Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 months old

Yesterday at Little Gym the substitute teacher asked how old each child was. I actually had to pause and think before I answered. I was about to say Sanaa had just turned one, but she's now 13 months old (and yes, she's technically one, but we keep counting in months until at least age 2).

Over the weekend as I talked with my mom she asked what Sanaa liked to eat and I thought you all would interested as well, so here's a short list: hot dogs, ham, chicken, any kind of fruit (strawberries, grapes, bananas, peaches, nectarines, kiwi, pears, plums, etc), zucchini, tomatoes, cheese, yogurt, and applesauce. She is not a picky eater and always picks up the new food first. She does not like to drink milk from a sippy cup which has made our transition away from the bottle very hard. She only wants water in her sippy cup. She also doesn't like juice and her pediatrician told us at her 12-month check-up to not even introduce juice since she doesn't like it.

Sanaa is also a very independent child. She is not walking, but is constantly cruising around holding onto our furniture. If you attempt to hold her arms and "help" her walk, she will immediately pull her legs up off the ground until you sit her back down. She will typically then pull herself up on the closest piece of furniture and continue cruising around on her own. Sanaa has recently learned how to sniff flowers, give kisses, and points at everything and says, "Da" (as if to say, what is that?).

Sanaa in her very girly car seat. She loves facing forward.
I recently saw on a friends blog that her son has moved to the big table to eat. So I copied her and removed Sanaa's tray. She loves eating with us and as a result less food has ended up on the floor. (Thanks Jamie!)
Working hard on daddy's old keyboard.
Playing Gramma Carol's piano.
P.S. If you find any spelling errors, I'm sorry. I've already proof read this twice and found something each time. It's just one of those days. In fact, I've misplaced my coffee and have walked around the house several times searching for it. I'd really like to finish my coffee.......

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I had a post all planned in my head, but I'm just too plain tired to type it out, so looking at pictures will have to do for now.

Sanaa was suppose to be napping, but had more fun pulling back the curtains and shade so that she could look outside.
Sanaa has started giving kisses. She loves to kiss our cats and every once and awhile give me or Nate a kiss. Our cats don't appreciate her kisses nearly as much as Nate and I do.

Trying on mommy's necklace. When I took it off of her she gave me an earful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday celebration #2

On Sunday we celebrated Sanaa's birthday with Nate's parents and their friend from Australia, Mark. Sanaa had fun and enjoyed playing with the new musical table Papa Gene and Gramma Carol gave her. In the first picture Sanaa is watching Papa Gene put the batteries in her toy, but the reason I included the picture was so that you could see the cute koala slippers on her feet that Mark gave her. Super cute!
Checking out all the buttons on the table. She circled the table several times as she checked it out.
"Oh, goodie. Another cupcake!"
Eating ice cream. She wouldn't let Papa Gene feed her the ice cream. She was determined to do it by herself.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Playing fetch with Sanaa

This morning Sanaa woke up with no fever. Yay! She seems to be back to her typical self. She is jabbering non-stop and getting into everything again. As I was cleaning up from breakfast I heard Nate playing fetch with Sanaa. I headed into the living room to check out the action and sure enough, Nate was rolling one of our cat's balls and Sanaa crawled after it.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Sanaa did much better today. She still has a fever, but it's hovered around 100 (100.1-100.6) all day. Last night she was up twice and had a really high fever. I spent time just rocking her and holding a cold wash cloth on her forehead. Getting up multiple times during the night is rough and I have no idea how I managed it during those first few months of her life. I'm crossing my fingers that she tonight she doesn't wake up.

Sanaa ate well today and drank quite a bit. Around lunch time I pulled out some applesauce for her. I tried to feed her with a spoon but she was determined to feed herself. I handed her a spoon and was amazed at how well she did. This is her first time using a spoon (or any utensil for that matter). It took Sanaa quite awhile to eat, but she finished off most of the applesauce. In the last picture she decided she needed my spoon as well and alternated between each spoon as she ate.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The hardest part

I'm discovering that the hardest part (so far) about being a mom is when your child is sick and you can't do anything to help them. For the past week and a half Sanaa has been on antibiotics for an ear infection. She wasn't too grumpy and for the most part was her typical self. The past three nights she started waking up 1 to 2 times (which isn't typical). Then yesterday afternoon she developed a fever. My first thought was that she was teething, but her fever climbed today.

We went to the pediatrician this afternoon and discovered she had a fever of 103.4. The pediatrician ruled out the flu (Sanaa's test came back negative) and said whatever Sanaa has is viral because she's been on antibiotics for the past 10 days. Right now there are two possibilities. The pediatrician has seen several cases of children running high fevers with bad sores on their throat. Currently Sanaa doesn't have any sores on her throat, but she could be in the beginning stages of that. The other possibility is roseola a virus that causes a high fever for 3 days or so and then as the fever subsides a rash appears. So, basically we won't know what Sanaa has until her fever subsides. If a rash appears, then it's roseola. If no rash appears, it was probably the really bad sore throat.

Regardless of what she has, I feel completely helpless in my ability to help her feel better. All I can do is try to make her as comfortable as possible and encourage her to drink more liquids. She doesn't understand why she feels so bad and I wish I could take away her pain.

Here are a couple of pictures from earlier in the week when Sanaa was feeling fairly good.

