Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hanging out with friends

Last week was busy and this week is going to be just as busy. Two days last week Sanaa and I hung out with Dylan (Cole was at school, so we didn't get to see him). They were two fun days, but exhausting because Sanaa refused to nap at Dylan's house. Sanaa was grumpy and I was grumpy by the time we left. But Dylan and Sanaa had a great time playing with each other. Below, Dylan was pretending to be a doctor and poor Sanaa got stuck being the patient.
Sanaa riding a Plasma Car. These are fun to ride! (Yes I've tried them).
Last Friday Sanaa spent the morning with her friend Skyler while I played my flute at a funeral. Then this morning Skyler spent some time with us while her mom went to work. The two pictures below were taken this morning. The girls played really well together. Skyler is one day younger than Sanaa, so the girls have been growing up together at church.
"What? We aren't doing anything."
And finally, last week (Thursday to be exact) Sanaa took her first two steps without holding onto anything. Yipee!! On Sunday, she seemed to lack some confidence and had to hold onto a balloon as she took a few more steps. I find it funny that a balloon gave her confidence, but whatever works is fine with me.

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