Thursday, July 29, 2010

The right places for stickers

I gave Sanaa a piece of wax paper for her stickers so that she could peel them off and stick them back on by herself. Apparently, I was wrong about stickers going on the wax paper since they obviously look much better on the kitchen floor. Also, you must keep one leg on the chair when leaning over to put stickers on the floor. Sanaa has great balance. I'm sure I would have fallen flat on my face if I tried that move!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Test results

We are still hanging in there. Sunday and Monday were fairly good days with Layla. She didn't cry nearly as much as she has been. It was definitely nice to have a break from all her crying. Tonight I'm on my own since Nate works late, so we'll see how things go. The last time he had a closing shift Layla cried for 5 hours and Sanaa ended up having cookies and strawberries for dinner. I'm sure Sanaa thought she was the luckiest 2 year old ever!

Late yesterday afternoon the pediatrician's office called and the nurse I talked with said that Layla's test results were back. The results showed that she does indeed have a milk allergy. In fact, her scores were the same across the board. I asked the nurse what she meant by across the board and it turns out that Layla has a slight allergy to a long list of foods. The nurse rattled off a bunch of food, including milk, nuts, shell fish, chicken, honey, etc. I can't even remember all the foods she listed. Layla's allergies are not severe (she'll just get a tummy ache if I eat too much dairy), but the pediatrician wants me to continue to keep dairy out of my diet and cut back on the amount of meat I eat. I'm glad she didn't say take meat completely out of my diet because I'm not big on eating just fruits, vegetables, and grains. I'd miss my hamburgers, tacos, fajitas, and other meat recipes. Next week Layla goes in for her 2 month check up so I'll be able to talk with the pediatrician more about what this means for Layla and whether it's something she'll eventually out grow. So, that's where we're at now.

Sanaa putting a blanket (it's really a burp cloth) on Layla to keep her warm.
A pony tail! This is the first time Sanaa has let me put a pony tail in her hair. She always fights me when I try to brush her hair or do anything to it. She also smiled for the camera!

Layla "talking"
Sister kisses

Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is Nate.

And yes... Layla has Colic.

In a way, this is nice because once you stop denying the inevitable and embrace one of the worst possible outcomes, it feels better.

On the other hand... it's Colic.

It is also nice because now there is a timeframe where she will probably get better. Once we hit week 14, things should clear up.

On the other hand... 2 months of hell await.

So its a give and take.

Poor thing. She cries for hours straight. Then later, Rosa and I cry for hours straight. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway. More to come.

For now, you can reflect on the following:

1. Layla hadn't pooped since Wednesday. 4-5 days poopless. Rosa was about to call the doctor.

2. This afternoon, Rosa went down for a nap.

3. What happened subsequently while Daddy was watching the kids shall be referred to as: "Layla Pond and the Mountain o' Poo."

4. Recovery took 6 wipes, a whole new outfit for Layla, and a complete change of clothes for Daddy. One of Daddy's undershirts was too badly damaged and had to be put down.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A rough patch

It's been a little over a week since I updated you all and I've had several people ask if things were okay since I haven't been updating our blog. The last week and a half have been quite rough. Layla has been crying almost constantly and we don't know what is going on. Three weeks ago when Sanaa had her 2 year check up I talked to the doctor about Layla's fussiness when nursing. The doctor and I both thought it was most likely reflux since Sanaa also had it as an infant, so Layla was put on Zantac. The doctor also suggested I remove dairy products from my diet for two weeks to check to see if Layla possibly had a milk allergy.

At the beginning of last week I began to reintroduce dairy products into my diet like the doctor had instructed. We were okay for one day but on day two Layla began crying a lot. The days after that steadily got worse to where she was crying most of the day and not sleeping very well at night. By Thursday I began to remove dairy products from my diet again but not completely since I wasn't fully convinced it was a milk allergy (or I was just in denial). However, by Saturday I changed my mind and stopped eating dairy again.

Sunday was another difficult day where Layla did not nurse very well and cried most of the day. We had our small group over at our house that evening and Layla cried/screamed through most of it. The other wives in our group took turns holding Layla and tried to get her to calm down.

Yesterday we took Layla back to the doctor and the doctor is convinced that Layla has a milk allergy. If her fussiness/crying sessions had only been after eating or spitting up then reflux would be the most likely culprit. But since the crying goes on at any time of the day and the fact that this started after I reintroduced dairy products into my diet then it makes more sense that she has a dairy intolerance or milk allergy. Layla also had some blood work done yesterday since there is a blood test that will confirm whether it is an allergy. We should have those results by Friday. The doctor also put Layla on Prevacid instead of Zantac since Prevacid worked better for Sanaa.

So, I am now taking all dairy and soy products out of my diet. I was surprised when the doctor said to remove soy as well, but there is a 50-60% chance that infants with a milk allergy will also have a soy allergy. This doesn't leave much for me to eat. At least it doesn't leave much of the things I like to eat (ice cream, yogurt, cheese, lattes, etc). I'll also have to start reading labels closely.

