Sunday, January 27, 2008


Welcome to our blog. I (Rosa) have thought about creating one of these for a little while now. There are a couple of friends around us that have recently had babies and have blogs to keep their family and friends updated. So, why not give it a try. I'm sure that at times Nate will also post, but I warned him not write anything embarrassing. 

For some of you I haven't emailed or talked with you in awhile. Currently I am in week 18. I've been getting weekly updates on the growth and size of the baby and the latest one said that the baby is now 5 1/2 inches long, which is about the size of a bell pepper. So, if you're at the store this week buying a bell pepper you can think of us! I have not felt any type of movement. Apparently, you can begin to feel movement between 16 and 22 weeks (or later). I guess if it's the first pregnancy you most likely don't feel anything until the later weeks. 

I am glad that the morning sickness has passed. I've been feeling much better the past week or so. It might be closer to two weeks that I've been feeling good. However, the kids at work were both sick this last week and there's a good chance that I've caught a bug from them. But I'm glad to at least be past the nausea.

My next baby appointment is a week from Tuesday on Feb. 5th. The doctor said that we should be able to find out the sex of the baby then. Let's hope the baby cooperates and gives the doctor a really good view!

Well, I'd post a picture of my little baby pooch, but Nate is leaving for a work meeting and won't be back until late. So at some point this week I'll get him to take a picture of me and post it. I don't feel all that pregnant, but my belly does stick out slightly. If you didn't know me, you'd probably just think I was fat. Oh, well. Soon enough people will be able to tell that I'm pregnant.

Until later,