Friday, April 30, 2010

22 months old

Sanaa is two months away from turning 2 years old. Wow! Where has the time gone? I'm amazed how quick her first two years have passed. These next two months will definitely be exciting as we welcome our second daughter into the family, have family visit, and celebrate Sanaa's birthday.

Sanaa loves playing with a ball. Currently our cul-de-sac is full of boys. There are two homes that have basketball goals set up out front and the other day I was talking with one of the moms who joked that soon they'll have Sanaa playing basketball with the boys. I really wouldn't be surprised. She already tries to take the basketball from them.
The past couple of nights Nate has had a closing shift. So Sanaa decided she would sit in daddy's spot at the table. I tried to put her in her chair but she threw a huge fit which really hurt my back. I figured I wouldn't fight that battle and let her sit where she wanted.
Working really hard on her drawing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aftermath of a Doctor's Visit

Scene from "Aftermath of a Doctor's Visit" (by Nate)

Date: Tuesday, April 27th

Setting: Driving from the Doctor's Office after NATE and ROSA find out that their daughter, SANAA, needs tubes in her ears.

NATE: "So... what do you think?"

ROSA: "Mmmmm?"

NATE: "About Sanaa.... with the tubes..."

ROSA: "Yeah... I don't know. I'm in Mommy Mode, I guess."

NATE: "Ah."


NATE: "Rosa?"

ROSA: "Mmm?"

NATE: "What is Mommy Mode?"

*another pause*

ROSA: "Denial."


Update on Sanaa

I know you all enjoyed Nate's post yesterday. I did too. His posts always end up making me laugh.

We took Sanaa back to the doctor this morning. She was fine while we sat in the waiting the area. But when the nurse opened the door and called Sanaa's name, Sanaa took one look at her, started crying and ran towards the door leading out of the doctor's office. Poor thing. Thankfully Nate was with me, so he caught her and carried her in. Sanaa didn't stop crying until the nurse left us alone in the exam room. When the doctor walked in, Sanaa was all smiles.

The visit went much better than expected. Sanaa did not get another round of shots. The doctor said that since Sanaa no longer had a fever and her ears didn't seem to be bothering her there was no need to put her through the same ordeal as yesterday. Her ears still look pretty bad, but instead of getting more shots Sanaa was put back on an oral antibiotic. Yesterday we could tell that the shots hurt Sanaa. She would whimper, cry, and hold her legs when she would walk around or squat. So, I don't mind dealing with another oral antibiotic. Yesterday was hard enough seeing Sanaa in so much pain after receiving the shots.

I have also made an appointment with the ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist) that our doctor recommended. It's set for next Friday, May 7. After this appointment we should know when Sanaa will have the tubes put in. We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In which we discuss ear infections, and a series of tubes.

Hi there!

Nate here. Sometimes I feel that I should stop in and let my fans know that rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Currently Rosa wants me to go out and mow the lawn once she gets back from Home Depot. Personally, I wanted to have more of an "inside" day of managing finances and getting things straightened up around the house. C'est la vie though. Not mowing the lawn will lead to Grumpiness, which no one wants.

Anyway, today was interesting. We went to Sanaa's doctor today. She has had lots of fluid in her ears, and subsequently lots of ear infections.

What that has meant for us, is that every day since January has been a perpetual time of sickness. She is a resilient little bugger, but we've had to deal with lots of runny noses, sneezes, yellow boogers, and a general lack of comfort on her part.

Last time we were at the doctor, she had told us that they were going to try one last shot at nipping Sanaa's frequent sickness. She put Sanaa on Nasonex (a nose spray for adults) and told us that if Sanaa had any fevers, to come back and see her.

Guess what Sanaa had yesterday? That's right. A fever.

So today we go in to see Sanaa's doctor. She looked in Sanaa's ears and found lots of fluid and pus. Furthermore, she then looked in Sanaa's throat and found enlarged tonsils with pus on them too.


Watching the doctor then look over Sanaa's medical records was like listening to a diagnosis on House.

