Friday, March 28, 2008

We did make it home

I know it's the end of the week, but since we got home we've been really busy.  We ended up arriving in Dallas shortly after 6am on Tuesday.  Upon arrival, we headed down to the baggage claim to wait for our luggage.  We waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.  Nothing.  Nate headed over to notify the airport staff that our luggage had not arrived.  She scanned our luggage claim ticket and found out that the luggage had actually arrived the night before.  It was just in another terminal.  How our luggage got an earlier flight is a mystery.  It would have been nice if we could have been on that flight as well.  We then headed over to the other terminal, found our luggage (after a lot of searching) and finally headed home.  We arrived home around 7:30am and I've never been happier to be home.  What a long day that was.  Luckily, both Nate and I had off work.  Nate took a sick day and I used another vacation day.  Our first order of business when we arrived home was to sleep.  We had no problem accomplishing that. 

We did have a great time in Oregon and I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.  

This first picture was taken out at the coast at Cape Kiwanda which is in Pacific City, Oregon.  This is also the location where Nate proposed.  We climbed the hill in the picture, walked out through the trees, and sat on the rocks looking over the ocean. I first found this place with my dad. I can still remember sitting up on top with my dad and thinking that this would be a great location for someone to propose to me. I didn't tell my dad that and I didn't tell Nate that. But it happened just like I hoped. 

Each time Nate and I go to Oregon we try and find a way to come out to the coast. Unfortunately, we didn't spend much time at Cape Kiwanda this trip. We began walking along the coast, but it was really cold. We were determined to stick it out though because this is a special place for us. We managed to stick it out for about 5 minutes . . . . until the sleet began pelting us. Boy did that sting our faces. So, we made a beeline for the car and took this beautiful picture from inside the warmth of the car. 

I know you are all probably wondering about this next picture. Yes, we spent time llama chasing. But here's the story to go with it. My parents (that's my dad in the picture, along with Nate) live out in the country.  Their closest neighbor is a veterinarian.  This neighbor has a small flock of sheep, two llamas, some dogs and cats. I'm not sure if they have any other animals or not. Those are the ones I'm aware of. (Just as a side note, my parents and their neighbor share part of the drive. When you're about half way up, the neighbor's driveway veers of to the right and my parents veers off to the left.)

My parents, Nate, and I were returning to my parents house after eating dinner out. As we drove up the road we spotted a llama standing in the middle of the road by the driveway. My dad rolled down his window and said, "Long John, what are you doing out here?" The silly llama actually looked at my dad when he said his name. It turned out to be one of the neighbors llamas. We have no idea how the llama got out of the field. My dad drove up to our house and parked the car. I ran inside to grab my camera because I didn't want to miss this. 

We walked back down the driveway and found Long John across the road in another neighbor's front yard.  Nate was able to get the llama to head back up the neighbor's driveway and I quickly snapped this picture. Yes, the llama was headed straight for me. I wasn't sure what to do because he was moving fast. So I stood there. I was hoping the llama would decide to run around me instead of into me. He did indeed run around me and I've never been closer to a llama. 

Well, this silly llama was not about to go where we wanted. He did cross the road, but then began walking along the fence to the field looking for a way in. We wanted him to go up our driveway and back into the veterinarian's yard, but Long John kept walking the opposite direction.  Eventually he turned around and headed back towards the driveway, so the three of us spaced ourselves out and stayed behind him so that we could "herd" him in the right direction. We were almost to the driveway when the neighbor drove up (it was just the wife and the two kids). She saw us and then saw Long John and proceeded to "herd" Long John by cutting him off with the car and forcing him to go up the driveway.   Long John is fairly smart.  Once he reached the fork in the driveways he stood there briefly and then turned and head up the neighbor's driveway.  Apparently he knew where he belonged.  After the neighbor got him back in the field with the sheep and the other llama she came over and thanked us.  I learned that they actually have the llama's to protect the sheep from coyotes. Interesting. I guess the llama's will chase the coyotes. I would probably run as well if a llama was chasing me. Oh . . . wait . . . nope, I just stood there while a llama ran towards me. Hmmm, maybe I'm not the brightest. :-)


Monday, March 24, 2008

Misery deserves company

So, Nate and I are sitting in the Denver airport right now trying to get back to Dallas. It is not going well. As you've probably already read, our flight out last week was cancelled and we were delayed a day. Well, this morning everything was going fine. We had a wonderful time with my family (didn't really want to leave), made our flight on time, and thought things were going smoothly. Nope. 

