to hold Layla, which actually means she wants to give Layla a quick hug before running off.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beard Reax

Hi there.

Nate again.

Wanted to take a break from the humdrum posts on our kids, and update you on what you REALLY come to this blog to see. Namely, my ongoing beard.

Things are going quite well actually! I love my beard. So far its almost been a week of no shaving and my beard is filling out very nicely.

The reactions have been mostly positive too. Everyone at work likes it, and my parents like it too.

... I said mostly positive didn't I. Rosa has warmed up to it, but her reaction this past week was... mixed.

Let me fill you in on the conversation that occurred midweek.

SETTING: NATE and ROSA are watching an episode of Modern Family on TV. NATE pauses the episode briefly to get some water and sits back down.

ROSA: "Nate... I think I understand a little bit more about why you want to grow a beard."

NATE: "Oh? Really?"

ROSA: "Are you gay?"

NATE: "What?!"

ROSA: "Your gay aren't you."

NATE: "Are you serious?"

ROSA: "Well?! The character on Modern Family that you like is gay with a beard, and you said that your favorite blogger is gay and growing a beard. All these people you know are gay and have beards! Now you are growing a beard too!"

NATE: "Well yes, but I don't think that means..."

ROSA: "Are you gay?"

NATE: "Rosa... I'm not gay. I've wanted to grow a beard for awhile now."

ROSA: "Ok... just asking."

So that's part of Rosa's reaction to my beard, but I think she likes it more now.

As I think about it, that was probably one of the weirder moments in our marriage.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I hate saying goodbye and today we had to say goodbye to some close friends of ours. Ainsley and her parents are moving back to Iowa. They leave bright and early tomorrow morning. Over the past two weeks Sanaa and Ainsley have been able to spend a lot of time together and it's been great. The girls are so much fun to watch when they play together. I've been talking with Sanaa about how Ainsley is moving far away and we won't see her anymore but I know Sanaa doesn't understand. I also know that over the next few days she'll ask for Ainsley and I'll have to tell her that we won't get to see Ainsley for quite awhile because Ainsley doesn't live here anymore.

We knew this day would come since Ainsley's parents moved down here to attend seminary and have always planned to return to Iowa. Over the past four years it has been wonderful getting to know them and watch our girls grow together. For the past 3 1/2 years we've been in the same small group that has met weekly. Heath and Kristen, we are going to miss you all a lot! You have been such a blessing and encouragement to us. Even though I would love for you stay down here near us I know that God has other plans for you and it was quite evident in the way in which all the little details worked out so perfectly as you prepared to move back to Iowa. I know you won't read this post until sometime this weekend, so I hope that your drive went smoothly. Thanks for all the great memories! Come visit soon (like next month!).

Some pictures of Sanaa and Ainsley over the last two weeks.

Apparently everything tastes better when dipped in ketchup. Ainsley dipped her chicken nuggets, cheese, and blueberries in the ketchup. The blueberries dipped in ketchup grossed me out and I couldn't watch that.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bumbo seat!

I pulled out our bumbo seat this evening. I had actually forgotten about it until I saw it in our pantry. I wasn't sure whether Layla would be able to sit in it okay or if she was still a little young. However, she actually enjoyed it! Unfortunately, her big sister saw the bumbo seat and tried to pull Layla out so that she could have a turn instead. Sanaa did get a turn (after I let Layla finish her turn) and she actually fit!

Doing some leg stretches.
Big sis did some leg stretches, but I can't seem to reach my toes yet.
Ahh... this is better.
I love my daddy!
On a side note, Sanaa refused to get in her crib tonight and is currently on her bed! She's played in her room for roughly an hour, but it's finally starting to get quiet upstairs. This just might be her first night to sleep on her bed. She's been taking naps on her bed, so we'll see if she sleeps there tonight! I have gone upstairs twice already because I heard her say, "stuck, stuck, stuck," and found her stuck between the wall and her bed. You would think that after getting stuck the first time she wouldn't repeat her mistake, but I guess I'm wrong about that.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Nate here. So I'm growing a beard. A full one. Upgrading from the moustache/goatee combo that I've worn for...... like...... 9-10 years now maybe?

