Thursday, April 30, 2009

What? 10 months old?

I was going to blog about how this week Sanaa is changing incredibly fast. Every day she is suddenly doing something new. When I got on the computer I decided to quickly check my email first and saw I had an update from babycenter titled "Your 10 month old: week 1." My first thought was they have that wrong. Then I checked the calendar. Yep. Sanaa just turned 10 months old today.

Last night Sanaa discovered our stairs for the first time and we couldn't keep her away. Nate ended up sitting on the stairs so that he could keep an eye on her. (And yes, I do have a baby gate, but our wonderful cat (note the sarcasm) peed on it and I just haven't gotten around to cleaning it off. I guess that will now get moved to the top of my to-do list.)

This morning Nate watched Sanaa while I played with the flute ensemble at a women's bible study. When I arrived home at lunch time Nate told me he got some great pictures of Sanaa. Sanaa had pulled her toy baskets off the bottom of the coffee table and then crawled onto it. Nate said she had a great time playing on the shelf and then crawled off the other side.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another day with Cole and Dylan

On Monday Sanaa and I spent the day with Cole and Dylan again. I was very surprised to see Cole since he was suppose to be in school. His mom told me that on the way to school Cole suddenly told her he was going to throw up. He had been sick the week before, so she wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. When he complained a second time she decided to bring him home. This all happened before I arrived. When Sanaa and I showed up, Cole came running up to the door to greet us. Hmmm..... he sure didn't seem very sick. His mom's hypothesis was that he was "sick" because he knew I was coming with Sanaa. At least he made me feel good. :-)

Sanaa checking out the puzzles.
Dylan is always asking to hold Sanaa. It's so cute.
Sanaa taking a ride. She really enjoyed being pushed around the room on the little bus. It even had music and that song is still stuck in my head!
Hmmm..... Cole sure doesn't look sick in this picture. Oh, well. Sanaa really likes Cole and is always smiling at him.
Look who is pulling up! I was talking to Cole and when I turned I found Sanaa pulling herself up on the table.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sanaa crawling

Sunday evening after we returned home from the arboretum Sanaa suddenly crawled. Nate's parents had just dropped us off and were hanging out while Nate showed them something when Sanaa started crawling. She's been doing the army crawl for awhile, but this was the first time she crawled on her hands and knees. We were all very excited and surprised, especially since it was two hours past her bedtime.

Our weekend

We had a fun weekend. Our new fridge arrived Saturday afternoon. It was actually delivered an hour early. I've never had anything delivered early before, so I was very excited when the guy called and said they were running ahead of schedule.

While I worked in the kitchen after the fridge was delivered I decided to open our back door. It was getting really warm in the kitchen and I thought it would be nice to get some air moving through. I also thought Sanaa would enjoy looking outside and didn't think she'd actually be able to get over the threshold. She's looked out the door before and the threshold has always been an obstacle she didn't want to deal with. Well, I was wrong this time because she made a beeline for the open door and before I knew it was half way outside. She had fun hanging out the door pulling the weeds for me. :-)

On Sunday our church had a picnic at the Dallas Arboretum. Sanaa had fun checking everything out. Her favorite activity was taking Papa Gene's hat off of his head. Below is Gramma Carol, Nate, Papa Gene and Sanaa.
Sanaa and her baby friends. Sanaa is on the left, Ainsley is in middle, and Skyler is on the right sitting in her mom's lap. Sanaa is one day older than Skyler, so they hang out a lot with each other at church. It's been really fun watching Sanaa as she begins to recognize her baby friends and smile at them.

Friday, April 24, 2009

My little drama queen

I forgot I had this little video. I took it a week or so ago. You'll get to hear Sanaa "talking."

After Sanaa's bath this evening I got a good look in her mouth and to my surprise I saw 3 top teeth poking through. There was a 4th white bump, so hopefully that one will break through soon. I knew she was teething, but 4 at one time!