We arrived in Denver and discovered that our connection to Dallas had been cancelled. It was due to mechanical problems. We were sent out to the main terminal where we stood in line at the ticket counter with all the other passengers hoping for a flight out today. At first we were told we'd get out tomorrow morning. Then they were able to put us on a flight that left this evening around 5:30 (Denver time). However, that flight would take us out to San Francisco (after stopping briefly in LA). In San Francisco we would have another connection to return to Dallas. We asked if there was anything else, even hoping to fly into Houston or Austin, but there was nothing (due to all the spring break travelers). So, we're currently waiting on the San Francisco (by way of LA) to Dallas flight. We just came from the west coast!!!!! 

To make things a little worse our flight in San Francisco leaves around 1am, which gets us into Dallas around 6am. We've been up since 3am Oregon time. I'm so tired. Just a few minutes ago, Nate received a call on his phone informing us that our flight out of Denver and to San Francisco has been delayed until 7:15, but we should still make our connection onto Dallas. The one bright spot so far is that on our flight from San Francisco to Dallas we were put in 1st class. Cool! I've never ridden up there before. I'm sure sleeping in those big seats will be a lot more comfortable, at least I hope so. 

While we've been at the Denver airport, we've also encountered other small misfortunes. We ate lunch at a sit down restaurant/brewery. The service could have been better. It took an extremely long time to get our water. The food came fairly quickly and tasted good. But, once we were finished eating we had to wait for 20 minutes to get our check. By observing the other customers and the employees, it appeared that we did not get the best waitress. Nate and I were in no hurry, but some of the other customers were. We heard two other groups ask for their checks and a third group ended up getting their drinks free because the waitress never brought their drinks. 

After eating at the restaurant, Nate and I walked over the TCBY for some ice cream. We were going to get a sundae at the restaurant, but we figured that might take another hour. So TCBY it was. We ordered mint chocolate chip in a bowl. The staff at TCBY were very quick with getting us our order, but not very nice. The cashier was very curt and we didn't even get the chance to ask her for a second spoon (since we were sharing the ice cream), so we had to flag down another employee to get a second spoon. As we walked away, I looked at the ice cream. We got mint, but there were no chocolate chips. We ate it anyway and laughed. 

As I've been writing this, Nate and I have also been dealing with the bench moving. Each time another person sits on the end, the bench begins to bounce and move around. Goodness, maybe we're not suppose to go on vacations anymore. I think we're so tired and delirious that each time somethings else happens we begin to laugh hysterically and I begin to cry from laughing so hard. 

Some day we'll make it back to Dallas. Who knows when. Nate has taken a sick day for tomorrow. I called my boss and she told me to just take a vacation day and come in on Wednesday. I hope we're back by Wednesday. 

Once we're home I'll post again.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

Nate and I were scheduled to fly to Oregon tonight to see my family.  But because of the storms that have been coming through Dallas all day, pretty much all of the flights out of here have been cancelled. Currently we have been put on the same flight for tomorrow night. This delays our trip by an entire day. Unless of course, we manage to fly standby or some other miracle appears. Both Nate and I have also checked with our boss' and been okayed to take Monday off as well since our trip just got cut by a day. So now we're looking into coming back on Monday instead of Sunday. What a mess. I'm sure it will all work out. I just want some time in Oregon.

Wow, it's been raining so much (and so hard) that the water in the pool at my boss' house is even with the cement around it. I've never seen the pool that full. Just a random observation. 

Change of subject. Over the weekend I had a new pregnancy symptom occur. Saturday morning I woke up with a really bad cramp in my calf. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. I was near tears it hurt so much. Then on Sunday morning the same thing happened except it was both legs this time. I called the doctor on Monday and found out this is a typical symptom during pregnancy and the only thing I could really do was increase my potassium intake (eat more bananas is what I was told). Thankfully, the past two mornings I have been fine, so hopefully those leg cramps don't come back. I guess instead of eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away I'll eat a banana a day to keep the cramps away.

I guess the next time you'll hear from me it will be after we return from Oregon.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

A couple of stories

Here I am, sitting around, waiting on the pest control people to show up. We have an ant problem and the pest people are scheduled to come between 3pm and 4pm. Since I am on the waiting (Nate is at work), I'm pretty sure the pest people won't show up until 3:55. That almost always happens to me. So, while I wait, I figured I'd update the blog.

Little kids have an amazing way of making you feel extremely self-conscious.  On Tuesday, Dylan (she is 17 months old) made me feel quite pregnant. Since she's 17 months old I have to take her to the bathroom with me. I can only guess at the mischief she would get into if I left her out and about. Because I am pregnant, my trips to the bathroom have increased. Typically, Dylan will sit on a little step stool by the bathroom sink and jabber away while I take care of business. On this occasion, she sat down quietly and just looked at me. I had no idea why she was so quiet. After a few seconds of sitting quietly, she rose up and walked over to me. She then reached out and poked my belly. She did that several times. Wow. I felt fat. A 17 month old just poked my protruding belly. 

