Friday, November 6, 2009


Technology and I do not get along. Just ask Nate. I have the hardest time working the tv, our camera, my computer, etc., and things often don't work for me. It's frustrating because everything seems to work just fine for Nate. Luckily, it appears that Sanaa inherited Nate's ability to work with technology. Take for example our camera. I have no idea what Sanaa did, but she obviously change some type of setting on the camera and now the video I shoot is clearer. Amazing! I really wish she could tell me what she did.

Sanaa has been dancing recently and I've tried to catch her dancing on video, but she always stopped when I pulled out the camera. Today she kept dancing while the camera rolled. Enjoy!


Ciani said...

That's my girl. Rock on Sanaa.

auntie karen said...

too cute! i like how she stops to follow the cat! =o)