The very expensive play date

This morning Sanaa and I were going to meet Ainsley and her mom for a play date. The original plan was to meet at a mall and let the girls explore the play area. The only expense in that plan was the much need cup of coffee. Well, that didn't quite happen. Last night our fridge stopped working. It would run and then stop. When it did run, it didn't keep things very cold. So, this morning Nate called a repair man to come look at it. Since I was stuck waiting at the house, Ainsley and her mom came over here instead.

The repair man showed up and was here for only 5 minutes. He looked in the freezer, noticed the ice build up in the back at the bottom (which I hadn't seen because I never look that low) and knew immediately what was wrong. He pulled everything out of the freezer and took off of the back panel. Now, bear with me because I don't remember the names of the parts of the fridge. But the coil thingies behind the panel weren't working correctly. The bottom one was covered in frost which is what it is suppose to look like (according to the repair man), but the middle and top coils had nothing on them. So it wasn't cooling properly. The worst part is that our fridge is so old (about 19 years) that the parts to fix it are very expensive. The refrigerant (the liquid used in the cooling process) our fridge uses is being phased out because it is not environmentally friendly. The refrigerant alone would have cost close to $600 (and the repair man didn't even give me a quote on how much the parts would be).

So, Ainsley, her mom, Sanaa, and I went on a shopping trip for a new fridge. Instead of spending the $3 on a cup of coffee, I spent quite a bit more on a new fridge. Until our new fridge is delivered tomorrow we have three strategically placed coolers. Thankfully, I am able to keep some things in our freezer. Most of the frozen stuff is on the very bottom (where the coils work) and at the top of the freezer I'm keeping the milk, eggs, sour cream, and yogurt. (We currently have a side-by-side fridge/freezer so there are several shelves in the freezer area). Thankfully the frozen items are still frozen and the milk is nice and cold but not frozen.
Found this picture on the camera when I downloaded the kitchen picture. Aria loves to lay among Sanaa's toys and Sanaa loves to play with Aria. I think Aria wishes Sanaa would just ignore her and play with toys instead. :-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Noticing the details

Yesterday I babysat for the family I used to work for. Cole was in school while I was there, so I only had Dylan and Sanaa to watch. It was a fun day. Sanaa had her first wagon ride. Dylan (who is 2 years old) was very insistent about having Sanaa ride in the wagon while she pulled. My first reaction was, "Oh, great. This won't go well." However, Dylan (surprisingly) pulled the wagon slowly and carefully around the driveway. Sanaa absolutely loved it. The only problem I had was when Dylan refused to turn the wagon around and wanted to take Sanaa out on the road. So, there was a minor battle of the wills at that point between me and Dylan.

Now, that story had nothing to do with my title. When Cole came home he was very excited to see Sanaa (and me, but more Sanaa). His first comment was that her eyelashes were longer. The second comment he made was that her eyes are starting to look like mine (he was referring to her eye color). I've been wondering if her eyes were beginning to change color. Some days they looked a little blue, but most days they appeared dark blue or I could see some brown or green in them.

Cole is a very observant child and that continues to amaze me because I feel as though there are many things I don't notice. This is a little boy who at 2 1/2 - 3 years of age was adamant that when we went to Target we went in the blue side and not the green side. I didn't know Target had two different sides. But, sure enough, one day Cole, his grandpa, and I went to Target and we realized Cole was right. The entrance into the grocery side of Target was green and the entrance into the household/electronic/clothing/toy side was blue. Wow! I had never noticed that before. So the fact that Cole noticed Sanaa's eyes confirms what I thought. They are changing color. I had thought that by 9 months eye color was pretty much set. At least that's what I thought I read. I guess only time will tell what Sanaa ends up with as far as eye color.

Sanaa is turning into an animal lover. She wanted to spend a lot of her time near Maggie (Cole and Dylan's dog). Maggie is one of the most gentle dogs I have ever met. She has always been extremely patient with little kids. Maggie is now getting older and her arthritis is getting worse, but she is still a very sweet dog.

