Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Decorating the great outdoors

Sanaa actually napped today. Woohoo! Again, I didn't do anything different, so I guess we'll just see how she continues to do. At least I got a break today.

One of Sanaa's favorite things to do (aside from watching Curious George, which she loves) is drawing with chalk outside. Every time she goes outside she has to have her bucket of chalk with her. So, if you happen to visit our house (and it hasn't rained) there's a good chance that you'll see her handiwork on everything outside. I decided that we'd only have one rule when it comes to drawing outside and that is anything is fair game. I feel so bad constantly telling her "no, don't draw on the floor," "no, don't draw on the wall," "no don't draw on . . . ., " that I figured being outside would be the one place she wouldn't hear me say no. So, yes, you'll find chalk on our fence, on the window screens, on the patio furniture, on the box containing our hose, on the potted plants, and even the side of our house. But I don't care. It makes our backyard much more colorful.

Tomorrow it's suppose to rain, so unfortunately all of her handiwork will probably be washed away, but at least she'll have a blank slate once the sun comes back out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I would love some advice from all you moms (old and young). Over the last 2 weeks (maybe slightly longer) nap time in our household has become a major battle. Sanaa has started screaming and crying when she is put in her crib for a nap. If I'm lucky and she does fall asleep it's only for an hour (some times shorter). We have not changed our routine at nap time or bed time in anyway. The screaming and crying seem to have come out of no where. She used to go down without a fight and I'm not sure what is going on. Today, I put her down and she screamed/cried for over an hour. I went up once because I did hear a loud bang and then her crying got harder, so I wanted to make sure she was okay. But otherwise, I've tried to let her cry it out. She knows it's nap time and she's often really tired. I've tried putting her down earlier for nap thinking she might be overtired. I've kept her up a half hour longer thinking she might not be tired enough. But nothing seems to be working and I'm about at wits end.

I know she needs her rest (and I need a break!), but I'm at a loss as to what to do now. When she doesn't nap, she is a major grump during the late afternoon and gets very clingy when I try to make dinner. (I am thankful for the invention of the slow cooker because I have been using mine a lot the past couple weeks!) All my years as a nanny are not helping me at this point. :-) I would love to hear from the rest of you moms whether your little ones (or now full grown ones) ever went through something like this and what you did.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bath time

Bath time is probably Sanaa's favorite time of the day. Last night Nate had to work late so it was just Sanaa and I. Bath time rolled around (and she needed it after the amount of dirt and mud she'd been digging in earlier) so we headed upstairs. I started the water and Sanaa darted off into her room. I realized that I needed Sanaa's pjs so I followed her. Right after I walked into her room Sanaa darted out and headed to the bathroom. I heard some toys fall into the tub, but didn't think anything of it since Sanaa always throws her toys in once the water is running. I grabbed her pjs and a new diaper and headed back into the bathroom (only a couple seconds behind Sanaa) and discovered Sanaa already in the tub. I had no idea she could even climb in the tub! But there she was, clothes and all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our new addition

Nate here.

So, we found out today that we are having another little girl. Sanaa will have a baby sister this June.

So here is our little girl below. Both a profile shot and a footprint.

Her name will be Layla Ruth Pond.

Background on the name. Layla is Arabic for Dark Beauty or Night. Ruth (her middle name) is Hebrew for Friend or Companion.

She is perfectly healthy.

We look forward to getting to meet her in person this June.


Big News

Nate here.

I wanted to be the first to let everyone know about our big news.

We just found out today that Sanaa likes Maple & Brown Sugar Flavored Frosted Mini Wheats.

This came as a big surprise to us.

That is all.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Restarting my business

About 5 months ago a good friend from High School told me about an opportunity to earn some extra money by working from home. It's through a company called Premier Designs and they sell high fashion jewelry. The company was founded by a couple wanting to create a way for stay-at-home moms, single moms, missionaries, etc to work from home and contribute to their families income. So far it's been wonderful but hard. This past weekend Premier Designs held their regional rally here in Dallas (the company's headquarters are in a suburb of Dallas) and I convinced Nate to attend with me. I knew I wouldn't know a single person at the conference which is the main reason I wanted Nate to come along. It turned out to be a great weekend and I got many ideas on how to improve my business (which I desperately needed).