Despite not eating well, Layla is still growing. When they checked her weight yesterday she was 10 lbs and 4 oz (and she's now 7 weeks old). Hopefully with the changes in my diet Layla's fussiness will lessen. Some of you might wonder why I choose to change my diet instead of putting Layla on a special formula and I have two reasons for that. The first reason is because I really enjoy nursing and it's my time to bond with her. The second reason is because having to buy a special formula that is milk and soy free would be expensive and we don't need that added expense. It's much easier on the budget if Layla can eat for free right now. :-)

The girls doing tummy time together.
Layla often falls asleep during tummy time. I think the pressure on her belly feels good and relieves the pain she might have due to gas.
In order to get enough blood for the blood test yesterday, the lab tech had to draw blood from both of Layla's heels. Poor thing. The lab tech then wrapped bright pink tape around her foot and ankle to keep the gauze and bandaid on.
Sanaa loves her art table that uncle Caleb and aunt Sarah gave her. She uses it every day!
I had to show this off. Sanaa drew a circle and very purposefully started and stopped at the right spot. I was amazed! Right after I snapped this picture she scribbled all over it.
Sanaa and her friend Ainsley playing in Sanaa's house. The girls dumped all the play food inside and had a picnic together.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Look what my in-laws have done. They must hate me.

I told Nate's mom that I was going quote her when I titled this blog post. I was talking with her on the phone yesterday and we were laughing about how huge Sanaa's house was that they gave her for her birthday. Carol said that I must be thinking, "Look at what my in-laws have done to me. They must hate me." I thought that was a great title for this blog post!

Sanaa received an enormous, gigantic, massively huge cardboard house that she can draw on as well as play inside of. None of us knew it would be this big. Sanaa of course LOVES it. We've been coloring the outside of it the past couple of days. Even the cats enjoy going inside the house. The problem is where in the world do we keep this house? Because it is cardboard, we can always fold the house up and store it if we need to get it out of the way. But for now, it's been living in either the dining room or the middle of the living room.

Our dining room. The table is pushed up against the wall and there is just enough room for Sanaa to walk around the entire house. I have no idea where to put the cat house/scratching post now.
Coloring the tree.
I had to include this picture because Keldorn is the most patient cat I've ever known. He puts up with a lot from Sanaa. Last night I discovered Sanaa was covering him with her numbers and trying to stack them on top of his head. Keldorn just laid there until Sanaa finished.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to normal

Our 4th of July weekend did not go as planned. Nate's brother and sister-in-law were in town and we had planned to see them and hang out with Nate's family. However, Saturday right after lunch Sanaa threw up. She proceeded to throw up every 30 minutes after that until about 5:30pm. She had some kind of stomach virus. Nate's parents drove over and picked up Layla and kept Layla at their house until that evening.

Sunday morning Sanaa was doing better. She was not fully herself, but definitely acting better. We laid low that morning and then later that afternoon we finally went over to Nate's parents and spent time with his family.

Monday morning Layla woke me around 5am for a feeding and I felt slightly nauseated, but figured it was due to lack of sleep. Around 6am Nate was getting ready for work and woke me to ask how I was feeling. Nate wasn't doing well. At 6:30 he sent a text to his parents asking what their plans were for the day and told them it appeared that both of us had caught Sanaa's stomach virus. Shortly after 8am Nate's parents were at our house picking up both girls and kept them all day for us. Monday was a miserable day for both Nate and I. I camped out on the couch while Nate camped out in our bedroom. This way we both had access to our own bathrooms so we wouldn't bump into each other.

Thankfully Layla did not catch it and we are all back to feeling normal.

Sanaa and Layla in their 4th of July outfits.
Having fun with uncle Caleb
Playing dress up with mommy's shoe
Changing Mrs. Potato Head's diaper

Unlike Sanaa, Layla doesn't mind tummy time.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One month old

This first month passed by rather quickly. In fact, the whole month of June passed by really quick! Today Layla is a month old. I still haven't figured out how to control her hair. It doesn't like to lay down at all, but that's okay. She looks pretty cute with spiky hair. I don't think many of us could pull off a spiky look, but at least Layla can. :-)

Yesterday, Sanaa had her 2 year check up. That is definitely not the most fun way to start your birthday, but since we had one of the first appointments we didn't have to wait long. Both girls cried throughout the visit (lucky me!) and at one point there were two nurses plus the doctor in the room with us. While I was talking with the doctor and holding Sanaa, one nurse took Layla out to get her weight and then the doctor put Layla back in the stroller for me since Sanaa would not let me put her down. We found out that Layla most likely has acid reflux like Sanaa did. Over the past couple of weeks Layla has started crying a lot and hasn't been nursing all that well plus she's spitting up a lot. So, she is now on Zantac. I am also on a milk free diet for the next 2 weeks as we rule out the possibility of a milk allergy in Layla. I had no idea removing milk and milk products from your diet could be so hard. There are so many things I eat that have milk in them! After the 2 weeks are up I'll slowly reintroduce milk back into my diet and see if Layla has any type of reaction to that change.

As for Sanaa, she's growing well. She did get one shot and they pricked her finger to draw some blood. They were going to do a vision test on her, but decided to hold off on that since she would not calm down at all. Here are her stats: height 34 inches (65th percentile), weight 25.6 pounds (30th percentile), and head circumference 19 inches (75th percentile). Her next visit will be when she turns 3.