This is the newest way that Sanaa plays with her swing. I'm not sure how she managed to wiggle herself under the swing, but she did. I'm glad that she is being creative in the way she plays with her toys.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baking in the kitchen

With our finances so tight I've been looking for new recipes that use a lot of the same ingredients. So last week I pulled out a cookbook that I hadn't looked through in awhile. It's a cookbook put together by a group of ladies from the church I use to attend in Kansas. In it I found a recipe for zwiebacks. I was excited!
I also found a recipe for soft pretzels. Nate and I really like pretzels and soft pretzels are a treat. This was my first attempt at making them. They didn't turn out too bad. I'll let Nate taste one when he comes home and we'll see how I did.
Finally, we get to Sanaa. Now that she is feeling better she is all over the place. Yesterday she discovered our cats water dish/fountain and had a blast. She also discovered the herbs I've been growing, so I moved those outside for the time being. On Wednesday morning I walked into her room and found her sitting up in her crib, so I lowered her crib one notch. I'm sure she'll show me tomorrow something else I need to move or baby proof.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silver and the birds

Some proof that Silver is feeling much better. Sanaa and I went outside to get the mail and this is what we saw. Silver managed to make the blue jays quite mad. I only captured a brief period of the exchange. This went on for a good 10 minutes. When Silver decided he had had enough, he turned to leave the tree, but the blue jays kept dive bombing him.

Also, I tried to zoom in, but my camera wouldn't let me for some reason. Hopefully you can see it okay.

Adventures at the vet

I was really hoping that this Monday would be uneventful, especially after last week. But I guess our other cat, Silver, was feeling left out. We have had to banish Silver to the outdoors and let him inside only to eat and sleep. Once he's awake, we'll throw him back outside. This is because Silver began marking his territory inside . . . . . on our curtains, furniture, etc. It's gotten worse since Sanaa was born which is the reason we keep him outside.

Yesterday morning Nate went downstairs to let Silver in for breakfast (this cat doesn't miss a meal and is always waiting at the back door in the morning). Less than a minute later, Nate calls up to me and asks me to come downstairs. Silver is limping. Just great! Silver ate breakfast and then curled up on his favorite chair to sleep. Nate and I debated about calling the vet. I decided I would let Silver sleep and then see how he was doing later. After lunch, Silver was still sleeping, so I woke him up. He jumped to the floor and immediately held his front right leg up in the air. He wouldn't use it at all. Seeing as how Silver was worse I called the vet.

After Sanaa's afternoon nap we headed to the vet. I think Silver knew this trip to the vet was coming because he suddenly began using his leg about 15 minutes before we left. Crazy cat. Silver made his displeasure known to me and meowed as loud as he could. Sanaa thought it was funny. Once at the vet, Silver began growling at our vet and his assistant. It turns out Silver was most likely in a cat fight (no surprise since there has been a large tom cat lurking around our house lately) and had a swollen leg.

They gave Silver a shot for his pain and a shot of penicillin for the infection. We were sent home with an antibiotic that we have to give Silver twice a day until gone. The top shelf of our fridge seems to be turning into a medicine cabinet. However, Silver is doing much better today. He is back to his old, annoying self who pounces on Aria, sleeps in Sanaa's crib, and tries to steal food off of our counter. I really hope next Monday is uneventful.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Here are some Easter pictures. We spent the afternoon with Nate's parents. As you can probably tell Sanaa is feeling much better and that made for a really great day.

Sanaa vs. the giant bunny. She kept head-butting the bunny.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A recap of the week

Ear infections stink. They are no fun for the child and no fun for the parents. I've been so sleep deprived this week that my days and nights seem to blend together. Last night Sanaa slept the entire night without waking. It feels wonderful to have a full nights sleep.

Tuesday was actually worse than Monday. Sanaa refused to eat, drink, and sleep. She was in so much pain that day and very congested. I felt so bad for her, but was very worn down by her constant crying and fussing.