"Ear infection.... double ear infection... more fluid... ear infection... respiratory infection... more ear infections... ear infection, fever, and respiratory infection... ear infection..."

I was waiting for Child Protective Services to enter at this time and take Sanaa from her clearly negligent parents.

So after listing out her litany of conditions, the doctor said that she was going to refer us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor so that we could get tubes put in Sanaa's ears.

My reaction at this point was fairly positive. While no one LIKES having their child in for a surgical procedure, I just want Sanaa to get well and not be sick anymore. She seems to let little get her down, but I feel bad for her, and think that her quality of life would be much improved without all the hardship of frequent ear infections.

I then looked to Rosa, who smiled and nodded when the doctor gave her diagnosis, while inwardly her reaction was more like the following:

Rosa then looked at the doctor and said: "Ok, that sounds fine."

I love my wife.

Anyway, we got to hold Sanaa down while she got to get shots in each leg with antibiotics, since the oral antibiotics that she had been getting were pretty useless.

Tomorrow, we will go in to speak with the doctor while she gives us a consult on which doctor we should go to to get the surgery on Sanaa's ears done. She'll get more shots then with more antibiotic. We should be able to walk away from that meeting with more of an idea of the timetable behind Sanaa getting the operation done. The sooner the better, as we'd want her to be pretty much recovered by the time Rosa gives birth to Layla.

I'm sure updates on this will be forthcoming.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Sanaa as a bear

Sanaa's favorite show is Curious George. On one of the episodes Curious George acts like a bear to get the attention of the Man in the Yellow Hat. Here is Sanaa imitating Curious George's bear impression.

(I've been having trouble loading video onto our blog. So if you have trouble viewing it, let me know and I'll see if Nate can figure out what's going on.)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

33 weeks

Six weeks from today is when our second daughter will arrive. That is assuming she doesn't arrive earlier. Yesterday I had a check up with my doctor and when she walked in her first words were, "Wow. Your pregnancy is moving right along. It's hard to believe you're already 33 weeks." I completely agree with her. This pregnancy has seemed to go by much quicker than my first.

My check up went well. The baby's heartbeat is strong and she is moving a lot. I have my next appointment on May 3 (in two weeks). After that I'll be going in every week. I told Nate last night that one way to think of it is that I only have four more doctor's appointments before our daughter is born.

In case you're wondering about the size of the baby. The baby update I get from baby center states that the baby is approximately four pounds or roughly as heavy as a pineapple and about 17 inches long.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby shower

Almost 2 weeks ago the women's bible study group I meet with threw a baby shower for me and two other gals in the group who are pregnant. It was a surprise to me. I found out the week before they were going to do this when they gave me an invitation. I honestly expected to have a baby shower for the other two gals, but wasn't expecting to be included. However the ladies in the group threw it for all three of us. It was fun and the food was wonderful!
The three pregnant women. All three of us are having girls. All three us are due in either June or July (the gal in pink is due just a few days after me). For the gal in the middle, this is her first child. The gal in pink has three older boys and they were done having kids, but are now expecting a girl. How fun!
The bible study group. Our church holds a big women's bible study, but divides all the women up into smaller group. The groups change each September. So from September to May we meet with the same small group. Currently we have been going through the Amazing Collection which over the next three years will take us through each book in the bible. So far we've covered Genesis through Song of Solomon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ear check

This morning I took Sanaa back to the pediatrician. She still has fluid in her ears. Not good. We have another ear check appointment in 3 weeks. At the appointment this morning the pediatrician brought up the possibility of Sanaa having tubes put in her ears. She said the requirement to get tubes is 3 months of constant fluid in the ears or 6 ear infections within one year. We're nearing the 3 month point of Sanaa have constant fluid in her ears.

