Monday, June 30, 2008

Sanaa Hannah Pond

Here she is. I'll get more pictures tomorrow when I have time.

8 pounds. 1 ounce. 21 in. long. 8:02 PM. 15 hours of labor and C-section later.

Mom and Baby are doing great. Dad is hosed after 1 espresso and 3 Red Bulls. How he is even typing this is a mystery.

Nate, Rosa, and Sanaa

7pm is the deadline

Alright. 7PM.

Remember that time.

Rosa's OB came in and checked her. She was 5 cm at 3PM and is 5 cm now. This isn't the best. When a woman is dilated to 5 cm she typically accelerates to 10 cm at a fairly good clip. To stay at 5 cm for 4 hours ends the discussion. If Sanaa weren't so low, her OB would have already recommeded a C-section.

Rosa got put on oxygen, rotated, and is given till 7PM. If she has dilated more by then, great. We can still have a vaginal delivery.

If she is still 5 cm by 7PM, than we go right to a C-section, which will get Sanaa to us, although not quite as we had planned.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and we know all things are for His great purpose.


Long Birth. Stubborn Girl.

Alright. Most recent update.

Well we got to listen to Rosa snore for several hours as she got some well needed rest. That epidural does what it does flawlessly.

Only problem is Sanaa is still not here.

Rosa is at 5 cm and not advancing. She is LOW. But Rosa's uterus just isn't cooperating.

Further complicating the situation is that Sanaa isn't flipped the right way. So her head is trying to mold into Rosa's pelvis. The nurses are flipping Rosa this way and that to move Sanaa around. They think that she may be too low to move herself and so we have to do the grunt work in moving her.

FURTHER complicating the situation is that it has been 8 1/2 hours since Rosa's water was broken, and she's getting a fever. The nurses are cooling her down, and will give her antibiotics if it gets higher. The nurses don't seem concerned, but its just "one more thing" for them to deal with.

We have a patient OB, (thankfully), but they will likely only move Rosa around for so long before she'll get taken down to the Caesarean City where the grass is green and the girls are.... well... birthing I guess. *sigh* Unfortunately Guns and Roses didn't make a version of their song for such an occasion.

The good news is that Rosa is in good spirits and has lots of energy. Getting her on the epidural quickly did that much good. She isn't afraid of a C-section (yet) and is not really getting fazed by anything. That's a blessing at least.

Pray that Sanaa comes soon though... and on her own.



Hey guys,

Quick status for you on Rosa.

Got her started on the inducement around 6:30am. Things went slow. By 9AM, after 2 days of false labor and almost 3 hours of inducement, she was only at 1cm dilated! 1 cm!

So they broke her water, and cranked up the inducement drugs. This quickly made the contractions unbearable. They ratcheted the drugs down, but it was too late. 10AM-12PM was really intense. Seemed like we were living minute by minute because Rosa would be having contractions every minute or so. Was crazy painful for her. She says that that 2 hour span felt like 15 min. because she was in so much pain.

We got analgesic drugs which took a little bit of the edge off, but not much. It made the time in between contractions better, but the contractions themselves still made her almost start to cry.

At 12:15 or so, her OB checked her and she was at 3 cm. She recommended an epidural then, and I heartily agreed, as Rosa was out of it.

The epidural changed the world. Now Rosa doesn't feel the contractions at all. Its like they are gone. She is sleeping now! Sleeping! Still at 3 cm as far as we know, but no problem now since my job is almost done until she starts pushing. More later. We'll let everyone know once she delivers.

Thanks for praying,
Nate (for Rosa)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Final pregnancy picture

Here is the final picture of me pregnant. It was taken this morning before church. I honestly thought that I wouldn't be at church this morning, but little did we all know. Nate does like to point out that I have started my 10 month of being pregnant. What a helpful husband! I am thankful that this has been a very healthy pregnancy for me (and our daughter). 

It looks like we'll be meeting our little girl tomorrow. Although, she does still have about 14 hours to come on her own (if she decides to). It is fairly exciting to know that one way or another we'll have a daughter tomorrow. Now, I just pray that everything goes well with the delivery. I am getting excited about meeting her and very curious about what she'll look like!

When Nate gets the opportunity he'll post some pictures of our little girl and let you all know how things went!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

This seemed apropos

Greetings friends.

