Friday, May 30, 2008

Week 36

Tomorrow I'll be at week 36. We are only a month away from the birth of our daughter. The first trimester passed extremely slowly, but suddenly I find myself 4 weeks away from having a little baby in our home. Wow.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment. Everything is going well. From this point on I will be seeing the doctor on a weekly basis. I gained 5 pounds, so now I'm up to a total of 22 pounds. I asked the doctor if she could estimate the baby's size and she thinks our daughter might be around 6 pounds right now. I was a bit surprised. The doctor also said that our daughter could be 7 to 8 pounds by the time my due date arrives. Wow! That's bigger than I was and bigger than Nate was.

I also asked the doctor if she thought our daughter would arrive early or if she could tell. As of right now, the doctor did not think there was much of a chance of her coming early (yeah!). She is head down, but is sitting up fairly high. Once she drops, then I'll know that I'm closer to going into labor. 

The doctor also told me to expect the baby to decrease her movement because space will become much tighter for her. Once again, as the doctor was listening to the heart beat our daughter started to squirm all over the place. The doctor commented again on how squirmy she was. I'm glad that the doctor gave me a heads up on the movements decreasing because I've become so use to our daughter moving a lot that I probably would have become really worried if she slowed down much.

Well, I have one last baby shower this Sunday. It should be a lot of fun. I'll let you all know how it goes!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen

So, this morning I had to play with the flute ensemble at another church. I didn't have to leave our house as early as normal on a Sunday and really wanted some pancakes for breakfast. So I made pancakes. Nate came in the kitchen and laughed. Then he said "This is great. Your barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." I just gave him a look and asked him to not take a picture. Well, he took a picture anyway and said we had to post it for you all to see. So, that's the second picture you'll see. The first picture he took earlier this week. I got my hair cut (3 inches taken off) and my stylist also straightened it. This is probably the only time you'll see it straight. With the humidity around here I don't even bother straightening my hair. Plus, Nate knows how frustrated I get and he told me I'm not allowed to spend any time straightening my hair until after the baby is born. Apparently he doesn't want to be yelled at. Me? Yell? No way. My hormones are completely fine and I am in perfect control of my emotions! 

Well, I know it's been awhile since I posted. Sorry. Not much has happened. I've just been working and doing homework in the evenings until I get too tired. It's just a vicious cycle that I'm quite tired of. My mom is flying into town this Thursday, so I'm trying to work ahead on the school work so that I don't have to do much while she is here.

Next doctor appointment is Friday, May 30th. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 33

I had another doctor's appointment this morning. I gained 3 pounds, which is good. Last time, if you remember, I didn't gain anything because I was busy throwing up two days before my appointment. So this time around I made up for some lost ground. My belly continues to grow. It now measures in at 33 centimeters, which is right on targeted since I am at 33 weeks. The baby's heart beat was going strong and she was also quite squirmy. The doctor even commented on how squirmy she was. I do often wonder what her personality will be like. I also wonder if anyone ever conducted research on a correlation between amount of movement in the womb and the type of personality a child has after birth. I know I'd be interested in reading that. There's probably no correlation between the two, but it would still be interesting to know.

The doctor is very pleased with how my pregnancy is going. I'll see her again in about 2 weeks and then I begin to see her weekly. So things are really going to start picking up. My next appointment is on Friday May 30th. Two weeks from today happens to be Memorial Day, so I obviously couldn't get in that day. My mom will actually be here for my next appointment, so that will be neat. 


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graduation weekend

It was a busy weekend for us.  Not only was it Mother's Day weekend, but it was also Nate's graduation.  Friday night we attended a graduation picnic (the theme was a western theme), Saturday was graduation day and a party for Nate, and then Sunday was Mother's day. I don't think we could have packed another thing into our weekend. However, I'm quite proud of my husband! 

Technically, he only participated in graduation and will receive his diploma later this summer. He has one summer class to finish, but since he's a summer graduate he was allowed to participate in this spring's graduation instead of having to wait until next spring. He did graduate with highest honors (straight A's).  That is a big accomplishment and something I've definitely never managed to do. But, I do like to remind him that he does not have his diploma yet, thus he does not have his actual Master's degree. So, for the time being I can still claim that I am smarter than him (since I do have my Master's)! 

Here are some pictures from the weekend. The first is at the picnic with his parents. 
Here is Nate coming down the aisle. I had no idea which side Nate would be coming down, so I was excited (and really lucky) to see him come down the aisle where I was sitting. 
On a funny side note, the shoes I was wearing made me slightly taller than Nate. So anytime we were in a picture together I took my shoes off because I don't like to be taller. It's probably just me, but I prefer to be slightly shorter or the same height. Thankfully, no shots actually have my feet in them, but I thought you all might get a kick out of knowing that. Also, many people thought the dress I was wearing was a pregnancy dress, but it's not. I bought this dress a year ago to wear on our cruise to Alaska. So don't be surprised if you see me wearing this dress after our daughter is born because it's not a pregnancy dress. But it worked out quite well!
A family shot with his parents. His dad is one of the many professors, so that is why he is dressed in regalia (in case any of you were wondering). And yes, Nate did take one class that was taught by his dad. 
Now, I need another weekend just to rest up after this one. I really wish tomorrow wasn't Monday. 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A jicama?

Has anyone ever heard of a jicama? I sure haven't, but that is what the latest baby email update has used to compare the weight of my baby with.  All babies are different, but the email update said that the baby weighs about 3.75 pounds, about the weight of a large jicama. I had to look that up on Wikipedia.  What I discovered is that the jicama is commonly called the yam bean.  But I haven't heard of a yam bean either.  It is also referred to as the Mexican potato and the Mexican turnip. The root of the plant is the edible part, while the remainder of the plant is very poisonous. The seeds actually contains the toxin rotenone, which is apparently used to poison insects and fish. The edible part is creamy white and has a crisp texture that resembles raw potatoes or pears. The flavor is sweet and starchy kind of like some apples. The jicama is typically eaten raw, but is also cooked in soups and stir-fried dishes. I got all this off of Wikipedia. I wanted to know what in the world my baby was being compared to. 

So, there you have it. Now if any of you are ever asked what a jicama is, you'll be able to answer with confidence. 

This was the first Sunday that Nate and I did not have to do anything.  It was truly a day of rest. In fact, we laid down for a nap and didn't bother setting the alarm. We woke up 4 hours later! I guess that just shows how tired we have been lately. It's nice that the semester is finally wrapping up and we were able to have this one day to do nothing. Next weekend (Saturday, the 10th) is Nate's graduation, although he does have one summer class left. He is allowed to walk in the graduation, but won't receive his diploma until after he finishes his summer class. Next weekend will be quite busy for us, but a lot of fun.

I am still feeling good. Some days I feel quite big and then other days I don't feel nearly as pregnant. I have 8 weeks left. I guess the count down has really begun. Next Tuesday (the 13th) the flute ensemble I play with is giving me a small baby shower. That will be a lot of fun. All of the flute players are very excited for me. 

Well, I think that's about all for now. I should really go get something done, although I'm not sure what that something is yet.