I don't like the idea of Sanaa needing to have tubes put in her ears. I know that it could help her, but the idea of her having minor surgery is not pleasant. If she ends up with tubes we'd also have to be very careful about keeping water out of her ears and of course we're headed into summer when she'll love playing in the pool. I've known kids (and taken care of kids) who have needed tubes in their ears, so I know I shouldn't be overly worried. But it's hard not to worry. So pray that over these next 3 weeks that 1.) Sanaa does not get another ear infection and 2.) that the fluid finally leaves her ears.

During these next 3 weeks we are trying one more thing. Since Sanaa has also had a consistently runny nose which may be due to allergies, the pediatrician prescribed a nose spray. I guess we'll see if it works.

On a lighter note, here are a couple of pictures.
Sanaa likes to eat her apples like daddy and draw at the same time. Good multitasking.
Last weekend we pulled out all the baby things we'd need for Layla from the attic. Sanaa is loving the baby swing and thinks it is great for sitting in while watching tv.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching up with pictures

We have been busy. It seems like we have some where to go every day, whether that is an errand a play date or a doctor's visit. Tomorrow Sanaa has an ear check, so if you think of us pray that she has no fluid in her ears! She has battled ear infections and allergies since the beginning of Feb and I'm ready for a break. I'm also tired of so many trips to the pediatrician. These pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't the best.

Sanaa chillin' in her sunglasses that my parents gave her for Easter.
After we got groceries one morning we decided to pick up a donut for each of us and take them home. (There's a donut place inside the store). The donuts were put in a bag and we turned to leave. Sanaa threw a fit and started saying, "eat, eat!" This was the first time we ever stopped to pick up donuts after shopping. So, how did she know we getting something to eat? We found a table and sat down. Sanaa then decided that daddy's donut was better than hers and kept grabbing his donut as he tried to eat it. She ended up eating about half of his donut and didn't touch hers. Poor Nate.
Sanaa discovered her first caterpillar. She was obsessed with it and just wanted to watch it crawl around. I know you probably can't see it in the picture. It was a black caterpillar.
The car she prefers to drive. My dad would be proud.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Growth spurt

Yesterday I had another checkup with my doctor. Nate and Sanaa came along. I had intended to go by myself, but when I went to leave Sanaa threw a huge fit! She did not want to stay at home with daddy. Poor Nate. So, we all piled into the car and headed to see my doctor.

Everything is going well. At the checkup my doctor measured my belly and said that the baby apparently had a growth spurt these last two weeks. My belly grew 4 inches in 2 weeks! I knew I was bumping into stuff more and now I know why. I also gained nearly 4 pounds over the last two weeks. Next appointment is on April 19.

I also found out last week that I passed my 3 hour glucose test. Yay! That was a relief.

So, I was looking through the pictures I had from when I was pregnant with Sanaa and discovered Nate had taken a picture of me when I was 31 weeks along with Sanaa. Since I am currently 31 weeks along with Layla I had Nate take a picture this morning. I thought it would be fun to compare. So the first picture (blue shirt) is the one from this morning and the second picture (pink shirt) is when I was pregnant with Sanaa.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a good Easter as a family, even though the morning started off rough. Sanaa threw a huge tantrum when it was time to get dressed before heading to church. She's going through a phase where she doesn't like to get dress. She doesn't like us putting her clothes on in the morning and she doesn't like us to put her pjs on at night. I'm hoping over the next 2 months (before baby #2 arrives) that she moves past this phase and dressing her becomes less of a battle. I'll even be happy if she decides to dress herself in an outfit that doesn't match as long as she stops with the tantrums and kicking.

After we came home from church we gave Sanaa her Easter basket my parents sent. She loved the crazy straws and ignored everything else in the basket. Who knew crazy straws would be such a big hit.

After nap time, Nate's parents came over for Easter dinner, which was really yummy! All the food was very good and since Sanaa was well rested from her nap she even enjoyed the food.

Here are some pictures. Sanaa will not smile or pose for any pictures. So, these are some of the best shots we were able to get of her.

Nate's parents found a really cool chalk cloth. It folds up and you can stuff it in a diaper bag to take along with you. The sun glasses are from my parents and were in her Easter basket.