Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My little model

After making the first hat, I immediately began Sanaa's hat. Last night after she went to bed I finished her hat. I had some left over yarn from when I made her scarf, so I just used that for her hat. As I made her hat, I thought it was going to be a little on the big side, but it turns out I probably should have made it a little longer. Oh well. She's having a blast wearing it today. I did learn one thing: Don't have your child model an item of clothing until she is out of her pjs. I tried to take Sanaa's hat and scarf off so that I could put her clothes on and she got mad! She ended up wearing her hat and scarf to Little Gym and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get them off her. But just before we went in to play, Sanaa handed me her hat. (She also walked around at Little Gym showing off her new hat by walking up to her friends and teacher, pointing to her head, and saying "hat.")

Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting projects

Last year I started knitting and have found it to be a nice relaxing activity to do in the evenings. Recently I've tried to learn how to crochet, but I can't seem to get the hang of it, so I think I'll just stick to knitting for now.

The very first thing I ever knitted was a small purple blanket for Sanaa. She keeps it in her crib to sleep with. Since that first project I've been able to make several scarfs, a couple of dolls, and a hat. The easiest projects have been the scarfs and the dolls because those are just rectangles. The doll looks hard, but it isn't. It's made from several rectangles that are sewn together. I got that pattern from my sister-in-law (my brother's wife) who also knits (and does an awesome job!).

A few days ago I decided to finally attempt knitting a hat, which you knit in a circle. I had to read over the instructions several times and then started. I finished my first hat last night and am actually quite pleased with how it turned out. It's a small hat, but I didn't want to make a large one since I wasn't sure how many times I'd mess up. Below I posted some pictures of a few of the items I've made so far.

One of the dolls. I also made a boy doll.
My first hat!
Which fits Sanaa's doll. :-) Sanaa has been trying to wear the hat and has gotten mad because it doesn't fit her. I guess my next project will be a hat for Sanaa.
The scarf I made Nate for Christmas. I also made Sanaa a light purple scarf and I think I'll make her hat in the same color.
I really want to learn how to make mittens. Sanaa received some from aunt Karen for Christmas and they are very cute! I have a pattern for mittens and read through the instructions, but haven't tried to make them yet. I also want to make little booties for Layla. However, that pattern looks a tad harder and I don't think my skills are quite there yet. I guess it gives me something to work towards.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Working in the yard

This morning I headed outside with Sanaa to rake the leaves in our backyard. I know we're quite behind on raking the leaves and right now my goal is to get that finished by March. I have the backyard done, but still need to do the front yard. Sanaa was a wonderful helper and quite enjoyed our time outside. She is at the perfect age right now in which she is very eager to help.

Sanaa putting the leaves on her rake.
Trying to scoop up the leaves.
Putting leaves in the bag. The scoop didn't work so well for her, so she resorted to using her hands.
Eventually the fun of bagging leaves wore off, so she instead began pulling weeds for me. We have a lot of weeds on our patio, so I was quite pleased that she took the initiative and started pulling them for me. Isn't she an awesome helper?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun with mud

I try hard not to cringe each time Sanaa starts playing in the dirt and mud. Often my first thought is, "Great. Now I'm going to have more cleaning to do." But then I remind myself that she's having fun exploring the world around her. So, what if I have to clean the kitchen floor for the 5th time that day or do another load of laundry because she's covered in mud. She's enjoying herself and being quite creative in what she does.

Question: why is she putting a stick in the mud?
Answer: To write on the window.
I have not shown her how to use a paint brush or anything like it. So the fact that she figured out that she could dip a stick in mud and then "write" with it surprised me (and yes, she's writing on our patio door).
Using a measuring cup to move mud from one container to another.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random stuff

One of Sanaa's new favorite things to do is work on my hair and Nate's hair. I captured a couple pictures of Sanaa doing Nate's hair. They aren't the best since they were taken with my phone. She will spend a great deal of time working on our hair.

A week or so ago I also discovered that Sanaa likes to snack on raw green peppers. Yuck. But at least she's getting some vegetables. I prefer cooked peppers, but found out that Nate's mom also likes to snack on raw peppers. So I guess Sanaa got that from the Pond side of the family.

I am currently 24 weeks along and feel okay. Nate asked me over the weekend if I was enjoying this pregnancy and to be honest, both of us are ready for this pregnancy to be over. I feel good about half of the week and then the other half I'm still battling some nausea. I am also finally starting to show, so I need to get Nate to take a picture. According to the baby update I get in my email, Layla is about as long as an ear of corn and weighs just over a pound. She's also been moving a lot.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun in the snow

I measured the snow again this morning and we ended up with 5 inches. According to the news, the Dallas area set a new record for the most snow in a 24 hour period. Out at the airport (where they get the official record) there was 12.5 inches of snow. The previous record was set in 1964 and that was 12.1 inches. This year is also the 2nd snowiest year with a grand total of 15.7 inches. The snowiest winter was in 1977-1978 when they had 17.6 inches.

This morning Nate, Sanaa and I enjoyed some fun in the snow. Sanaa had a blast, but got cold fairly quick. Below are some pictures from our fun morning.

