Monday, November 2, 2009

Our little butterfly

For Halloween Sanaa was a butterfly. It was a hand-me-down costume from the family I use to work for, but was in great condition. Sanaa did not mind wearing the costume at all and didn't even put up a fuss when we put on her hat. We took Sanaa to an event at our church called Trunk or Treat. We had never been to it before but had a great time. Various members from the church dressed up and decorated their car trunks. The kids from church and the community were able to walk from trunk to trunk to collect candy. It was so much fun seeing all the different trunks and the ideas that people came up with. Sanaa's favorite trunk had a jungle theme and she found the giant stuffed giraffe fascinating.
A shot of Sanaa's butterfly wings.
Nate had to hold onto Sanaa so that I could get a decent picture of her from the front. She was very busy walking around and checking out all the different activities.
Sanaa's other favorite trunk had a dog dressed liked a bee. The dog was actually right next to the giant giraffe, so she spent quite a bit of time walking back and forth between the two trunks. She tried to kiss the dog a couple of times, but in this shot she decided to just sit down and hang out with the dog for a little while.

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