The next day, I was brushing Cole's hair (he is 5 years old) so that we could leave and get him to school. When Cole stands next to me, his head is right around my belly. So, here I was brushing his hair and Cole says, "Rosa, your tummy is getting really big." Thanks! As if you sister hadn't pointed that out the day before. I really don't feel that big, but within two days, the two kids I watch noticed my growing mid-section. After that I felt slight more self-conscious. 

Well, it's now almost 3:30 and still no pest control people. Surprise, surprise. I do need to go get the laundry out of the dryer, so I better stop for now. I hope you enjoyed those two brief stories from earlier this week. 


Saturday, March 8, 2008

24 weeks

Here is the picture I promised earlier this week. I have just begun week 24. I took one look at this picture and was surprised by how big the camera made me look. Even Nate commented that I don't look quite this big in person. At least I'm beginning to look more pregnant than fat. 

Yesterday day at work, while the kids were playing in their playroom I sat down on the couch to watch them. While I was sitting there I noticed that every once in awhile you could see my stomach move when the baby moved. It was kind of fun to watch. I had to watch pretty closely because I never knew when she would actually move, but she did make a couple of big movements that I saw. 

Now for some random pregnancy tidbits. Nate has been complaining about my snoring at night. Apparently, it has gotten much worse with the pregnancy. Poor Nate. I guess there are some nights that I wake him up quite a bit. Not only is the snoring a problem, but I've started waking up about twice each night just to use the bathroom. Good grief. I think the snoring and the frequent trips to the bathroom are two downsides to being pregnant so far. Another weird thing, is that I crave water a lot. I haven't been the biggest water drinker in the past, but now I drink a lot. It's just a vicious cycle. Drink water, run to the bathroom. 

Well, that's all for now. 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow in March!

Wow, here we are in March and we just got snow. We haven't had any winter weather this year and the first time we finally get something it is the first week in March. How crazy is that? I just don't get this Texas weather. Since we got snow, I posted some pictures of our cats reacting to the snow for you all to see. For those of you who don't know our cats, the white one is named Aria and we've had her for almost 5 years. The grey one is named Silver and we've had him for 4 years. When we adopted Aria we had adopted another cat at the same time, but he ran away and then we adopted Silver.

Just like true Texans, our cats didn't know what to do. Their first reaction was to stay far away from the snow and sniff it. This isn't the first time they've seen snow. We've had small amounts of snow in the past, but we get it so rarely that they just don't know what to make of the white stuff on the ground. Silver put his paw on top of the snow expecting it to hold his weight and jumped when his paw went through the snow. It was pretty funny.

I'm quite excited to get this snow. Most people around here probably think I'm crazy, but I love snow. I wish we were getting more, but I've learned to be happy with whatever Texas gets. Enjoy the pictures.

Until later,

Monday, March 3, 2008

Doctor's appointment

It's been awhile since I lasted updated this. Sorry about that. Not much has been going on. For about a week and half I wasn't feeling well. I think it was just allergies, but it took awhile to for me to get over them. My symptoms actually started a day or so after Nate brought home some roses for me (Valentine's Day) and they steadily got worse. So Nate's theory is that the roses had something to do with it. He also said he's noticed in the past that when he's brought roses home I've started having allergy symptoms. Hmmm . . . I'm not so sure I agree. I think he's just trying to get out of buying roses. I told him I think we should experiment by him bringing home roses each week to see whether or not they are the cause, but he hasn't done that yet.

Anyway, I had another doctor's appointment today. I gained another 4 pounds. The doctor is very happy with my weight gain. I've been gaining slowly (only 9 pounds total since the beginning). She measured my stomach for the first time and said I was at 24 inches. She commented that she noticed I had grown quite a bit since my last appointment. I'll have Nate take a picture of me sometime this week and let you all compare with the last picture. 

The doctor also listened to the heart beat. It was going strong and then we heard a thud. Our little girl picked that moment to kick hard. The doctor asked if Nate had been able to feel her move and I said yes (he felt her for the first time around 21 weeks). She was impressed and said most people can't feel any movement from the outside until around 24 weeks and I'm currently in week 23.. I guess we have quite the little mover on our hands.  

Next appointment will be March 31. After that appointment I begin seeing the doctor every 2 weeks. This pregnancy seems to be moving along fairly quickly.