Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The countdown

In 3 months Sanaa will have her second birthday! Today she is 21 months old. In 2 months our second daughter will be here! I'm not ready for either event. I guess maybe I should get up off the couch and start accomplishing the tasks on my to-do list so that I'm at least some what ready for Layla's birth.

Here are some pictures from Sunday.
Fixing my necklace.
Finally got a picture with Sanaa looking at the camera, but she refused to smile.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A week of being sick

It has been a long week in our household and not any fun, which is why there are no pictures to share. Last Saturday Nate snapped a pathetic picture of Sanaa and I laying on the couch feeling miserable. While I continued to go down hill, Sanaa seemed to perk up over the next couple of days. By Tuesday Nate made me go to the doctor. I had an upper respiratory infection. Yuck.

Nate also began feeling icky, so on Wednesday he went to the doctor and had the same thing as I did. Both of us were put on antibiotics.

Thursday morning we made an appointment for Sanaa at her pediatrician since we were both sick and she never seemed to fully recover. She was still having some diarrhea and her poor bottom was so sore. We found out she had an ear infection in both ears and her diaper rash was actually a yeast infection from all the diarrhea. The poor thing! We have a list of stuff we're doing for Sanaa now. She's on an antibiotic for the ear infection, she's drinking lactose free milk, we're giving her something called culturelle (a probiotic) to build up the good bacteria in her tummy, and we're applying Lotrimin (an anti-fungal med) and a thicker diaper cream to her bottom. So far her bottom is looking a lot better. She still hates to have her diaper changed and starts screaming but when she realizes it doesn't hurt any more she relaxes. She's also sounding a lot better and has less goop flowing from her nose.

So far everyone seems to be recovering rather nicely. I've been slower to recover, but I also waited longer before seeing the doctor. I did nearly laugh when the doctor told me I needed to rest. Ummmm..... that's a little hard to do when you have a sick toddler as well. Oh, well. I have been laying down when Sanaa naps and going to bed early.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Layla at 29 weeks

This morning I had another baby check up. The doctor has scheduled my c-section for June 1 at 7:30am. I could always go into labor early, but June 1 is the latest that Layla will be entering the world. That is just crazy to think about!

The check up started out well. My blood pressure was good. I only gained 2 pounds, which was okay. Layla's heart beat sounded strong, but when the doctor measured my belly she said she was going to have me get another sonogram because I was measuring in on the small side. She reassured me that she didn't think anything was wrong with Layla and it was probably due to the way Layla was positioned. But of course I worried for the next 5 minutes until I was able to get my sonogram done.

Layla did measure a little small, but it was nothing to worry about. Her head size is normal, her tummy is a little small, and the amount of amniotic fluid I have is good. She's about 2 pounds right now. She measures in at 28 weeks for her gestational age, which is a week behind where I am, but again I was told that it's nothing to worry about. As long as a baby is within 2 weeks of where you are with your pregnancy all is well.

So, while I had a brief period where I did get worried, the check up turned out good. Below you'll find a picture of Layla. It appeared that she was sucking on her hand at the time. Now I'm wondering if she is going to refuse the pacifier like Sanaa did and just use her fingers.
One last thing with my pregnancy. Last week I found out I failed my first glucose test. Oops. So tomorrow morning I get to go in for the wonderful 3 hour glucose test where they take my blood 4 different times. Yuck. I'm not allowed to eat after 8pm tonight, which is no fun. Pray that I pass this 3 hour test and I don't have gestational diabetes. I'm not sure how long it will take to get the results back.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow in the spring

According to the calendar it is now spring, but this morning when we woke up it looked more like January. This winter in Texas has been unbelievable. One of my biggest complaints about living here was the lack of snow, but this year I definitely can't complain. In fact, I'm a little tired of the cold weather and would welcome some warmer weather.

Sanaa is feeling much better today and we let her spend a little time outside in the snow. She didn't stay out long because it was windy and cold!
"Oh, wow!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My poor sick family

Nate here.

I'm on blog duty because my Executive Blogger-in-Chief is sick, as is my Jr. Blogger.

Here is the synopsis of my family today in a picture:

Yeah. That about sums up the day.

They've got some absolutely lethal allergy or something that is laying them out worse than I've ever seen. For some added perspective: I am the one in the family with the chronic allergies. Rosa likes to say that I'm allergic to air. However, I've been going in for allergy shots for close to a year, so I have a pretty solid resistance/immunity to airborne allergies.

My family on the other hand.... yeah. This tells me that if I hadn't been getting my shots, Rosa would probably be burying me now or something.

I was at work, and so poor Rosa had to deal with Sanaa all by her lonesome. My understanding is that it was pretty miserable. To make matters worse, Sanaa has some baaaaad diaper rash, and has, shall we say, a "tender bottom." So she screams occasionally whenever she poops or pees.

