Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning the hard way

Last night Nate gave Sanaa a bath and about half way through I heard a lot of laughing coming from Nate. I grabbed the camera and headed into the bathroom to find Sanaa attempting to drink the water as it flowed from the faucet. Despite the fact that she kept getting a face full of water, she continued to try over and over again.

Over the weekend Sanaa also began using the sign for more when she wants her drink or food. She is also signing all done. I've been using signs since she was about 10 months or so in the hopes that she would use them. It definitely cuts down on the screaming. My favorite thing she does right now (hear the sarcasm in my voice) is when she picks up a piece of food, throws it on the floor, and then shakes her head no. Arg! Sanaa has also discovered how fun it is to climb up our steps and throw toys down the steps. At least she's exploring her world.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do all kids do this?

I'm serious. For those of you who have children did your little ones crawl around with toys in their mouth? I was a nanny for years and I honestly don't remember those kids crawling around carrying a toy in their mouth. It cracks me up every time I see Sanaa crawling with a toy hanging out of her mouth. Here are some pictures from the past two days. In the last picture you might notice that she has a toy in her mouth as well as one of her hands.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sudden goodbyes

This morning Nate and I took Sanaa to Little Gym. When we arrived, Sanaa's teacher, Ms. Laurie greeted us at the door. We walked in and saw a couple other moms already there and then Ms. Laurie announced that today was our last day. We were all confused at first, but Ms. Laurie went on to explain that the Little Gym we had been attending was having some financial difficulties. Ms. Laurie told us that it was only last week that her boss (and the owner of this Little Gym location) informed all the employees that they would have to close. It came as a shock to us and I know it was hard for Ms. Laurie. It was a very sad class and there were times Ms. Laurie looked like she wanted to cry. Sanaa has had Ms. Laurie as her teacher since we started Little Gym, so it was also hard on us. Ms. Laurie was a great teacher and awesome with the kids! We will definitely miss her.

It was also hard saying goodbye to Sanaa's friend Ishika (I probably butchered the spelling on that). Sanaa and Ishika started the Bugs class together and were often the only two babies there. They both graduated out of the Bugs class and we started the Birds class together. I'm really hoping we'll get to see Ishika and her mom again. I do know they attend story time at our library and Ishika's mom said she'd hope we'd see each other there.

I was not prepared for how this morning went and I think that made it even harder. Thankfully, there are 3 other Little Gyms in the area that are taking in the students from our Little Gym, but it's never fun (or easy) to suddenly say goodbye to people (especially if don't think you'll ever see them again).

On a brighter note, Sanaa's birthday is coming up and the other day Nate and I decided to get Sanaa an early birthday present. She was getting bored with her baby toys and was starting to drive me up the wall. So we bought her a farm. She's been having a great time with it! She loves to open and close the barn doors and hear the different animal sounds.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun outings

Friday and Saturday have been exhausting days for Sanaa. Each Friday a group of moms from our church meets up at various places to hang out with our kids. So, this Friday morning we went to a place that had a several bounce houses for the kids to play on. Sanaa wasn't sure what to think about the bouncing, but she did enjoy the toddler area where she could crawl around. I didn't remember to take my camera, but the gal who has been planning the outings brought hers. Thanks for the pictures Leslie! We had a great time!

Today Sanaa and I spent the morning at the flea market with my friend Kristen and her daughter Ainsley. It was a lot of fun, but got hot quick! Both girls were troopers considering they both missed their morning nap.

Kristen also dropped off a birthday present for Sanaa. When we got home from the flea market Sanaa saw the bag and wanted it, so we opened it. Inside we found a felt sack lunch. How cool is that? The sandwich, cookie, banana and bag are all made out of felt. The checkered blanket was also included and Sanaa was all set to have a little picnic. Sanaa spent most of the afternoon crawling around with various "foods" in her hand. Thank you Kristen! It's awesome!
Sanaa "tasting" the bread.

