Monday, February 23, 2009

A new skill

I was really excited today when Sanaa held her own bottle and drank almost all of it. We had returned from the grocery store and Sanaa was hungry, but I needed to get the cold items put away. So I made her a bottle and handed it to her expecting her to just play with it until I finished putting away the cold items. 

The children I have taken care of in the past never seemed all that interested in holding their bottles. Typically they would hold their bottle for a short period, but I could never give them a whole bottle with the expectation that they would hold it the whole time. So when Sanaa drank nearly 4 oz without me helping her today I was very excited. The past few nights I had been giving her a bottle (with about 2 oz) to hold and play with while I made dinner. Nate hasn't been around during dinner time lately because he's had to work and I needed some way to keep Sanaa entertained. Of course I took a picture of Sanaa and her new skill. 
Shirts are not for wearing, they are for playing peek-a-boo with.
Aria's new place to sleep in on Sanaa's changing pad in the bathroom. Aria will refuse to move when it's time for Sanaa's bath. So the other night Nate laid Sanaa down with Aria and Aria still refused to move. Sanaa on the other hand loved being so close to the kitty! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The upside and the downside

For a few weeks now I've been putting small bits of food on Sanaa's tray and encouraging her to pick it up and put it in her mouth. The first few weeks all Sanaa would do was pick up the pieces and drop them. This was just bizarre to me. When playing she'll constantly put things in her mouth, but for some reason when she was in her high-chair she wouldn't bring anything to her mouth. Just recently she's begun to put some of the food in her mouth. Of course I get excited and encourage her to do more. 

The fact that she's finally figured out that putting food in her mouth is a good thing is the upside. The downside is that she has generalized this to include everything, including leaves and grass, which she attempted to eat yesterday when I had her outside. The funny part was that she was so pleased with herself for getting the grass and leaves to her mouth that she smiled at me each time she put another handful near her mouth. 

Here are some pictures from the past week.
I turned my back for a second to get something off our counter and when I turned around I found Silver sitting on the table next to Sanaa. I'm sure he was looking for a snack. I honestly think Silver is slightly confused and doesn't understand that he is not a dog. As Sanaa begins to eat more finger foods I bet Silver will start sticking pretty close to her during meal times.
Sanaa's new favorite game. Where is she?
Here she is!
Another enjoyable game. "Hey mom, watch this!"
"I can touch the floor!" 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some pictures

My computer is working. Yeah! Here are some pictures I promised.

This was during the super bowl. Sanaa wasn't finished eating and I guess she was trying to get more out of the bowl.
Morning hair. I don't know how well you can see Sanaa's hair standing up. You might be able to see it better in the second picture if you look close. It's the first time we've found her hair standing up when she woke up in the morning. I actually had to wet her hair and brush it before leaving for church yesterday.

Ready for a bath. We moved Sanaa's duck tub out to the hallway to get it out of the way and found Aria resting in it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our week in review

It has been a very busy week for us. At the start of the week I had no idea just how busy it would turn out. We ended up going some where every day except today. I had only planned on taking Sanaa to story time at our library and attending the women's bible study at church. But I got a call from the Little Gym and they were starting a class for Sanaa's age group. I had called last week, but they didn't have enough babies to start a class. I didn't expect to hear back from the Little Gym so soon. So, we also ended up going to the Little Gym this week and Sanaa had a play date with her friend Ainsley. What a busy little 7 month old! 

To top the week off, Sanaa started getting sick yesterday and she has her second tooth coming in. The past 3 nights she's been waking up 3 to 4 times. Wednesday night she was so congested that at 1:30am I ran a hot shower to steam up the bathroom so we could take Sanaa in there. That loosened up the gunk and she was able to sleep for about 3 hours before waking. I feel quite bad for Sanaa. She has not been herself the past two days and is just plain miserable. Now when she sees me with the aspirator she starts turning her head and fussing because she knows I'm getting ready to use it on her nose. I wish babies knew how to blow their nose from the moment they were born. It would make life a little easier when they are sick and congested. 

I would post some pictures, but my computer has also been giving me a hard time this week. It's been kicking me off the internet for some reason. Nate tried a variety of things and ended up taking it to the store to get replaced. He brought the replacement home during his lunch break, but now I'm having the same issue again. Arg! So, I'm holding off on downloading any new pictures onto my computer because Nate said he was going to have wipe the hard drive. Right now I'm crossing my fingers that my internet connection will last long enough for me to actually get this update posted.