Wednesday was a little better. She started eating again and took a couple naps. She was still cranky when awake but I was happy that she at least took some naps. Thursday started out bad and I was worried I was going to have a repeat of Tuesday, but it turned out to be a better day than Wednesday. On Thursday Sanaa also spent some time with her friend Ainsley while I went to an appointment. The two girls had a great time together and Ainsley's mom (Kristen) emailed me some pictures of the two of them.

Today Sanaa is doing even better. We had a picnic with Kristen and Ainsley and the girls loved being outside. It was a tad windy, but it was nice to be away from the house after spending most of the week inside.
"Once upon a time there were two little girls....."
"That was funny Sanaa." "No it wasn't Ainsley."
As for Aria . . . . her brush with the law (and being captured) has resulted in her sticking very close to home. She checks in frequently and doesn't spend nearly as much time outside as she use to.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day . . .

Have you ever read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? I've read that book several times to children I've babysat and that line was running through my head today.

The day began at 1am when Sanaa woke and began crying. It turned out she had a temperature of 102.4. I gave her some Tylenol and a small bottle. Nate ended up holding her and rocking her until she was almost asleep. It was nearly 2am when we crawled back in bed.

At 6am we got up and started our day. Around 7:30 we woke Sanaa so that I could take Nate to work. Sanaa and I returned home and I tried to give her some breakfast, but she refused to eat. She was so grumpy. I took her temperature, but it was normal (98.9). I put her down for a nap and had an hour to myself.

At lunch time I tried to get her to eat, but she still refused. All she would take was her bottle. So I called the doctor and made an appointment for later in the afternoon. Shortly after I hung up my phone rang. It was the animal shelter. The lady was wondering if I was missing a cat. Well . . . yes. Aria had been gone for almost 24 hours, but that was nothing new. Sometimes she disappears for 2 or 3 days. However, it was the animal shelter calling, so obviously they had Aria. (Silver had been in and out all morning, so I knew it wasn't him.) I don't know who caught her, but she had been taken to the animal shelter and they needed me to come identify her and reclaim her. Just great. I have a sick baby and now my cat got caught.

So off Sanaa and I went to rescue Aria. Sure enough. The employee pointed out the cage and there was Aria all curled up with her back to me. She looked so scared. I signed the various pieces of paperwork and the employee transferred Aria from their cage to my pet carrier and we headed home. Aria didn't make a sound on the way home. She finally meowed when we pulled into the garage and I let her into the house. She's very worn out and has been sleeping all day, but at least she seems to be fine.

After Sanaa's afternoon nap we headed to the doctor. The nurse took her temperature and it was 103. What?!? When did that happen? It had been 98 to 99. Then the doctor came in and Sanaa screamed while the doctor listened to her lungs, checked her ears, and looked at her throat. Sanaa had an ear infection. We got a prescription and off we went to pick Nate up from work.

What a day, but at least Nate is home now to help. I'm so glad I didn't make any plans for today. My plan had been to work on Sanaa's baby book . . . . but that will just have to wait until another day. At least tomorrow will be better than my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Monday.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scarborough Fair

Today we drove to Waxahachie, TX to go to Scarborough Fair. It's about an hour drive from where we live. Scarborough Fair is a renaissance festival and it's held from the beginning of April through Memorial weekend. We've gone each year and always have fun. This year was very different seeing as how we had a baby along. But Sanaa did great! She's a huge people watcher and smiled at so many people. One lady commented on what a happy baby we have. This caused me to reflect on how much Sanaa has changed over the past 9 months. The first four to five months after she was born were rough. She was definitely not a happy baby. But I digress . . .

For the first time we went to the little petting zoo area at the fair. It cost $3 to get in, but well worth it because Sanaa loved it! There were bunnies, chickens, ducks, goats, a pony, and a llama. Sanaa seemed to like the bunnies the most. Probably because they didn't move away from her as fast as the other animals.
This is the fattest bunny I have ever seen! It was huge!

Yes . . . the pony's mane was rainbow colored along with it's tail.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Funny face

Sanaa has been making this face for awhile, but I was never able to get a picture of it. She always stopped when I pulled out the camera . . . until today.