Why, you ask?

There are few reasons.

1. Well, this link has ten reasons. The logic of these reasons is indisputable.

2. What, you still want more?! GAH. Ok. People respond differently to facial hair, and so thankfully God made this Beard Trustworthiness Chart to help men figure out how to create the right effect with their facial hair. As you can see, I currently fall on the borderline of Very Trustworthy and Mildly Trustworthy. Click on the picture to make it bigger, and then zoom in. Or you could go to the actual link at Geekologie to see the whole thing in Hi-Res.

No wonder I lose every public argument with fully bearded guys! So an upgrade is DEFINITELY needed to regain full trustworthiness. Some female types have even hinted that the Moustache/Goatee combo is not as trustworthy as the chart indicates. Ooooooo. Glad I caught that one *cough*..... albeit 9 years in.

3. Batman:

See? I'm due.

The girls will see it gradually and probably won't know the difference.

As for Rosa.... she grudgingly gave permission after a month or two of eye rolling and sighing.

She doesn't like the stubbly state of my face at the moment, (she doesn't get it. I do look cool, but I'll give her the time she needs to adjust), but she is willing to see the full grown beard before she renders final judgment.


Quiet = Mischief

Last night, while meeting with our small group, Sanaa went to bed without a fight. This is not normal. When we are at someone else's home, Sanaa always puts up a fight and screams when we leave her in a bedroom in her pack-n-play. So I guess we should have had some idea that she was up to something when she requested to go to sleep and headed down the hallway to the room she typically rests in. The fact that she didn't scream once and was quiet the entire evening as we talked with our friends should have also been a clue that she was up to something. However, we thought we were lucky and that Sanaa had finally gotten use to resting at someone else's house. Boy were we wrong.

I walked into the back bedroom and saw Sanaa laying down. My thought was, "that's awesome!" However, when I picked her up I noticed something on her legs. She had drawn with a pen all over her legs. Where did she get the pen?!?! Nate came in and I told him to take a look at Sanaa. He started laughing and took her out to the living room to show our friends, who also started laughing. What our friends didn't see (since we didn't notice until we got home) was that Sanaa had also decorated her stomach. No wonder she was quite all evening!

As for where the pen came from..... my only guess is that it fell out of her backpack. I keep a small pen and pad of paper in her backpack since she loves to draw. I took the backpack into the bedroom with us so I could change her diaper.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Painting and picnics

Sanaa's vocabulary is expanding rapidly. It's been extremely hot down here (I don't remember the last day we were below 100) and since Sanaa loves to be outside I've had to be a little creative with her since she doesn't like to swim in her pool. I came across the idea of painting with water on Babycenter's website. Sanaa loves it! I said the word "painting" and suddenly that is now in her vocabulary and she is asking to paint all the time! Maybe this fall I'll introduce her to real paint.
"Picnic" is another new word in Sanaa's vocabulary and we've been having a lot of picnics in our house. She and her friend Ainsley had a picnic together and then Sanaa had a picnic with Layla. Again, once the weather cools down we'll have to go on a real picnic with real food.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I mean seriously Sanaa.... really?

Oh. Hi there. This is Nate by the way.

The picture above is one of the things that makes Rosa and I squeal in high-pitched voices as we race towards Sanaa desperately hoping that we can slow down time with our minds long enough to grab her before she breaks one (or all) of her bones.

The girl is a daredevil. She fears nothing.... except Big Bird... and the sound of children singing... and... well... nevermind.

But in terms of PHYSICAL PERIL she fears nothing.

I foresee trips to the emergency room in our future. *sigh* My benefits will be well used. Maybe I should ask for a reserved parking spot at the ER? Maybe a mug with the word "Nate" on it?

Oy. My mental image of Sanaa is of a woman putting the finishing touches on an oil painting... from the summit of K2.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First nap on the bed!