When we arrived at the conference I was surprised to find out that there were 4 little ribbons to hang from my name tag. One ribbon stated I was a new jeweler and one ribbon just said "Regional Conference 2010." However, the other 2 ribbons were accomplishments I had done. One I was aware of, but the second one was a surprise. I was also surprised to find out that Premier recognizes everyone for their accomplishments by having them walk across the stage. So at the very first session everyone who had completed the Quick Start program was asked to line up and walk across the stage. That included me. Yikes! I made it across the stage without tripping or embarrassing myself. The second accomplishment (the one I was unaware of) was being recognized for was making it into Crown Jewel program. I remember my friend telling me about this, but I had completely forgotten about it. The Crown Jewel program recognizes the jewelers who made a certain amount of money in a certain time period. For example Amethyst is when a jeweler makes $3,000 in 30 consecutive days. From Amethyst you move up to Sapphire, then Ruby, and finally Emerald. So, I was completely surprised to find myself in the Amethyst level. But that's cool!

Below you'll find a picture of me with the ribbons hanging off my name nag. You'll also notice I don't look very pregnant. Even if Nate had taken a side view, I don't look all that pregnant. I am now 20 weeks along (half way there!). Thursday we find out if we're having a boy or girl, so check Thursday evening if you're curious. :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

New words

Today, for the first time, Sanaa said "mommy." Nate took her to the store to get a couple items and when they returned she said "mommy" very clearly and used the baby sign at the same time. Then she said "daddy" and used the correct baby sign with that as well. For the rest of the afternoon she practiced her two new words when she looked at us. I was so excited and blown away! I've waited nearly 19 months to hear her say "mommy." We tried often to get her to call me something, but she never would. At times she would call Nate "dada," but I never had a name, so you can probably understand how excited I am that she finally started saying "mommy."

Here's a cute picture that Nate took while she was eating breakfast this morning.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something to work on.....

Earlier this week I bought a little potty for Sanaa. I am not planning on actually starting potty training any time soon, but I figured we could at least have one around for her and if she wants to try then that's great. But we're not pushing the issue right now. Besides, I'm pretty sure we have a lot of training ahead of us since she is currently convinced that the whole point of the potty is to take it apart and wear it as a hat.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Problem solving

This afternoon I left Sanaa in our living room while I cleaned up some dirty dishes in the kitchen. For those of you who have been to our house, you know I can see directly into our living room from our kitchen, so it's typically not a big deal. Today, I turned to glance into the living room to check on Sanaa and found her on top of our coffee table playing with her game. Just great. I took her off (after I snapped a quick picture), but she immediately ran around the table and proceeded to use her lego box as a step stool to get up on the coffee table again. I took her off a second time and moved the lego box away. She ran over to where I move the lego box and tried to push the box back into place so that she could climb back up onto the table. However, the lego box didn't slide very well on the carpet and that made her mad! She looked at me and signed "help," but I wasn't about to help her and that made her even angrier. So what did she do? She dumped the legos out and carried the empty box over to the coffee table so that she could climb back up. Now, that is awesome problem solving on her end, but it doesn't solve my problem of keeping her off the table.
Aria decided Sanaa's doll carrier was a great place to nap until Sanaa found her.
The pretty purple tulips Nate brought me yesterday as a late anniversary gift. I love the color!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

18 weeks and 7 years

I bet you're wondering what that title is about. Well, 18 weeks is how far along I am with this pregnancy and 7 years is how many years Nate and I celebrated yesterday.

For our anniversary yesterday we did . . . . . . . absolutely nothing. In fact, we both forgot until I got a text message from my mom mid-morning. Wow. Are we horrible people or what?!?!? Now, before you start thinking that we didn't do anything, we actually celebrated early. Over the weekend Sanaa had a sleep over with Nate's parents and we had a night at home, alone. We went out to dinner and also had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before picking Sanaa up. So, it actually was a very relaxing and fun anniversary.

This morning I had my doctor's visit to check on baby #2. The baby's heart beat is going strong and all looks well. However, I still have not gained any weight with this pregnancy, which is hard to imagine since we just got finished with the holidays. The doctor would like to see me gain a pound a week from here on out and strongly suggested that I graze all day long since by the evening my nausea typically comes back and I'm not up for eating much.

My next visit will actually be in 2 weeks. The doctor would like to do a sonogram at 20 weeks to check up on the baby, so on the 21st we'll get to find out if Sanaa will be having a baby sister or baby brother!

Seeing as how I don't have any pictures of me with a belly that hasn't grown much, I put some in of Sanaa. Plus, I know the truth. You'd rather see pictures of Sanaa anyway. Sanaa loves to sweep and I really need to find her a little child sized broom. But I figured instead of giving her a broom to push around I'd give her the dry swiffer, this way she's not just pushing dirt around but actually working for me. She thinks it's all fun and games, but I'm finding this to a wonderful way to keep my floors clean. :-)