Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day was not a good day in our household. The morning started off fine. Nate had off and I planned to use Labor Day as my craft day. I really wanted to learn how to sew. But that didn't happen. Shortly after lunch we discovered our water heater was leaking out into the garage. Not good. We have no idea how long it had been leaking, but it couldn't have been for all that long because Nate had been mowing the yard that morning and was in and out of the garage. It's entirely possible that the water heater was leaking into the house before we noticed it in the garage. Anyway, to make a very long story short, we had a plumber and an employee from a water damage removal company come out. The water had leaked into our laundry area, our downstairs bathroom, and water was even detected in our dining room. We now have six fans and two large dehumidifiers set up in our house. Part of the flooring in our dining room has been torn out, our cabinet in the bathroom is a total loss, and the baseboards in the laundry area, bathroom, and dining have been removed. Ugh.

Below are some pictures of our house in its current state.
My poor dining room.
Our lovely bathroom with its two fans.
Fans and dehumidifier in the garage drying out the area around our water heater.
Our washer is also pulled slightly out into the kitchen and there is a fan behind it drying out that area as well. We are thankful that we were actually home when this happened, but what a pain. I've been trying to stay positive about this, but it's hard. All I see right now is all the work I have to do once things are dried out. The fans and dehumidifiers run all day and night (and are quite noisy!) and we've been told it could take 4-5 days before everything is completely dry. I'm hoping for a shorter time frame. Luckily, Sanaa has not found the fans and stuff very interesting and has stayed away from them.

Next week the insurance adjustor will come out and hopefully we'll get our home owners insurance to help cover some of this. I am thankful that I do have my new business to help cover these costs. But I had other plans for that money! I'm not sure when I'll get my craft day either and I was really looking forward to it! The dining room was going to be my sewing area but since it is now under construction, sewing is going to have to be put on hold. Tomorrow will be better, right?

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Kristen said...

oh dear, Rosa! I am so sorry!! I hope everything dries out quickly AND that you get your craft day soon!