Sanaa actually napped on her bed this afternoon! I was so excited to peek in her room and see her on the bed and not the chair. Maybe we're finally moving in the right direction!
Last Wednesday Sanaa, Layla, and I spent the morning with the family that I use to work for. It was great getting to see Cole and Dylan again. I haven't seen them in almost a year and couldn't believe how tall both of them were! Cole is headed into 1st grade this fall and Dylan is starting preschool. It's amazing how fast they are growing up! Both of them were excited to meet Layla and hold her. Once Sanaa got comfortable being there she started following Cole around. It was very cute. Of course Cole takes very good care of Sanaa and likes to show her things.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hole? What hole?

The construction is finished. It was finished yesterday. I had hoped it would be finished Friday, but it wasn't. Now begins the fun process of putting things back. The living room is almost done. We have one bookshelf left to fill. The new office/bedroom needs everything put back in, but I'll work on that during the week. This is the perfect time for me to go through things very thoroughly and get rid of stuff we don't need or want anymore. So, here at last are the before and after pictures. We are so excited to have a third room upstairs!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The state of our house

Clutter stresses me out. With that stated, the current state of our house is driving me nuts! We are in the middle of a small construction project. We are turning our 2 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom house. Ever since we moved in we've had 3 rooms upstairs but only 2 actual bedrooms. I'm not sure what you would call the third room. A loft? But it wasn't really. We called it the study, but it was a room that opened up into the living room.

Anyway, we're having that hole covered to create a third bedroom. The construction was suppose to begin on Monday. But the guy was running behind on another project and didn't get to our house until Wednesday. He should finish up tomorrow and then I can begin the process of putting our house back in order. For now, enjoy the chaotic pictures.

You've heard of Where's Waldo, right? How about, where are my girls? This is the current state of the living room.
This picture just gives me the shudders. Welcome to our dining room! Everything from the upstairs study is currently in the dining room.
The before picture.
Half a hole.
Woohoo! No more hole!
Don't worry. Once everything is done and the paint is on the walls I'll give you all some before and after pictures.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dialog with Sanaa

Nate here again.

One thing that I've noticed is how attuned Rosa is with Sanaa's vocabulary.

Basically, Rosa is around her so often that a lot of what Sanaa says or babbles makes sense to her. For me, it is more difficult, and I struggle to understand much of what Sanaa says to me.

To give my loyal readers a sense of what this looks like, I'd like to illustrate with a dramatization.

(May or may not have happened)

SANAA: Zeebo habbo neebo gah!

NATE: Are you hungry?

SANAA: Gibbo hangi herri zahno.

NATE: Tired? Thirsty? Want outside?

SANAA: Meedo zeega!


*NATE leaves*

*ROSA enters*

ROSA: Hi Sanaa!

SANAA: Zeebo habbo neebo gah!

ROSA: Well, I've often wondered about that, but I think that concept of Newton's Laws goes a little bit deeper...

SANAA: Gibbo hangi herri zahno.

ROSA: True, but I don't think...

SANAA: Meedo zeega!

ROSA: That might be putting things a bit strongly, but I do think you might have a point.

*NATE enters*

NATE: Look Sanaa! Grapes! You want eat?

*ROSA and SANAA stare at NATE silently*

NATE: What?


Could have saved a lot of money on that bed

Nate here.

Objective: Move Sanaa from Crib to Bed. Many tears have been shed over the ages by hapless parents trying to do such a thing to their children.

Step 1: Get special Tinkerbell bedspread and pillow covers for Sanaa.

Step 2: Switch the bed and crib in the room, and have her watch us do it, so that she associates her bed with "the place where I sleep."

Step 3: Lie down on the bed with her prior to bedtime to demonstrate that it is a place to sleep.

Step 4: Leave the room, and let her cry for awhile so that she will maybe one day sleep in the bed.

Step 5: After things quiet down, check on her and see how she is doing.


Parenting Fail.