Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our unexpected day

Today did not go as planned or expected. As you may remember, back in September our water heater flooded and part of our flooring in the dining room was pulled up. Last week our new flooring arrived. On Monday I called to schedule a time for our flooring to be installed and had asked for it to be installed today because Nate had off and could hang out to supervise the installation and answer any questions the workers may have. Well, on Tuesday I was told our flooring wasn't going to be installed until Friday. I was fine with that. It would make things hard, but at least it was still getting done this week. This morning around 8:45 my phone rang. It was one of the workers calling to let me know that the installation was actually scheduled for today and not tomorrow and they wanted to know what time they could show up. Yikes!

Keep in mind, we had moved nothing out of the dining room or living room and had planned to do that today. I asked the workers to give us an hour. Nate and I hurriedly cleared out both rooms in about 45 minutes. By the time the workers showed up, only our large pieces of furniture were left. The workers moved most of the large pieces into the kitchen, but left our couch and one chair in the living room which they just moved around as they put the flooring down. By 5:15pm our flooring was finished! Wow! It's pretty much the same color we had. It looks great and I'm glad it's finally finished despite the crazy start to the day. Most of our things are back in the rooms. Now it's just a matter of putting books back on the book shelf. I think I might just head to bed early tonight.

Our dining room almost finished.
The living room almost finished. All they had left to do at this point was install the trim around the room.
Finished dining room.
Finished living room. And yes, Sanaa is lying on the floor. Poor thing was quite tired from all the activity today.

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Kristen said...


...I was so scared for you guys at the beginning of the post.I thought your unexpected day was going to be due to another link. I'm so glad it wasn't!!