Monday, September 28, 2009

She's walking!

This morning at Little Gym Sanaa took 12 steps! Woohoo! She walked half way across the room. Now, while she's not walking consistently, I'm going to say that she's walking. :-) All day long she's been letting go of furniture and taking a few steps over to the next toy she wants. It's amazing to watch and exciting! I'll try to get some video of her walking. But until then here are a couple of pictures from the weekend.

Sanaa giving Peggy Sue a ride. Peggy Sue is a lamb that was Nate's very first gift to me after we started dating (and yes there is a story behind Peggy Sue, you'll just have to ask us).

Hanging out behind the bench. She did not want to come inside and figured out that if she stayed behind the bench it was much harder for mommy to grab her.