What a week

On Wednesday we had some strong storms roll through our area. We lost our power early Wednesday evening (7:00ish) just before the storm actually hit us and didn't get our power back until just before lunch on Thursday. However, we were lucky considering some people from our church were without power for almost two days. It's also wonderful having Nate's parents close by because we ended up borrowing their large coolers to put our food in. In the picture below Sanaa was helping me put things away by removing the ice.
I also discovered that Sanaa's hair is long enough for a short pony tail. I bought some small plastic bands and tried out a pony tail on her. It's more like a tuft of hair, but it was fun to do something different than just putting a clip in her hair. I'm quite excited that her hair is getting longer. I'm going to have so much fun doing her hair!
I was trying to get a shot of Sanaa and her pony tail but she wouldn't look at the camera and when she did, she always had something in her mouth.
This week, Silver also tried to steal Sanaa's food. Just before I took these pictures Silver tried to swipe some of Sanaa's food. I ended up throwing him outside. Silver has learned to hang out when Sanaa is eating and Sanaa has learned that if she doesn't like something she can drop it and the cat will most likely eat it. So I try to keep them separated when Sanaa eats.

"Are you seriously going to put your paw on my chair?"
"I don't think so. You better keep your paw to yourself."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mistaken for a small dog

Scene: Nate, Rosa, and Sanaa are at the mall enjoying a drink from Starbucks (surprise, surprise). Sanaa is crawling around investigating the area while Nate and Rosa stand nearby watching her. A lady dressed all in pink walks by just as Sanaa gets a speed burst and crawls past one of the chairs. The lady dressed in pink jumps, gasps, and starts laughing.

Rosa: Did she startle you?

Lady in Pink: (while laughing) I'm scared of little animals, especially dogs. . . . not that your daughter is a dog. (Laughs some more) She's beautiful.

Rosa: (laughing) Thank you. She sometimes acts like a dog, especially at home now that she's started carrying her toys in her mouth as she crawls.

Lady in Pink: (still chuckling) Oh, my. Your daughter is just adorable.

The lady in pink walks away. Sanaa didn't smile once during the exchange. She just sat on the floor starring at the lady in pink the entire time.

In my update yesterday I meant to include a little update on some of the things Sanaa is doing. This week she has started waving. When we went on our walks Sanaa would wave at the cars that passed. She also waved at me one evening when I left to go play with the flute ensemble. She also enjoys clapping and will turn on one of her music toys, sit back, and clap along with the music.

Today, for the first time, Sanaa stood by herself without holding onto anything. It was very brief (about 5 seconds), but that's a start! She really prefers to stand right now and will often hang onto a piece of furniture with one hand and lean over to reach a toy. This doesn't always work out very well for her and she ends up falling down, but her balance is improving dramatically. Watching babies as they grow and develop has always amazed me, but it's even more exciting watching my own daughter as she grows up.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our week in review

We had a fun week. It's great with the weather being warm. We've spent a lot of time outdoors either in our backyard, going on walks, or meeting up with friends. Today we met up with Sanaa's friend Ainsley (and her mom) at a splash park. This is a great place. When I worked as a nanny I took the kids I cared for to this park and they loved it. There is a water area with various fountains and sprayers for the kids to run around in and close by is a park with swings and slides. We spent our time playing in the water. Both girls had a blast. Sanaa is wiped out from our fun afternoon and I think she'll be sleeping really good tonight. Here are a couple of pictures of Sanaa playing at the splash park. My friend took them because I didn't have my camera (the batteries are dying).

In other news, every day this week that I've gone in to get Sanaa after she wakes up I've found her standing in her crib. She gives me the biggest and goofiest smile when I walk in. I tried to get a picture of her goofy grin, but she didn't cooperate.

And finally, this spring I've been taking Sanaa to Little Gym and this week was her last week. She has graduated out of the Bugs class. We've signed her up for the summer and she's moving into the Birds class. At the end of her class this week all the little babies got a red ribbon that says, "I'm a star at Little Gym." Wow, her first ribbon! Haha. She loved the ribbon and tried to eat it.