Sunday, August 9, 2009

So much to discover

Sanaa is very busy discovering the world around her. She is practicing her walking, climbing on stuff she shouldn't be, and terrorizing the cats. Here are some pictures of our busy little girl and some of the activities she enjoys right now.

Sitting in the new (yet old) chair that Grandma Lind sent. This is a chair my mom used as a little girl and one I remember using as well. Now, it's Sanaa's turn.
Sanaa loves doing somersaults. Unfortunately, this is all the farther she can get on her own, so I help her out.
Drawing on her AquaDoodle. I was very excited to see that Silver treats Sanaa just like he treats us. He sits on whatever we are working on.
The best toy ever! The giant box Sanaa's little rocking chair arrived in. Sanaa and Silver have had a great time playing in it.
This picture is for Papa Gene and Gramma Carol. This toy is now for crawling under. She barely fits under it, so I'm not sure why she insists on crawling under it.

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