Monday, February 11, 2008

A busy weekend

This weekend Nate and I spent clearing out our spare bedroom. We had some flooring laid in the attic earlier in the week, so Saturday we began filling up the attic with Christmas decorations and other random items from the spare bedroom. It feels good to have that done. Nate has this coming Saturday off as well (yipee!) so we'll do a little painting and rearranging of the furniture. I'm planning on keeping the bed that's in there, but I want to position it differently. So hopefully, a crib and dresser will fit in there as well. I guess we'll see. 

Since we found out that we're having a girl, my boss has been giving me all of Dylan's baby clothes. Last week I took home two large plastic containers worth. This morning when I came in she said that she had two more containers that she found in the garage. Wow! That's a lot of clothes. It's really nice of her to give me all that stuff. I started going through the first two containers this weekend and it brought back memories of dressing Dylan in them and how tiny she had been. I work for a wonderful family. They have treated me very well. I know some nanny's are not as lucky, but I feel fortunate to work for the family that I do. 

For those of you who are keeping up on the size of our baby, the last email newsletter that I got said she is approx. 10 inches from head to heal. The newsletter said that's about as long as a banana. I think I might actually have to measure a banana now. I am also at the half way mark, 20 weeks (5 months). The time has gone by so quickly. It's hard to believe I am so far along. People at church are still finding out that I'm pregnant and are really shocked when they hear that I'm 5 months along already. I wonder if I'll be showing more by the time I'm 6 months along. When I get closer to that point I'll post another picture and let you all be the judge. 

Well, I guess that's all for now. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a . . . . . .

We had our sonogram this afternoon and we're having a girl!!! She gave us a real good view. The doctor said it was a textbook shot and was very sure that we're having a girl. How exciting! Both Nate and I were pretty sure that we were having a boy. We had hoped for a girl, but everyone around us was having girls so we thought we'd end up with a boy. The doctor also said that everything looked really good on the sonogram and there were no concerns. However, our baby was acting shy. As the doctor was trying to get a face shot, our baby kept hiding her face and turning away. It was really funny to watch. 

We are also sharing the name. We've chosen the name Sanaa (sa NAH) Hannah. Sanaa is Arabic and means brilliance or splendor. Hannah is Hebrew and means grace. Together the name means brilliant grace. We had wanted a Hebrew/Arabic (or Arabic/Hebrew) combination for a name, so that's how we came up with it. 

Good grief. As I was writing this I heard some yelling and stuff going on outside. It turns out a couple of the neighborhood boys were running around our yard with their dog. I was okay with them being in the yard. It was when they began running through our flower bed that I got mad. So I went outside just now and chased them off. Nothing bugs me more than the neighborhood kids trampling through my plants and flowers. Stay on the grass!! 

Okay, enough of that. Back to baby. Sanaa's heartbeat was about 146, which is normal. She approx. 11 to 12 ounces. I'm not sure what to compare that too, but now you know. At this visit I gained 3 lbs. So I've now gained a total of 5 lbs. The doctor said to expect to start gaining a pound a week. Yikes! I know gaining weight is important, but it's hard mentally. After we got married and I was on birth control I gained about 20 lbs. I spent the last year (maybe slightly longer) losing that weight. I was only 4 lbs away from being back at my wedding weight when we found out I was pregnant. Oh well. If I lost it once I'll do it again. 

One other thing. I've also felt Sanaa moving. I wasn't sure, so we asked the doctor about it and she confirmed that the gas bubbles and popping feeling were indeed Sanaa. At times it really does feel like gas bubbles and it's a very weird feeling. 

What an exciting day. Until next time.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Here I am at 19 weeks

Well, here's the picture I promised last weekend. Nate took this picture yesterday (Friday). I'm at 19 weeks now. It's funny how seeing this picture makes me look bigger than I feel. Depending on what I wear, strangers have no idea that I'm even pregnant. A lot of my sweaters conceal that fact. This weekend we've had warm temperatures (in the mid 60's to low 70's), so by not wearing sweaters I noticed how I'm starting to show. 

Yesterday was a good day. I ended up having the day off. Yeah! I got a three day weekend I hadn't even planned on. Nate also had yesterday off, but he spent part of the day working on a paper that is due this coming week. I spent the time cleaning up his study. Just walking into the study stresses me out. I had planned on cleaning it up over the holidays, but that was during my 1st trimester and I wasn't feeling good. So I got started on it yesterday. I made some progress, but there is still work to be done. 

Next weekend Nate has off and we're planning on cleaning out the baby's room. That's another room that stresses me out when I walk in there. Currently, the bed is covered with Christmas stuff. We've been storing everything in the closet, but now we need to get that cleared out for the baby. On Wednesday we have some guys coming to lay flooring in our attic. That will help a ton. So, since Nate has next Saturday off he'll be helping me move stuff up to the attic so that our baby actually has a place to stay. I feel like there is so much to do and not enough time. Not only do we need to get the baby's room cleared out, but I need to make some room in our kitchen and pantry for baby stuff. I have no idea how we collected so much stuff in the 4 years we've been in this house. 

Tuesday is the big day. That's when we'll hopefully find out what sex the baby is. Tuesday is a busy day for me, but I'll try to post something. My appointment is in the middle of the afternoon, so I'm pretty sure that I'll have to go back to work after the appointment. That night I have flute practice until 9pm, so I won't actually be home until 9:30pm. But some how I'll try to let you all know what the doctor says.