"Hey, where did the birds go?"
Sanaa and I with our small snowman.

Helping daddy put the finishing touches on the big snowman.
The finished product.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow for Valentine's Day

Last night the forecasters said we could get 1-3 inches of snow today and into Friday. When I woke up, the first thing I did was look out our window to see if it was raining or snowing and I saw a beautiful winter wonderland. I was very excited! I love snow and we rarely get so much snow living here in Texas. As I type this post it is still snowing (it's just after dinner). I checked the forecast and now the report is that we could have 5-6 inches by the time it stops snowing. This afternoon I took our measuring tape out to our backyard and so far we have 3 inches of snow. Sanaa loves it!

Nate was also home today and has the next 3 days off as well, so it's an extra nice weekend to have time with him and to have so much snow. My plan for tomorrow is to bundle Sanaa up and head out to make a snow man. I'll make sure to take pictures of that!

This is actually a picture my mom sent from my grandparents house in Pennsylvania. She's been visiting them and got to experience the snow storms with them. This picture was taken after the first snow storm.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When "No" means "Yes"

If you ask Sanaa a yes or no question she'll almost always answer, "no." However, if you use the follow up question, "Did you mean yes?," she'll nod her head and say, "uh-huh." So how do you know if her no means yes? You listen to the inflection in her voice. If she means yes, her "no" comes out longer and in a slightly higher pitch. So, now you all know how to interpret her "no."

Sanaa has also been doing some imitating lately. My lower back has really started to bug me. But I didn't realize how much it had been bugging me or that it was obvious to Sanaa until the other day. While Nate was hanging out with Sanaa, Sanaa put one hand on her lower back and then leaned over to pick up a toy off the floor. His comment to me was, "I know where she got that from." She'll also walk around with one hand on her back at times. It's very cute, but at the same time makes me much more aware of what I'm doing.

Here are some pictures from the past week or so.

Coloring on the screen is awesome because the chalk shows up really well!
She's started to carry her tiger everywhere.
She loves to care for our cats. With the cold weather she likes to make sure the cats stay warm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A fun playdate

This morning Sanaa's friend Ainsley came over and the girls had a blast playing together. I was very impressed with how well they play with each other. They were all over the house and even enjoyed running around our backyard playing their version of chase (which I wished I had caught on video, but didn't). Below is a video of Sanaa pushing Ainsley on our bus. I kept waiting for Sanaa to take a turn sitting on the bus, but she had no interest in that. She wanted to do the pushing and this worked out well since Ainsley was having a great time being pushed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look who ate my dinner

Nate had a closing shift tonight, so it was just Sanaa and I for dinner. This afternoon I started craving scrambled eggs and potatoes. So that's what I made for dinner. I used my mom's scrambled egg recipe because they've been a huge hit with Sanaa. I dished out our dinner and Sanaa and I sat down. Sanaa took one look at her scrambled eggs and started to gobble them down. At first she tried eating with her fork, but she just couldn't go fast enough with the fork. So she abandoned her fork and dug in with her hands. She ate nearly all her eggs and started asking for more. There were still some eggs left in the pan, so I got up to get those. I refilled her plate and she gobbled up those eggs as well.

Next I figured I would cut her a slice of freshly baked bread and put some homemade apple butter on it for her. While I did that I heard her asking for more. I told her those were all the eggs and that I was getting her some bread. However, when I turned around I found that Sanaa had pulled my plate closer to her and was now eating the eggs off of my plate. I tried to give her some of the fresh bread while I took my eggs back, but she screamed at me! Next I tried eating off my plate with her, but she yelled at me if I touched the eggs. She was fine if I ate the potatoes, but if I dared touch the eggs she let me have. So I gave in. I had potatoes and bread for dinner while Sanaa ate my eggs. Oh, well. I'm glad she enjoyed her dinner.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby check up

This morning I had another check up and it was probably the quickest check up I've ever had. Sanaa and I were in and out in about 20 min. That's awesome! Especially when it's nearing lunch time and your toddler is getting a little irritated. It was a good check up. The doctor listened to the baby's heart beat, which was going strong, and was going to measure my belly until she noticed I'm not showing very much. She actually pulled out the little measuring tape and then didn't bother using it. Maybe next month I'll start showing. I did finally gain some weight. A whopping 2 pounds, which surprised me. I thought I would have gained more since I'm finally feeling better and eating more. I guess chasing Sanaa around burns more calories than I thought.

Also, I think Nate and I figured out the key to getting Sanaa to nap longer. Nate has to put her down. Yesterday Nate had off and put Sanaa down for her nap and she slept for 2 1/2 hours! After 1 1/2 hours I kept waiting for her to wake up, but she never did. Wow! So we decided that Nate will just have to come home at nap time to put her down (just kidding). I also told Nate last night that he's going to have to start coming home whenever she needs a diaper change as well. Sanaa does so well when Nate changes her, but I lay her down to change a diaper and she starts kicking and crying and carrying on. It completely boggles my mind. Oh, well. She's not the first wiggly kid I've had to change a diaper on.