Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House update #2 and other stuff

On Friday all the fans and the remaining dehumidifier were removed from our house. Yipee! Everything but the bathroom cabinet was dry. The bathroom cabinet wasn't expected to dry so that was not a surprise.

That evening (Friday) we had some storms and heavy rain roll through. Nate was at work (he had the closing shift) and I was just getting ready to take Sanaa upstairs to bed when I heard a dripping sound. I looked over at our fireplace and saw that the water was coming from the ceiling. Just great! One leak has been taken care of but now we have another.

Yesterday the insurance adjustor came out and right now we're in limbo waiting on the flooring figures to come in. But, it looks like we are going to get new flooring not only in the dining room but also the living room. The two rooms are connected and while I had hoped we would just be able to replace the dining room floors the insurance is going to pay for both room. That's great! I anticipate it will be a busy few weeks as we continue to get everything sorted out and then line up workers to come fix our poor broken house.

Sanaa was helping me sort through some clothes for a friend.
Gramma Carol introduced Sanaa to coloring. I've been hesitant to color with her because she is always putting things in her mouth. If she can get a pen or pencil, it ends up in her mouth. But surprisingly, she won't stick crayons in her mouth. She'll start to, but if you tell her no, she'll stop and return to coloring. She loves to color! I'm going to have buy more paper with the rate she's going through it.

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