So the Pond household is tons of fun right now. And by "fun" I mean "not fun."

Sanaa is going to bed soon. Rosa will be headed that way shortly after.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Like father, like daughter

This morning I was doing some laundry and when I walked into the living room I saw the picture below and started laughing. Sanaa loves technology like her dad. She can operate my phone without help from me. So Nate downloaded a game onto my phone for Sanaa. It's an Itsy Bitsy Spider game and Sanaa loves it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit from grandpa and grandma

This past weekend my parents flew down from Oregon for a few days. The visit was way too short but we had fun and they'll be back in just over 2 months when our second daughter is born.

Even though their trip was short, we got a lot accomplished. My dad zipped through my to-do list. We got the quilt rack hung in Sanaa's room, a sliding screen door installed on our back door, a swing hung in the front yard, and a baby gate installed at the top of our stairs. Plus my dad got our outdoor thermometer working, moved our humming bird feeder to a better location, and fixed a couple of toilets that didn't flush so well. I was running out of things for my dad to fix! At least now I have another 2 months to come up with a new to-do list for him.

Sanaa was showing my dad all her stuffed animals.
The swing in the front yard. Sanaa loves it!
My mom and Sanaa. Sanaa was having fun playing with grandma's necklace.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puddle Stomping

Yesterday morning we had a down pour. We got caught in it on our way home from Little Gym. Once we arrived home Sanaa wanted to go outside really bad, but I told her that it was raining. That didn't seem to matter as she proceeded to throw a small tantrum. So, I opened up the back door and let her out thinking that she'd get wet and want to come back in. I was wrong. She loved playing in the rain! She was outside for a good 30 minutes. About 10 minutes into her time outside the rain stopped.
Once the rain stopped Sanaa found her way behind our bushes in the back yard (her new favorite place to play). Behind the bushes was a nice puddle which she thoroughly enjoyed playing in. By the time I convinced Sanaa to come inside she was soaked.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The picture I promised

I promised a picture of my growing belly quite awhile ago and never got to it. About 2 weeks ago (maybe 2 1/2 weeks) my belly finally popped out and I started showing. I have just started week 26 (nearly 6 months) and had a check up this afternoon. The doctor said I'm growing well and Layla's heartbeat was going strong. It's always fun to hear the heartbeat.

My checkups are going to speed up from this point on. I'll be going back in 3 weeks (March 22) and then every 2 weeks after that. Once we hit May I'll be going in weekly. Suddenly this pregnancy has flown by and I feel completely unprepared or ready for a second child. Granted there isn't much I need to do since I'll be reusing Sanaa's newborn clothes and all, but I feel like there is a lot I would like to get done. I think the whole nesting phase is starting to hit me because I feel as though I should clean and reorganize the closets around our house, but at the same time I don't want to. I do know I need to tackle Sanaa's closet and make room for Layla's clothes, but I think that project might wait until my parents are here in a couple weeks for a visit.

Cats, cats, and more cats

We love our kitties and so does Sanaa. When Silver ran away Aria didn't deal with being by herself very well which led us to adopt Merlin. Merlin has a brother, but at first we hesitated about adopting Merlin because it was suggested that the brothers be adopted together. So we looked at a different cat. The other cat would not have been a good fit for our family (he was too wild), so it was decided that it would be fine to split the brothers up and we ended up with Merlin. That was back in December.

About 3 weeks ago Sanaa and I were at the pet store picking up food and saw Merlin's brother. He was still waiting to be adopted. Nate and I talked about adopting Merlin's brother, but weren't sure we wanted a third cat. We talked with the volunteers at the pet store and found out more about the brothers history. They had been removed from their home due to abuse.

The volunteers weren't sure how well Merlin and his brother would do living in the same home. They did fine living in the same cage, so we ended up being the foster family for Merlin's brother for 2 weeks to see how they would adjust. During those 2 weeks the boys (which we've started calling them) became familiar with each other again and even started playing together. This was awesome since Merlin desperately wanted someone to play with and Aria just wanted to be left alone.

Now the boys follow each other around, sleep on the couch together, and chase each other. It has worked out surprisingly well and yesterday we officially adopted Merlin's brother which Nate named Keldorn. Aria could care less that we have another cat and Sanaa is loving all these cats and tries to chase them. We are definitely finished adopting cats. The three we have are great.

Aria got stuck in one of our trees. It was raining at the time and she kept testing the smaller branches but couldn't figure out how to get down. Before I pulled out our ladder and rescued her I snapped a picture.
The three cats. Yes, Keldorn and Merlin are both black. It's hard to tell who is who. Right now Merlin wears a tag and collar and Keldorn doesn't, so that's the main way to tell them apart.
Double trouble. I think Merlin is on the left and Keldorn is on the right. I should have checked when I took the picture, seeing as how I'm not exactly sure who is who in this picture.