This seemed good, given the situation. Every couple can ponder it for themselves. Courtesy of our friends at The Onion.

Nate (and Rosa)

A stubborn little girl

So, we're still waiting. About two hours ago we called the doctor because I was having some really strong contractions. The last contraction I had made me nauseated and I started throwing up. At that point we called the doctor. But wouldn't you know it. While we waited for the doctor to call back I began to feel fine. Everything stopped. The doctor called and I told her about my symptoms and she asked me to wait another hour and if things continued to call her back. But now it's been two hours since then and I've only had two mild contractions. What a royal pain. It's a little frustrating because I want to be out and about getting stuff done, but then I wonder if that is really wise. I mean, will the contractions come back even stronger if I begin running my errands? Who knows, but I do think I'm going to ahead and take my mom along since she's in town. Maybe all the running around will get this labor going. I'm quite tired of all these false alarms. It makes you think that labor will never really come (plus you feel as though you've just wasted half your day). 

Well, stay tuned. I do get induced Monday morning at 5am if Sanaa continues to be stubborn.


P.S. Can you tell we're bored? Both Nate and I appear to be posting at the same time.

Still waiting

Good morning!

Nate again. Rosa slept fitfully. She woke up every hour or so.

Now her contractions are much more intense, to the point where she can't just walk through them. Before, she would keep doing what she had been doing and just tell you, "I'm cramping."

Now, she has to sit down or lie down or something when she has contractions. Approximately 7.5 minutes apart. 

Hopefully today is the day.


Friday, June 27, 2008

No Baby Yet

Nate again.

Alright, no baby yet. Rosa's contractions were 12 min. apart at one point, but they seem to be kind of intermittent and light at this point. We would think that it was "pre-labor" except that she has too many symptoms that seem to indicate Phase 1 labor, such as lots of back pain and nausea. Also the contractions were shortening in time at one point.

Rosa's gonna go to sleep soon and we'll see if things progress overnight. Maybe it'll be a "midnight" baby. Hope not or else I have to take her to the ER first. Blech. Rather not.

We'll see though.


Time for Nate!

Hello! Greetings!

This is Nate! The Hubby!

9 months into this process and I make my first post.


*Nate looks around*

Nice place we have here. A little fru-fru, but that is to be expected with a blog that has been sans-male influence for 9 months now.

What's that you say? Why have I not posted before now? Why Mon Dieu! How could I have been so remiss? Mainly because I was attending school, working, and frittering away my spare time playing World of Warcraft.

What shall we talk about today?

I know! I woke up today, got dressed, and after I woke up Rosa she looks at me and speaks:

"I don't feel good Nate." (Cue Alarm 1 in Nate's head)
"Yeah, and I'm having cramps." (Cue Alarm 2)
"Yeah, and I have a backache." (This would be the 3rd Alarm).

Well boy howdy, that sounds like the early stages of labor!

So as one might imagine, it was semi-difficult to pay attention during my class (this is my final one mind you). Near the end I get a text from Rosa.

"I'm headed home early, and don't bother going to work."

Hmmm... I wonder what Rosa is trying to say here.

So here we are, in the early stages of labor. Slow process. Not really the intensely cinematic and fast-paced sequence of events directed by Ridley Scott and scored by Hans Zimmer that I had envisioned.

No. Rather, Rosa is alternating between reading a book and bouncing on her bouncy ball trying to speed the whole process up. The contractions are there, but not really to the point where we can time them yet. We have to wait till the contractions are 5 min. apart for an hour. 

An hour! The humanity!

So I have been prepping for labor. How you might ask? Alright, I'll tell you.

I've got some DVDs ready for the delivery room. We should have a DVD player in it. I'm bringing Monk.

Why if anything can speed up labor, it would be Monk, no?

I think so too.

I also have some relaxation music put on Rosa's iPhone. In particular, Rosa enjoys the sounds of the ocean, so I have Rhythm of the Sea by Dan Gibson for her. VERY nice. I was impressed.

Alright. Rosa is going to lie down. More later perhaps.

