Wednesday, September 30, 2009

15 months old

Today Sanaa is 15 months old and she decided to walk! She's been taking steps here and there, but her main mode of transportation has been crawling. Tonight after her bath she decided she was done with the crawling. She began walking and had a great time carrying a ball around. Below you'll get to watch Sanaa walking and playing ball with grandpa and grandma Lind. Sanaa was having so much fun playing she threw a mini tantrum when it was time for bed (and it was nearly an hour past bed time!). It is amazing how she has suddenly taken off with walking these past two days.


Kristen said...

WOOHOO!!! out...walking changes everything!! ;)

Ciani said...

Geez. Can't even leave ya'll alone for 2 days!!

I can NOT believe how much she is walking. Definitely an overnight change.