Friday, August 28, 2009

Simple pleasures

I love how the simplest things can keep a child entertained for long periods of time. Sanaa is busy discovering the world around her and everything is new to her. I often forget this because many things not new to me. Today a box arrived from my mom and styrofoam peanuts were used to cushion the contents. Once I removed the contents, Sanaa was very curious about the peanuts. I picked her up and sat her in the box with the peanuts and she had great time! I don't remember a box filled with peanuts being so entertaining, but it was a new experience for Sanaa.

I also received a flower arrangement from my mom. Sanaa loves flowers and when she saw the flowers after her nap all she wanted to do was smell them. She kept turning the mug around so that she could smell a different flower. Eventually she pulled two flowers out of the arrangement and carried them around.

After smelling the flowers for quite some time and carrying her flowers around, she discovered that the petals on a flower can be pulled off! She had a blast and we ended up with yellow petals all over the carpet. I wanted to jump in and take the flower away from her, but stopped myself because she was very amused with her new discovery and I knew I could just vacuum the petals up.

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