The Hubby

Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 39, baby update

I had my doctor's appointment earlier this afternoon. Everything is still looking good. The baby's heart beat was strong. I am still only 1 cm dilated, but about 80% effaced. However, the baby has dropped quite a bit. Last week she was around -2 station and this week she is around -1 station and close to zero. The doctor actually said, "The baby is so low I can hardly get to your cervix." I have no idea if the baby being so low means that labor will happen soon or whether that really matters since I haven't been dilating. Who knows how all this works together. 

Since she is so the low, the doctor doesn't want me to go past 41 weeks. I am currently in week 39 and this weekend I'll begin week 40. So, the doctor talked with me about an inducement date. Elective inducements are only scheduled for weekday mornings between 5am and 8am. Now that Nate has started his final class (which meets from 8am to noon), we had to pick a morning next week that would be best for him to miss class. So, we decided that if I don't go into labor on my own this week or over the weekend that I'll be induced next Monday (30th). The doctor is going to call the hospital and make sure that there is a spot available for me, but since we're a week away I don't think it'll be a problem for me to get in.

The ideal thing would be for me to go into labor on my own this weekend (so that Nate doesn't have to miss his class), but I can't really plan that. However, it does look like a week from now we'll have a baby here! For nine months that day has seemed so far off, but now our daughter will be here next week (if she doesn't decide to come earlier). Wow! 

Well, one of us will keep you all updated on whether or not I go into labor before Monday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Random thoughts

One week left. Will our daughter come early, on time, or late? Who knows. I just hope she waits until after my mom comes on Wednesday. Plus, I have a lunch date planned with Cole (the boy I take care of) and his grandpa on Wednesday. There's a place in Dallas that apparently has really good fried chicken that the two of them have been talking about all spring. Cole has really wanted me and his sister Dylan to come and this next Wednesday we finally have the opportunity. So, if our daughter decides to come early, I'd like her to at least wait until after Wednesday. I have to try out this friend chicken they keep talking about!

Here's a picture of Cole and me. He was 6 weeks old when I started taking care of him and now he's 5 1/2. Where did the time go? He's going to be starting kindergarten in August! I can't believe he's that old.
This is Dylan. She's a cutie! She'll turn two in October. Right now she doesn't stop talking. And yes, I am quite aware of where she is pointing. The funny thing is that I didn't notice this until after I got home and looked at the picture, otherwise we would have retaken it. She often comes up to me and pats my belly and says, "baby." However, if you're a woman who doesn't have a belly sticking out, she points to the one area that does stick out and says, "baby." She did that to her mom, which was really funny.
Well, since I'm about a week away, I thought I would share some things I have not enjoyed about being pregnant and then the things I have enjoyed. Lets do the negative things first.
1. morning sickness, or in my case feeling sick all day 
2. being repulsed by smells and tastes I had previously loved (coffee, chocolate, sweets), this was during the 1st trimester 
3. the frequent trips to the bathroom, especially during the middle of the night
4. low back pain
5. inability to paint my own toenails (especially since it's summer!)
6. feet hurting almost constantly (especially the last couple of weeks)
7. leg and feet cramps
8. constipation (will it ever end?)
9. difficulty shaving my legs (again, it's the summer, hairy legs gross!)
10. feeling uncomfortable (these last few weeks) and being hot

Now for some positive things.
1. discovering I was pregnant (neither Nate or I will forget that day, it happened to be a Friday)
2. seeing the first sonogram and realizing that gummy bear shaped thing was a baby!
3. finding out we were having a girl
4. feeling the very first movements (in my car, on the way to work)
5. reading the weekly email updates on the baby's development and thinking about how amazing God is
6. celebrating the upcoming birth with family and friends
7. watching Nate's reaction the first time he felt our daughter move
8. getting my appetite back (especially for chocolate!)
9. hearing Nate talk about how excited he is to be having a daughter and how he can't wait to hold her
10. not having to worry about gaining weight and being able to eat whatever I want (although that will be coming to an end fairly quickly)

I plan to post another doctor update on Monday, as long as our daughter doesn't decide to come before then! My appointment is in the afternoon, so I probably won't be able to post anything until Monday evening.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Full Term

Here we are at week 38 and I am now full term. I guess our daughter could choose to come at any time even though my actual due date is two weeks away. 

