Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My little helper

I have found that I have a hard time accomplishing anything without a little help from Sanaa. If I'm doing laundry she is right there next to me either sitting on the clothes I need to fold or unfolding the clothes I've just folded. If I try to work on the computer, she suddenly stops what she's doing and makes a beeline over to my side to "help" me work on the computer. This consists of her trying to bang on the keys and most of the time she hits a very random key combination that makes my computer do things I never knew it could.

But the best part of her wanting to help is how she has started to help take care of our cats in her own way. Last week she was snacking on some goldfish when I told her I needed to feed the cats. Silver was driving me crazy and getting under foot, so I figured I would feed him to get him out of the way. I turned my back to get the cat food out of the pantry and when I turned around Sanaa was trying to share her goldfish with the cats. Of course, neither cat was interested. Sanaa also feels a need to sit with the cats while they eat and I can only think that this is because we sit with her when she eats. She also attempted to wipe off Silver's mouth after he was done eating with our hand towel. Isn't she great? I just wish our cats appreciated her efforts more.
This was a rare moment when Sanaa sat in one place for almost 10 minutes looking at her books.
Sanaa loves to be outside. It's raining here today and we've already had some minor tantrums because I'm not letting her outside. She has played outside in our backyard all week, so being stuck inside today is not pleasant for her. The other day while I was getting dinner ready I let Sanaa out on our patio. When I checked on her I discovered that she was pulling dirt out of my plants and spreading it around on the patio. I'm not sure what she was doing, but she was having a great time. Maybe the cracks between the bricks needed filling in.

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