Sanaa with her scarf. I had yarn left over from when I made her blanket and thought I'd knit a scarf. Well, I ran out of yarn and wasn't able to make a very long scarf, but Sanaa doesn't seem to mind. Apparently this short scarf is just perfect for her. She wore it around the house for a couple of days. If it fell off she crawled over to me so I could put it back on her.
Sanaa's birthday present from her great-grandpa and great-grandma Pond. A tiger (she loves it).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Little Gym

Today Gramma Carol went to Little Gym with Sanaa and I. She took a bunch of pictures. I wanted to post all of them, but I figured 30+ pictures might bore you. :-) Sanaa is enjoying her new teacher and seems to have adjusted to the new gym fairly well. Here are just a few of the pictures Gramma Carol took.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Little Musician

A couple of weeks ago Sanaa was going through my night stand and found my old recorder that I used way back in middle school. I played it for her and she loved to listen to me. However, she wasn't able to make a sound on it.

This morning we rediscovered the recorder. I handed it to her to see what she would do and she started blowing on it! She was very proud of herself. Music is such a huge part of my life and I would absolutely love it if Sanaa played an instrument. It would be so much fun to do mother-daughter duets. However, I'm not going to force her into anything she doesn't enjoy. For now, I'll let her play with all the different instruments she wants and hopefully she'll develop a love for music too. Here's a little clip of Sanaa playing. Our cat Silver did not appreciate the music, so he left the room.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I've wanted to write this post for awhile, but couldn't remember where the pictures were. Then it dawned on me that Nate took the pictures with his phone.

While in Oregon, Nate and I left Sanaa with my parents for one night and drove out to the coast. We stayed in Pacific City, which is where we always go. It's the place Nate proposed. This time we stayed in the cabin of one of my dad's co-workers. As we drove up to the cabin we saw the dead end sign and started laughing.

Oh, no! We're stuck. We can't go that way or that way or that way!
The next morning we drove over to a little place called Grateful Bread for breakfast. We passed by another restaurant on the way and I started laughing again. It might be hard to read from the picture so here's what it says:

Village Coffee Shoppe
Terrific Old Fashion Hamburgers
Breakfast Served ALL DAY!
When I saw "Breakfast Served ALL DAY!" my thought was that's awesome! But then I noticed their hours, 7am-2pm. Hmm.... all day? Not sure how they define all day. I know my day doesn't typically end at 2pm (although I wouldn't mind if it did).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How is this comfortable?

How I found Sanaa napping today.

Monday, July 6, 2009

12 month check-up

This morning we had Sanaa's check-up. Because of the holiday weekend and the fact that we were out of town over her birthday we couldn't get in for her check-up until today. She did well, until the shots and then she screamed. But a simple sticker made everything better . . . . . at least until the sticker got stuck on her fingers and she couldn't get it off. Then the crying started all over again.

Sanaa weights 20.07 lbs (35th percentile), has a height of 29 1/4 inches (50th percentile), and a head circumference of 18 inches (75th percentile). The doctor gave us the go ahead to turn her around in the car. Yipee! I wasn't sure, but she hit the 20 lb. mark. I guess the big breakfast she ate paid off. We were also given the all-clear to let Sanaa try the foods that have been off limits because they tend to be highly allergenic.

After the doctor's visit Sanaa and I went to hang out with Cole and Dylan. She had fun playing and laughing with them. She really enjoyed playing with Dylan's kitchen and spent most of her time opening the doors, pulling things out, and handing pretend food to me to eat. Sanaa is completely wiped out from today's activities.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Sanaa and I began the day by going shopping to spend her birthday money she received from my grandparents. The first thing she saw was a pink cat backpack, but I wasn't about to buy that for her. So I redirected her attention to a different aisle and she spotted an alligator xylophone. She pointed and said, "da, da, da." Then she attempted to get on her knees while in the shopping cart so that she could reach the xylophone better. I sat her back down and handed her the toy. She happily banged and played it while we walked through the store.

This afternoon we spent swimming and eating good food with friends. Unfortunately, Nate had to work and wasn't able to join us. All the activity wore Sanaa out. She is sound asleep.

Happily playing with her new toy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oregon coast

The first day we were in Oregon we drove out to the coast with my parents. It was Sanaa's first visit to the ocean and it was a tad cool and windy, but that was expected. Sanaa spent a lot of time just looking and taking it all in. This is also the area where Nate proposed, so this spot on the coast has always been special to us. Anytime we're in Oregon we try to get out to the coast at least once. It was a lot of fun having Sanaa with us this time.
Sanaa and Grandpa watching the waves. I love this picture.
My parents with Sanaa.
As the waves came in we'd run backwards with Sanaa. She got a kick out of that.
Another picture I love. My dad put up a swing for Sanaa. An orange car. She loved it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sanaa's 1st Birthday

Yesterday Sanaa turn 1. Wow! Where did that first year go? We were in Oregon for a week visiting my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. We flew back home today. The trip out there was way too short, but it always seems that way.

While in Oregon we celebrated Sanaa's 1st birthday. For some reason I decided I would attempt to make a cake shaped like a cat. I've never done anything like this before and have no idea why I felt the need to create a cat shaped cake. Maybe it's because Sanaa is my first child. Maybe it's because Sanaa loves cats and dogs and animals in general. Who knows, but I dived in head first and at one point thought I was in over my head. But I pulled it off. I made a cat cake for Sanaa. Well..... actually, the adults enjoyed eating the cat cake while Sanaa was given her own personal cup cake to do whatever she wanted with.
As we sang "Happy Birthday" Sanaa got a goofy grin on her face and stuck her tongue out. I didn't think we sounded that bad.
Testing the icing.
Sanaa would pick up as much cupcake as possible and cram it into her mouth.
The classic 1st birthday picture.
During our time in Oregon we discovered that Sanaa is not a picky eater at all. She ate anything that was placed in front of her. I'm hoping this trend continues. I do have more pictures of our time in Oregon which I will post in the upcoming days. For now, it's time to get some sleep.