I saw the doctor again this morning. I am dilated to 1 cm, about 70% effaced, and my belly measures in at 39 centimeters. My blood pressure was a little high in comparison to the rest of my pregnancy, but the doctor wasn't very concerned about it. So I guess I won't worry about it either. 

I really doubt that I'll be going into labor early, especially since I am only 1 cm dilated, but who knows. My mom told me about a nurse she works with who just had a baby this Saturday. Apparently, the nurse walked around (and worked) for 2 weeks dilated around 3 to 4 cm, so that's another reason I doubt our daughter will come early. Which is good for me because I really want at least one more weekend to get things done before she comes!

Well, here is one more picture of me and my belly sticking out. This will most likely be the last picture of me and my belly. But again, who knows. By the way, it has also been really hot down here in Texas. I'm already tired of the heat and summer hasn't even officially started! Ugh.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The count down begins . . .

I had another doctor's appointment today.  However, before I update you on that appointment I want to define a few terms that I'll be using the next couple of weeks as my pregnancy draws to a close. Some of you will already be familiar with these terms and others won't, so that's why I'm going to go ahead and define what I'm talking about. 

First, dilation (dilated) is how much the cervix has opened so that the baby can pass through. This is measured in centimeters from 0 to 10. At 10 centimeters the cervix is fully open and ready for the baby to pass through.

Second, effacement (effaced) is the thinning and the shortening of the cervix and is measured in percentages from 0 to 100. A cervix that is 100% effaced means that it is paper thin. 

Third, station refers to the position of the baby in relation to the mother's pelvis. This is measured from -5 where the baby has not entered the pelvis and is considered to be floating, to zero which refers to a baby who is considered engaged and ready for labor, and finally to +5 where the baby is crowning and the head can be seen by the doctor.

With that in mind here is what I found out at the doctor today. My cervix is 50% effaced and I have started to dilate (1/2 a centimeter). Our daughter is head down and the doctor said that she is at a -3 station, so she has entered the pelvis. Thus, our daughter is getting into position and my body is preparing for labor. After last week and hearing that nothing had changed I was really surprised to hear about all these changes. This doesn't mean that she'll be born early, but it just shows that the pregnancy is coming to an end. Over the next couple of weeks I'll keep you update on those stats. 

Nate and I now have a small bet going on. Nate thinks our daughter will be born early and I think she'll wait until her due date. Nate picked June 23rd (his brother's birthday) +/- 3 days that he thinks she'll be born. I'm sticking with June 29th +/- 3 days. Now, we really did not think that bet through too well, because if she happens to be born on the 26th either both of us win or we both lose. We haven't figured that part out, but I think we both win because we'll have a daughter!

Finally, in other news, we attended our birth class on Saturday. We both found it very useful and the day passed by really quickly. I think both of us are more prepared for labor to begin and not nearly as anxious. Many things were discussed in class and I won't go over all of them. But some of the helpful things we learned were a few breathing techniques, learning how to relax (or attempt to), what to pack for the hospital stay, beginning signs of labor, and possible reasons a c-section might be necessary after labor has started. For Nate, the big thing was learning just how he can be involved during the labor, which had to do with helping me relax and keeping me from freaking out as the pain increases. I know he'll do great.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Next appointment is next Monday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pictures of Sanaa's room

Last Thursday my mom flew in from Oregon. She left on Monday and I kept her quite busy while she was here! I had not done a thing to Sanaa's room, so we had a lot to do. The first day (the day my mom arrived), she helped put the futon together (otherwise she didn't have a place to sleep). On Friday, we got a dresser and put that together. Saturday we washed baby clothes, blankets, burp rags, etc and put all that away, plus we installed a roller shade and hung up curtains. Sunday I had my final baby shower and a tour of the hospital. I think I wore my mom out. She said she needed to go back home just so she could rest up before coming back out in a few weeks. 

Anyway, you can see the fruit of all of our hard work below. Just ignore the boxes sitting on the futon. The futon mattress is new and since it doesn't have a crease yet it kept falling off. So the boxes are there to keep the mattress in place and until it develops a crease.

This Saturday Nate and I have our birth class. I'm sure we'll learn a lot (probably more than we really want to). Only about 3 weeks left! This morning Nate told me he can't wait for Sanaa to arrive. He just wants to be able to hold her. Very soon he'll have his chance.